Antares de la Luz In ‘The Doomsday Cult’ Documentary: How Did Antares Die?

Antares de la Luz Is this the man who committed one of the most atrocious crimes in all of Chile’s history? Originally named Ramon, he switched to Antares, which is the name of the brightest star of the Scorpio constellation. Antares’ narcissism only began with the changing of his name, as he would go on to mark his name as one of the very best dumb cult leaders to live. 


How did Ramon find enlightenment?

A member of a band called Amaru, Ramon was a hardcore musician who could play the clarinet, saxophone, and charango with ease. Somewhere down the line, his interests shifted from music to religious practices. From an early age, Ramon used to feel severe pain inside his body, and it wouldn’t let him sleep. Ramon found ayahuasca to relieve him from the pain, and it helped at first. After a few days, he decided that his original name wasn’t suitable for him, and he changed it to Antares. Ayahuasca is known to help people find their self-awareness, and Antares found his own calling while he was under the influence. 

What did Antares do to start the cult?

Antares had a magnetic personality, and his physical features were equally attractive. He was a tall man with a striking complexion, and his presence bedazzled people around him. His confidence in the philosophy he preached made him look like a perfect teacher. The people he first took under his wing were people with superior qualities, and they looked up to Antares. He started recruiting people into his group by introducing them to meditation techniques, which were really effective. Antares possessed a lot of knowledge, and he turned all his knowledge into a spiritual pastiche. Influenced by the American writer Carlos Castaneda, Antares would often impress people in seminars by answering their questions and ending his answers with a quote. Castaneda’s teachings of Don Juan were wildly popular in the 1960s among hippies. Antares read all of this up and came to the conclusion that his purpose in life is to help people, and he needs followers with light to help him in his spiritual journey to save the world. 


How did Antares help people to awaken their inner selves? 

Antares conducted workshops where he would make the attendees meditate and help them find their inner selves. He would guide and control the people in a state of meditation. He’d often use metaphors to establish a world where one would be walking down a descending staircase that leads to a door. He’d provide them with a key, and once they opened the door, one would be asked to hug their inner self. The feeling is described as pure ecstasy, and this method worked for Antares to gain his loyalist followers. 

How did Antares start to rule over his followers?

Antares slowly took over the material things his followers had. One of the examples is Pablo, whom Antares forced to drive his own son away from his apartment. Antares fancied moving around to different places, and he’d often move around from one location to another. The whole cult moved to Olmue when Antares really started to go nuts. He made couples break up and rearranged the dating order to his own convenience. He started having intimate relations with Natalia Guerra and got her pregnant soon. His followers were shocked that he reproduced, and Antares came up with the excuse that it might be one of Lucifer’s tricks to defeat him. The man believed he was an incarnation of God, and he reached the conclusion that the baby was Lucifer himself, and he must be eliminated in his human form. 


How did Antares kill his own child?

Antares kept Natalia suffering from labor pain for three days. He then tried to complete the delivery in a dirty farmhouse before forcing Carolina to try a C-section without any necessary equipment. Finally, Natalia was taken to a hospital, and the baby was born, and they named him Jesus. Three days after the baby was born, Antares lit a fire in a pit to sacrifice the baby. The baby was tied up with tape, and a sock was shoved in his mouth before Antares threw him in the pit of fire. Antares made his followers believe that he killed the Antichrist, and all of them were ready to face the impending doomsday. 

What happened on 21st December, 2012?

Everybody knows that 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world, according to the Mayan calendar. Antares convinced his followers that they must be ready for doomsday and that they’d be rewarded by God at the end of it all. Everybody kept waiting, but nothing happened. The cult members didn’t know what to do since nobody thought the world was going to see December 22. The group finally began to split up, and an anonymous member of the cult reported every unlawful activity that was being carried out in the name of healing. Antares fled the country when he learned the police were after him. 


How Did Antares Die?

Antares abandoned the cult and fled to Peru before the police in Chile got hold of him. The rest of the cult members were arrested, and they all cooperated to reenact everything that happened the night they sacrificed Jesus. Antares was found dead, like a hanging doll, in an apartment in Cusco, Peru. He spent his last days being a fugitive and went back to being a musician who played in local bars and pubs to survive. Antares’ demise didn’t bear any resemblance to his former incarnations, as Buddha, Jesus, and Krishna weren’t as vile as him. The man evaded being captured by the police by ending his own life. His teachings left no mark, as his cult members served their time in prison and are now trying to reinstate themselves in society. The people who once considered him a god saw through his charade when the time came. Antares’ demented means to achieve salvation caused everyone to believe him, but the torturous methods he followed opened the eyes of everyone involved in his cult. The people who once felt love for him eventually understood what kind of monster he was. 

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