‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: What Grudge Did Colin Have Against Lady Whistledown?

Season two of Bridgerton ended with Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma coming together in holy matrimony. Penelope Featherington, however, had her heartbroken as she had fallen in love with Colin Bridgerton, but she learned he had no intention of being with her in a rather rude manner. Bridgerton season three will concentrate on the rest of the Bridgerton siblings and their mother, Dowager Lady Bridgerton.


Spoilers Ahead

Who were the debutants in this season of the ball?

As the new season in Mayflower, London, was about to begin, Queen Charlotte, Lady Danbury, and Lady Whistledown were excited to find out who would be the eligible women coming out to the public looking for potential suitors they could eventually marry. There were several men as well who were coming out to society as bachelors looking for women to be their potential wives. Amidst all the searching, many of the women were yearning for true love, while others were looking for only money and prestige. Cressida Cowper, Eloise Bridgerton, Francesca Bridgerton, and Penelope Featherington come out to society in a ball thrown by Queen Charlotte. Penelope Featherington was coming out for the third time in three years, and it was slightly embarrassing, especially for her mother, who was looking for a way to bring her family into prominence.


What was the lie concocted by Portia Featherington?

Portia Featherington came back from her holiday in the countryside and informed the ton about her receiving a sizable fortune from her aunt Petunia. However, many were not ready to believe this had happened, as Petunia was a spinster with nothing much in her name. Portia insisted the news was true to make sure her standing in society remained unchallenged. Walter Dundas, the employee with the Crown, wanted to make sure the claim Portia made was true because it is the responsibility of the Crown to makes sure the title and the money go to the right family. 

Was Penelope feeling lonely?

Penelope, of all her siblings, was left on her own after the debacle last season. Eloise had not only found out about her identity as the Lady Whistledown, but her only best friend now refused to talk to her. Penelope felt left out, and since this was her third outing looking for a suitor, she had lost hope of finding a husband quite early. At this point, she would accept anyone coming her way, and her attempt to talk to many bachelors failed miserably because of her nervous nature. Penelope was also possibly worried Eloise might reveal her identity as Lady Whistledown, who was writing and publishing scandalous news about the rich and the nobles of the city, which many devoured. 


What was Colin back in London with?

Colin Bridgerton got back on the day of the society ball hosted by Queen Charlotte, and he was already surrounded by women. He was back from his travels around the cities with stories and experiences he had gathered with people, especially women. He was suddenly the most eligible bachelor of the season, along with his brother Benedict Bridgerton, and he could not wait to find the right person as his wife. Meanwhile, he was also rumored to have spent nights with prostitutes. His brothers had heard about his travels and excursions and were excited to hear his version rather than the gossip they had come across. 

Why did Kate and Anthony leave London?

Kate and Anthony had come back to London after their brief honeymoon in the countryside. Now that Kate was the new Viscountess, she did not have a good time being the new lady of the family and noticed her mother-in-law, the real Lady Bridgerton, missed being the decision-maker in the family. Kate sensed she should stay away from society and let her mother-in-law take over and continue doing the job she had been doing for many years. She convinced Anthony to continue their honeymoon while they could concentrate on conceiving in the countryside and come back a while later. 


Who was Eloise friends with?

Eloise was livid at Penelope after discovering the pseudonym she wrote under. She chose to cut off ties with her best friend and came out in public as the new debutant from the Bridgerton family. Eloise found a friend in another debutante, Cressida Cowper, who was known to be a gossip monger who’d never liked Penelope Featherington. Cressida was also the kind of girl who Eloise could never get along with, but this time she somehow found a grounding with her. Penelope was shocked to see them together. 

Why did Penelope have a change of wardrobe?

Penelope was done being the laughing stock of the town because she had not found any suitors. She planned to get rid of her flowery and sunshine-colored dresses to pave the way for other colors. She was known to be wearing only colors that mirrored sunshine, but this time a new wardrobe would mean Penelope would be another person, and she would confidently represent herself at the formal balls that her family was invited to. She showed up in a black and blue-colored gown that contrasted her usual personality, which made many men turn their eyes towards her. She was also approached by a frequent traveler and a nature-loving Lord Debling, who was the only person good to her. Unfortunately, her night at the ball was cut short when Cressida purposely stepped on the tail of her gown and tore it. 


Was Penelope angry at Colin?

Penelope ran out crying, and she was followed by Colin, who had not spoken to her since his arrival in London. She confronted him about what she had heard and what he perceived of her. Colin was taken aback by her knowledge, and subsequently, she had to leave the party in tears. On reaching her home, she wrote the vilest things about Colin for the next edition of Lady Whistledown in the hope of embarrassing and creating a false impression of him in the society that was looking at him as the perfect bachelor. 

Was Francesca clueless about life ahead?

Francesca was the quietest of the children in the Bridgerton family and immersed herself in learning and playing piano. She was an excellent pianist and spent most of her time on the instrument, learning new sonatas all the time. She had a hard time finding a suitor in the beginning, and her mother was worried that, as silent as she was, and a dedicated musician, she should be able to find a friend in her partner who loved her for who she was. She was surrounded by suitors, yet nobody caught her attention.


Who became the Baron of Kent?

Will Modrich, as seen in the last two seasons, was known to have owned a bar in London that was frequented by all the men from the noble families. To his wife Alice’s shock, they had inherited the house of Kent through her now-dead aunt, and as per the rules of succession, it was given to the male heir of the family. Since Alice’s son Nicky was the direct male heir, he was made the baron of Kent. As a result of these changes in their lives, the couple and their children had moved to a mansion and were getting used to the customs and having a staff around them full-time. 

Was Colin apologetic to Penelope?

Colin was upset about being rude to Penelope behind her back and never realized it could have deeply affected her. He immediately apologized for having hurt her feelings, and never realizing she was in love with him. He apologized because he found a way to find a friend in her, and she was always kind to him. Since they grew up as neighbors in Mayflower, her attraction to him was obvious. Colin offered to help her find a suitable husband for herself since she had declared she would find one by the end of the season in London. Since this was the norm, it was embarrassing to find a woman of Penelope’s age who had not found a husband for herself. She was a well-read person, just like Eloise, and a writer as well, but no one except Eloise knew of her identity, which was why Colin volunteered to help her. Colin’s apology meant a lot to Penelope, but the damage was already done. 


What grudge did Colin have against Lady Whistledown?

Just minutes after Penelope accepted his apology, the new issues of Lady Whistledown were out. Penelope realized the mistake she made in publishing slander about Colin out of pure rage against him. She had not expected Colin to come back to her and show his caring side. She accepted his apology, knowing he would be good to her as a friend. Penelope probably wanted to move on from her love for him as well. Sadly, the bomb had dropped, and there was nothing Penelope could do to retract it. Colin was embarrassed by the contents of the newsletter, which painted him as a womanizer who traveled to many cities to meet women. Penelope claimed she refused to believe Lady Whistledown’s work, while Colin, on the other hand, took it upon himself to bring down the author of the newsletter by finding out who it was. As a Bridgerton, this letter would leave a bad mark on his character, and he would lose the opportunity to meet suitable women for himself. All his prospects were in jeopardy, which made him go against Lady Whistledown.

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