‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does The Royal Commission Question John?

At the end of Episode 7 of “Last King Of The Cross,” Dickie, the Black Flag member and friend of Dave, shoots and kills Madame Tien’s brother Anh at their home. Sam is out of prison but now has a contract out on his life. John gets a call from Crellan telling him that the drums of war have begun beating. Madame Tien must be thinking that it is Sam Ibrahim who got her brother killed and thus will now come after him and John with everything she’s got. This is what the royal commission must be waiting for. In Episode 8, detectives Elizabeth Doyle and Luke O’Neil pull out further details about the Tien warehouse theft and the murder of Anh Tien. Meanwhile, the Royal Commission begins its public hearing regarding the illegal activities at Kings Cross. Will anyone reveal the true nature of Kings Cross? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Royal Proofs

Mansour Waali is being interrogated by Elizabeth Doyle and Luke O’Neil, but he doesn’t seem to be much use, only giving them intel that they already know. They threaten him with drug charges unless he reveals all he knows about John Ibrahim. Somewhere else, John is on a date with a woman he met at The Tunnel. They end up sleeping together, after which she tells him that she is Spyro’s sister. She and her mother have been receiving money every month since her brother died. The first amount was handed to them by John himself (Episode 3). Unbeknownst to Anastasia, it was John who killed Spyro (Episode 2). It was his first job under Ezra. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has begun public hearings based on the evidence collected by the Royal Commission that reeks of the corruption that goes deep into the police force. The corrupt officers are given 10 weeks to surrender and claim amnesty. Ezra is tense about the situation. Madame Tien hears on television about the Royal Commission while staring at her brother’s coffin. Kings Cross is on its feet.


Elizabeth and Luke then bring in Dickie for interrogation. They show him the CCTV footage of the two men in balaclavas arriving at the Tien warehouse the night one of the Tiens was shot to death. One of the men has a limp, just like Dickie. The footage also shows the same car model as his. While it isn’t evident that Dickie is the one with the limp, the fact that he has a limp makes him the primary suspect. When Elizabeth and Luke threaten to show the footage to Tien and the Black Flags, Dickie agrees to assist them. He is told to bring in someone close to John Ibrahim.

Dickie meets Dave the same night and tells him to consider talking to the cops in return for protection. Dave is the only guy he knows who is close to John. Dave is freaked out to even think about what will happen if John finds out that he has been ratted out by him. A few minutes after Dickie leaves, Dave is approached by Elizabeth and Luke. John notices as his friend is taken to a car by the two detectives who are after him. Dave returns to The Tunnel, heads inside the bathroom, and shoots up. Outside, Madame Tien and Romeo meet John and make it clear that they are looking for the one who killed her brother. John says nothing. Madame Tien reminds him of the contract on his brother’s life before leaving. Then Dave goes into an overdose, and a doctor is called for. John finds out that Dave has been taking drugs as well as anti-anxiety meds. This is what caused the reaction. Dave could have died.


A Warning

The next day, Mansour is presented in court by the Royal Commission. He admits that John Ibrahim is the biggie at Kings Cross. This report is broadcast on all news channels. When Ezra finds out that John Ibrahim’s name has come up, he contacts Assistant Commissioner Bill Allen [Episode 3] and tells him to make sure Crellan doesn’t end up opening his mouth in front of the Royal Commission. After Allen leaves, Ezra mentions to Tony how he wishes he had never met the Ibrahim brothers. All he has to do is give Tony the word, and he will take care of them. Is this the beginning of the rivalry between Ezra and John?

