‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Does John Get His Revenge On Fat George?

At the end of Episode 2 of “Last King of the Cross,” John bashed Fat George for putting his hands on Brett. He then killed Spyro in return for Ezra’s favor to his brother Sam. With that killing, John has stepped into the dark world of King’s Cross and has made quite an impression on Ezra Shipman and Big Tony. In “Last King of the Cross” Episode 3, we find out whether John’s dream of owning The Tunnel can materialize and if King’s Cross welcomes him.


Spoilers Ahead

Pay Day

It’s Thursday, i.e., payday. John arrives at Ezra Shipman’s residence in Ashley’s car. Ezra appreciates his work and tells him to leave the car and give his number to Big Tony. Meanwhile, in Cabramatta, Madame Tien, Club 77’s dealer (“Last King of the Cross” Episode 2), decides with his brother that they will take their cocaine business to King’s Cross, enemy territory. So, we have a bigwig in the making in King’s Cross, and a new potential adversary is about to arrive and establish a presence in King’s Cross. Things are slowly starting to change.


John arrives at the tunnel and finds out that the workers have left and won’t return until they are reimbursed for their tools. Demi, his manager, tells him that there is no money to pay them with. As he checks the bills, Demi shows him the day’s newspaper, which carries the news of the deaths of Spyro and his friend. He goes to his office and is about to call someone when Sam arrives. The bruises on John’s face (from the fight with Spyro) and the fact that their father saw John burning his clothes the previous night in their backyard seem to indicate that Sam has done a misdeed. John tells Sam that it was Spyro and his friend. Big Tony was with him. Sam realizes that John isn’t in a good state and makes him understand that he needs to be strong. He gives John some cash and tells him to just call whenever he feels like he needs help. Sam then meets Big Tony and tells him not to bring John into their business and to opt for him instead. However, Big Tony tells him that Ezra has taken a liking to John, and soon it will be Sam who will be working under his younger brother.

That night, John arrives at Club 77 and meets Ashtray to receive the weekly payment. Ashtray tells him how Fat George is still sulking about what John did to him. But John isn’t bothered about it. He returns to Nasa Kalouri with all the money he collected and finds out that Joey Romano, a former pot dealer turned video game store owner, hasn’t been making full payments. By Nasa’s count, two envelopes are missing, those of John and Fat George’s Stripperama. While John makes it clear that he isn’t paying for a business that hasn’t begun, he decides to visit George and collect the money. At Stripperama, Steph (George’s manager) finds him trying to get physical with one of the strippers inside the green room and asks him to leave the room. George finds John waiting for his payment in the club. George denies the payment initially, his grudge against John well alive, but pays it after John reminds him that all he has to do is let Ezra know about it. That won’t turn out well for George.


Faces Of Change

Molly’s boss tries to get close to her at the joint where she works as a cook. Before it could get worse, Molly finds out that she has a visitor and rushes outside. John has come to meet her and apologizes for not picking her up the previous night. They hug, and Molly’s boss sees them and snaps at Molly for wasting time on her shift. John doesn’t like the way he speaks to Molly and abuses him, but a moment later, he realizes that he might just have cost Molly her job. He apologizes to Molly, who rushes back inside.

The next day, at Ezra’s residence, Senator Paul Collandro introduces him to new Assistant Commissioner Bill Allen. Terry Fields, the previous assistant commissioner who worked for Ezra as well, had passed away, and Ezra would have to make do with Bill if he wanted to keep his business at King’s Cross going. Bill charges twice Terry’s payment, and they shake on it. John arrives at the shop owned by Spyro’s mother, Mrs. Marvis. He gives her and her sister an envelope full of cash, saying that the money is from Spyro’s friends. This is just John trying to compensate for the guilt he feels for killing Spyro. The same night, John’s The Tunnel opens to the public. He makes it clear to his staff that there can be no stealing, no dealing drugs, and only rich kids inside.


Sam and Nasa arrive at Joey Romano’s gaming parlor to talk to him about his payment. He pays less and promises Nasa that he’ll clear all his debt in the coming week. After Nasa leaves, Joey shows Sam how he has been selling cocaine discreetly. But Joey wants Sam’s support because sooner or later, people will find out about it, and some of them won’t like the extra profits. Sam knows that he has to inform Ezra about the cocaine.

