‘The Killer’ Korean Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Who Was The Mastermind?

The Killer by Jae-Hoon Choi, a 2022 film, centers around Bang Ui Gang (Jang Hyuk), a real estate worker who’s actually a former hitman. He left that life years ago, but circumstances led him back to it. Here’s the deal: Bang’s wife leaves him to care for her friend’s 17-year-old daughter, Kim Yun Ji (Seo-young Lee), while they go on vacation. Bang isn’t exactly father material, and he’s never had those instincts before. But as he looks after Kim Yun Ji, something changes. He starts to care for her deeply, feeling a growing love and a need to protect her. Why and how does this happen? While spending time with Kim, he sees she’s getting mixed up with the wrong crowd, and he can’t stand by and watch her get hurt. Now, will Bang be able to save her and get revenge on those causing trouble? You’ll have to read on to find out! But one thing’s for sure: the action scenes in The Killer movie are to die for and will keep you glued to the screen!


Spoilers Ahead

Why did Detective Lee come to question Bang Ui? 

Let’s dive into the story of Bang Ui-gang, a retired hitman who’s now living a quiet life with his wife, Hyeon-soo. They share a deep connection; once, she wanted to end her life, but Bang saved her. Since then, he’s sworn off killing and works in real estate. One day, Hyeon-soo announces she’s off on a holiday to Jeju with her bestie. She asks Bang to look after Kim Yoon-ji, her friend’s 17-year-old daughter. Bang’s hesitant at first—taking care of a teen? That’s a big responsibility! But he agrees, wanting to support his wife. When Yoon-ji arrives, things start off awkwardly. She’s distant and wants to live with her friend. Bang’s secretly relieved, but he knows he can’t shirk his duty. To keep an eye on her, he slips some cash and a tracker into her purse. Later, Yoon-ji calls, complaining of a stomachache.


Bang runs to her, only to find her chatting with a boy. She brushes him off, saying she’ll ride home with her friend. Bang drives away, but something nags at him. He checks the tracker and finds her at a skating rink, in danger from someone named Sung-yeon. It turns out they’re planning to sell her to a human trafficking gang! Why? Because she is a virgin and it’ll bring in loads of cash to their gang. Obviously it makes Bang Ui-gang’s blood boil, and Bang knows he has to step up and do something about it. There’s no way he’s going to let them get away with this! Bang springs into action, fighting off Sung-yeon and his crew and rescuing Yoon-ji, and in that process, some were even killed by him. Back home, they talk, and Bang realizes she’s lonely and desperate for friends. The next night, they spot police at the skating rink. Detective Lee’s there, investigating. Bang’s car passes through his checkpoint, raising suspicions. Bang denies any involvement, but Detective Lee is not convinced. The next day, Detective Lee returns, showing CCTV footage of Bang’s car near the rink before the incident. Bang sticks to his story, but Detective Lee knows there’s more to it, and in some way, Bang Ui is definitely involved with those killings.

Was Detective Lee involved with the gang? 

So, the leader of the human trafficking gang, Sung-yeon, survived Bang Ui-gang’s attack from the previous night. She calls him up, saying she’s got his knife with his fingerprints on it! Can you believe the audacity? She threatens to go to the police with this evidence! But Bang can’t let her do that, right? So what does he do? He tracks Sung-yeon down to where she’s got Yoon-ji’s purse, with the tracker hidden inside. Bang fights his way through to get the knife back. But when he gets home, he finds out Yoon-ji’s been kidnapped! Talk about a nightmare! Bang goes to Sung-Yeon again and gets some information about their human trafficking ring, led by some rich Russian mafia. Sung-yeon spills the beans about the prostitution ring that operates in a circle from Korea to Russia to Southeast Asia. And get this: the gang specifically wanted girls like Yoon-ji because Koreans are big in business now. That’s why she got kidnapped! Bang couldn’t stand it. He gets the information that Yoon-ji might be at the Old Papa Hotel, where the prostitution ring operates. But then Detective Lee shows up there to arrest Bang! But Bang ain’t having it. He takes Lee with him, saying saving Yoon-ji is more important. Together, they head to the port, where Yoon-ji might be shipped off in containers to foreign countries. Bang finds her and crashes his car into the one she’s in, taking down the driver and saving Yoon-ji. But guess what? From the driver’s phone, Bang finds Detective Lee’s number, proving he’s a dirty cop linked with the gang!


Who was the mastermind behind all this? 

So, Bang Ui makes it clear to Detective Lee: the only way he’ll keep quiet about Lee’s dirty dealings is if Lee gives him information about the mafia who wanted Yoon-ji. After some digging, Detective Lee finds out it’s someone named Park Hyung-joo. It turns out Park’s a big shot in politics and the Central District Court Chief Justice! And get this: Yoon-ji’s mom, who’s Bang Ui’s wife’s best friend, isn’t her real mom. She’s her stepmom, and there might be some connection between her and Park Hyung-joo! Bang knows he has to take revenge. He goes to his old friend, a gun supplier, and gets himself a sniper with a silencer. On the day of the attack, with Detective Lee’s help, Bang heads to Park Hyung-joo’s house. But when they get there, they find Park in a lavish mansion, exploiting young girls like Yoon-ji. And guess what? Park’s men are ready to attack, and Detective Lee switches sides with Park’s men! But little do they know—Bang’s a trained hitman! He takes down everyone single-handed, including Detective Lee, leaving only Park Hyung-joo standing. Before he takes him out, Bang gets a shocking revelation: someone called “Pig Mama” was the one giving info about Yoon-ji, and it’s none other than Yoon-ji’s stepmom! She’s the one who linked Yoon-ji to the prostitution business! Bang’s stunned, but he knows what he has to do. He takes out Park Hyung-joo, putting an end to this twisted scheme once and for all.

In The Killer‘s ending, Bang Ui rushes to save his wife, Hyeon-soo, who’s with her best friend and Yoon-ji’s stepmother. He finds Pig Mama in the car and takes her out, ending her twisted game once and for all. Bang joins his wife and Yoon-ji on Jeju Island, and they’re all safe and sound. Hyeon-soo’s relieved to see them and hopes the gang won’t bother Yoon-ji anymore. But there’s a possibility they might try to take custody of Yoon-ji, seeing as she doesn’t have any family left and Bang and Hyeon-soo don’t have kids of their own. It’s a happy ending for everyone! 


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