John is at his seaside villa with Anastasia when he gets a call from Tony asking him to meet immediately. At the meeting, Tony reminds John not to spill the beans in front of the Royal Commission at the hearing, to which he will be called soon. John reassures him that he won’t. As for that very day, Sam will be presented. Meanwhile, Joe Romano and his men meet Sam at the eatery. It’s the first time Joe’s seen him after he gets out of prison. Joe introduces him to one of the guys. This guy has replaced Sam as the one who keeps the dealers in check. Sam finds it ludicrous and knocks the guy out with a punch. From the looks of it, Sam is still quite unhinged, even though he has stopped doing drugs. At the hearing later on, he even ends up admitting that he robs drug dealers. Outside the court, Elizabeth and Luke find Dickie again. But this time, they’ve caught him red-handed. CCTV footage from the night Anh Tien was murdered in Cabramatta reveals his face inside the very car that was spotted at the Tien warehouse. Only this time, Dickie’s face is clear. He is given 24 hours to bring them Dave; otherwise, he will be sent to prison for the murder of Anh Tien. That night, Dickie meets Dave at Stripperama and tells him that they have been busted by the cops, and they are looking for Dave as Dickie’s accomplice. Now, Dave has two ways to deal with it. Either he comes clean to John about what he has done. Or he can come clean about the jobs. Either way, death awaits him. If he opens up to John about what he has been a part of, John will most likely have him killed because his actions are what led to all the fuss that is going on. If he opens up to the police and John finds out, the latter won’t waste much time before putting an end to Dave to avoid letting the cops get their hands on any intel that may compromise the business.


John is at the tunnel when he gets a call from Joey asking him to meet. It cannot wait. John and Dave arrive at Joey’s place. John asks Dave to wait outside while he goes in. Inside, Joey tells him to make Sam understand that he has become a liability. If John doesn’t do something about his brother, he will have to take the necessary step. This enrages John, and he punches Joey hard. One of Joey’s men pulls a gun on John but isn’t able to pull the trigger. John leaves and finds Dave unconscious outside with a syringe sticking out of his hand. Dave lied to him about having left drugs behind. He was supposed to go inside with his gun in case there was an emergency, which there was, yet here he was on the floor. Inside, Joey reminds his guy of the grave mistake he has just made by pulling a gun on John Ibrahim.

‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – What Happens At The Hearing?

The next day, John arrives at the court for his hearing. Before he enters, he finds Dave, who apologizes and tries to tell him that he won’t do it again. But John has made his decision. Dave can no longer be a part of the circle. He tells Dave to go home. Dave calls Dickie and tells him that he has decided to go against John and tell the police the truth. But before that, they need to meet. Inside the court, one by one, Joey, Crellan, and Mooney are questioned. Surprisingly, while Joey is shown a video of him doing drugs and Crellan denies taking bribes, Mooney states that Crellan is involved in illegal activity and was even paid to kill Nasa Kalouri [so it wasn’t the Tiens who killed Nasa]. Moreover, he reveals that he has been wearing a wire for the last 9 months [something we didn’t know]. Finally, it is John’s turn to be questioned. He denies dealing drugs as well as bribing the police. After him, Dickie is called, but he seems to be absent from court. Meanwhile, in some other place in New South Wales, Dave pulls out Dickie’s dead body from his car and leaves it by a building. On his forehead is a bullet hole. So this means that when Dave contacted Dickie, he lied about deciding to talk to the police. He had decided to kill Dickie. With Dickie dead, there’s no one else who knows that Dave was with him at the warehouse. Furthermore, he did what Madame Tien wanted him to do, i.e., kill the man who killed her brother. This would lower the tension between John and Madame Tien even a little bit. So it’s two birds with one stone for Dave. But what’s next for him?


The same night, John calls Ezra from his rooftop party and questions him for not telling him about the contract on Sam despite knowing about it. Ezra, as casual as always, tells him that he did warn him when he told him to sober up his brother, or he would end up dead. But this isn’t the same as telling John that there is a contract out on Sam. John cuts the call without saying another word. A few minutes later, his bodyguard Sam informs him about Dave, who didn’t turn up at the party. John and Sam arrive at Dave’s house, where his mother tells them that she heard a gunshot. John heads inside the house and finds Dave dead on his sofa with a gun hanging from his right hand and blood splattered on the wall behind him. He shot himself in the mouth. In his left hand is a childhood picture of Dave and John together. John takes the picture, turns it around, and finds a note from Dave apologizing to him. John pulls Dave’s lifeless body close and breaks down, apologizing to him.

Dickie and Dave are gone. So no link remains that can lead Elizabeth and Luke further in the investigation. Meanwhile, Sam’s statement that he robs drug dealers has compromised Joey, who will probably take some kind of action against Sam, although he will have to be careful of John. Maybe Joey will reach out to Ezra again. John, on the other hand, is really angry with Ezra and might just plan something for him. Moreover, we have to wait to see what more information Mooney shares with the Royal Commission, as it will affect the very existence of Kings Cross.


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