Tunnel And Tien

Young boys and girls make their way inside The Tunnel to have fun. John and Molly are enjoying it as well. But it doesn’t seem to last long, as a couple of adult Black Flag bikers want entry into the club. John heads out to where Dave and other friends of Sam have already gathered. John headbutts one of them in the nose. The very next moment, two cop cars arrive, and one of the officers from the licensing squad tells John that they are shutting down The Tunnel for disorderly conduct in a public place. John doesn’t say anything and calmly heads inside and to his office, where he makes a call. A few minutes later, Detective Crellan arrives and speaks to the officer. He finds out that it was Fat George who made the call. He tells the officers never to set foot in King’s Cross because it’s his world. He then tells John that the man who called the officers is none other than George, who is just trying to get his revenge. John has to do something about it.


Madame Tien decides to make some money and arrives at Club 77 (well-dressed and almost unrecognizable). She sits at the table where she usually does the dealing, facing a long-time badmouthing player who has been bluffing and winning of late. Ashtray, the owner of Club 77, recognizes her and nods at the dealer. At the end of the game, as anticipated, Tien wins, takes all the money, and walks out.

Back at The Tunnel, John meets Tony Caruso, a mortgage broker who offers to find him a home that matches the vibe of The Tunnel. John shakes hands with him but can only talk for so long before he finds out that the biker gang has returned, this time with more guys. What follows is a bloody fight between John, Sam, their guys, and the biker gang. By the end of the fight, all of the bikers are down on the ground or running for their lives.


The next day, Nasa tells Ezra about Joey and his new cocaine business that he has started to run from his gaming parlor. He tries to convince Ezra to take action and shut the parlor. Ezra, however, wants to let the young boys (presumably John and Sam) sort the issue out this time and tells Nasa to give them a month.

John takes Tony to a seaside villa that he wants to buy and seals a deal. That very night, he arrives at Ezra’s, asking him to get Fat George out of Stripperama so that John can take over. Ezra gives him two jobs, after which he can do whatever he wants with George: one, he and Sam have to make peace with the Black Flag bikers, and two, establish peace between Nasa and Joey. John agrees and leaves.


‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Does John Get His Revenge On Fat George? Do The Bikers Shake Hands With The Ibrahim Brothers?

The next day, John, accompanied by Steph, knocked on George’s door while Sam paid a visit to the biker gang. John gives George the news that Steph is the new leaseholder of Stripperama, which means it’s time for him to pack his bags. Big Tony is also there and tells George to speak to Ezra if he wants. It is Ezra’s signature on the new lease documents. George has 30 minutes. Sam arrives at the Black Flag bikers’ place and speaks to the boss. The guys are really angry at him, but he makes it clear that he isn’t willing to back down an inch. Peace is finally made.

That night, when John picked up Molly, the tears in her eyes made it clear that her boss had taken things too far with her. John can see the guy looking at them from the backdoor but decides to listen to Molly, who just wants to go home. They leave, and the guy heads back in. Later, after closing the joint, as he starts walking to his car, he finds John waiting for him. John calmly asks for the keys to the car, the rage in his eyes clearly visible. The guy gives him the keys. John opens the trunk and tells him to get in. The guy gets in, and John closes the lid.


Madame Tien meets Mr. Li, who runs the drug business in Cabramatta. She offers him all the money she made at Club 77 and all that she had saved at home in return for cocaine that she wants to sell at King’s Cross. Mr. Li tells her that King’s Cross is enemy territory, but there’s something in Tien’s attitude that makes him believe that she is determined. He offers her a drink, and they sit to talk.

Mr. Li starting his business at King’s Cross means he will have to take on Ezra. Then there is Joey Romano, who also sells cocaine and has offered Sam a part in his business. If Sam agrees and they end up shaking hands with Mr. Li, Sam will be going against his own brother John, who is slowly becoming an ardent deputy of Ezra. It will be brother against brother at King’s Cross.


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