About Us

The world of entertainment has always been defined as a realm that we escape to in order to avoid reality, but that is a very reductive way of looking at things. There are films and TV shows that educate us, inform us, invigorate us, and, yes, distract us as well. It’s important to understand which is which because the artists who use their blood, sweat, and tears to entertain us deserve that kind of nuance.

Film Fugitives is a hub for reviews, explainers, character analyses, lists, and furiously opinionated discussions on movies and TV shows. It’s a multi-authored website where a singular piece of media is dissected and examined from every perceivable angle, thereby giving our dedicated viewer base a 360-degree understanding of what they have watched or are about to watch. And we offer our services in written form as well as in audio-visual format, i.e., YouTube videos.

Every era comes with its own version of homogenizing the art of filmmaking, and the one we are living through has been described as the “content-ification of entertainment,” with films, TV shows, and discussions centered around them, all being thrown under the blanket term “content.” At Film Fugitives, we aim to rebel against such lazy notions. We aspire to emulate the rebellious nature of the artists we have grown up watching and ensure that the humanity in cinema remains untarnished.

So, welcome to this masonry of spirited lovers of motion pictures, which we call Film Fugitives. It doesn’t matter if you have spent decades hunting for the perfect film or show or if you are just starting out; as long as you are willing to do more than simply rate a piece of art, we will be here to accompany you on your journey through the complicated, mind-boggling, and enjoyable world of entertainment.