‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Sam Ibrahim Safe Inside The Prison?

The legislation has allowed the Kings Cross Task Force to go hard after the criminals. Madame Tien has reached out to Ezra with a business proposition. Dave has shot down a core member of the Tiens. Sam Ibrahim has been arrested for possession of cocaine. Each of these events has the potential to have an adverse effect on John Ibrahim or his business or both. It is only a matter of time before disaster strikes, and all that John can do is be prepared. “Last King Of The Cross” Episode 7 shows John trying his best to get his brother out of prison while managing Kings Cross. But he cannot protect Sam on the inside, who is all on his own. Is this safe? Episode 7 has the answer and more.


Spoilers Ahead


Sam Ibrahim isn’t having a good time inside his cell at the Long Bay Correctional Center. Now off drugs, his body is trying to recover. He is shaking, he is puking, and he is barely able to get on his feet. A few days pass, and Sam is a lot better than he was. He meets a guy named Doids, who Sam already knew. John ensures that Sam is safe by paying Gary, the guy who is the cleaner of that particular section of the prison.


The Kings Cross Task Force, thanks to its recent authorization to offer indemnity to its targets, decides to use it in three ways: grab the dealers [Mansour and Joey], move up the chain to the small fish [Dave, Ashtray, PK, Tongan Sam], and finally the corrupt cops [Crellan and Mooney].

Madame Tien offers Ezra to take out Sam Ibrahim while he is in prison so that he doesn’t get the chance to interfere in her business, which, if he does, will affect Ezra’s business, too; Tien and Ezra are about to be partners.



John visits Ezra and holds him responsible for putting Sam behind bars. Ezra denies the accusation. John takes it as a green light to get his brother out. He will be the one to deal with any issue regarding his brother, not anyone else. He then meets Sam in prison and tells him that he is going to get him out, but he needs to stay away from drugs. It is the only way Sam will be able to come out clean. Sam finds himself at odds with a few guys inside the prison. Unbeknownst to him, it might be a result of the contract. Anticipating an assault, Sam begins to train in his cell, just like he used to do with his brother. Meanwhile, John comes to know that the police are wiring up folks to listen to whatever they are talking about, and Joey is a special case, so later on, he comes to meet John; the latter keeps his mouth shut and just listens to the former’s babble about the streets and how Sam’s absence is affecting them.

That night, detectives Elizabeth Doyle and Luke O’Neill arrive at the Tunnel and inform him about the killing of a Vietnamese guy at Cabramatta on the night Sam Ibrahim was arrested for facilitating cocaine. Since the death was a result of a cocaine robbery mishap, Sam is on the radar. John refuses to speak a word to them. He doesn’t care what they are thinking. Inside the club, Dave tells Dickie (his Black Flag biker friend) about the cops who are looking for the shooters. They have to be careful and ensure that no one finds out that it was them at Cabramatta.


At the police station, Crellan tells Mooney about his conversation with the detectives [Doyle and O’Neil]. The Task Force is keeping tabs on them, and they cannot go around collecting their cuts for the time being. Mooney acknowledges this. A few minutes later, they come to know that a contract is out on Sam Ibrahim. This is very bad news from all angles. The same night, Crellan meets Ezra and asks him about the new kill contract on Sam Ibrahim. Ezra denies having heard anything. He is lying. He knows better than to tell Crellan anything, as he might eventually convey the info to John.  

Tension And Attention

Elizabeth and Neil meet Crellan and Mooney again, and this time, they tell Mooney to reach out whenever he has the time. In other words, in his own sweet time, Mooney shall be interrogated. Crellan meets John and informs him of the contract with Sam. John then visits Sam in prison and tells him about the contract and the fact that the police and the commission think that the Vietnamese guy was killed by him. When Sam tells John about Doids, John informs him that Doids is doing time for killing a woman for her ex-boyfriend. Doids is the contract killer. Sam keeps it to himself and continues to train, waiting for the right time to finish Doids.


Elizabeth and Luke bring in Mansour and show him footage of the two men in masks who broke into the Vietnamese place in Cabramatta. He doesn’t recognize them. He is thus wired and released so that whatever he hears, they can hear too. And maybe he might end up finding out about the masked guys. Mansour then meets John at the Tunnel and tells him about the guy who shot one of the Vietnamese men. He tells him that the guy has a limp. In this way, Mansour tries to pry at least some intel out of John but fails. John knows that he cannot trust pretty much any dealer as the cops might be listening in, so he doesn’t tell Mansour anything.

The next day, Sam finds the right moment and beats Doids almost to death in the shower. He then calls John using the phone the latter has sent for him via Gary and tells him about Doids. There’s nothing else to worry about. Sam will be out of prison in a few weeks at max.



At the police department, Mooney gives Crellan a file containing the name of the suspected hitter for the contract on Sam Ibrahim’s head. It’s not Doids. Sam beat up the wrong guy and isn’t out of trouble yet. Crellan meets John and gives him the name Henry Jambor. John realizes the grave mistake his brother has made and rushes back to his office at the Tunnel where he has left his phone. He dials up Sam.

Sam wakes up in his bed to the sound of his phone and finds Henry standing right in front of him with a straight razor, about to slit his throat [Henry was a carefree bloke who even offered Sam a cocaine pill earlier. Sam had accepted it and hid it under his bed for use later.] But before he can do that, Sam uses his pillow to shove Henry’s hand away and punches him hard in the face. Gary arrives and grabs Henry from the back. All that Sam has to do is use the same razor to slit Henry’s throat. But he doesn’t do it. He lets Henry go. He then pulls out the coke pill from under his bed and flushes it down the drain. Finally, he calls John and tells him that he is fine.


The next day, John meets Dickie and tells him to find out the culprit who shot the Vietnamese guy, AKA one of the Tiens. The Viets thought that Sam was the one, and that’s why they came after him. But since Sam didn’t do it, it means some other Black Flag guy did it, as the Vietnamese came after Sam because he was a Black Flag too. Dickie assures John that he will take care of the matter. [Here, if John is wrong, then the reason why the Vietnamese (The Tiens) came after Sam wasn’t because he killed one of them but to remove him from the chain of command and clear their path of business. Alternatively, Madame Tien may have taken advantage of the business meeting with Ezra and found a way to take revenge on John and Sam, whom she thinks is responsible for Hung’s murder.]

‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Does Dickie Find The Culprit?

The same night, a high-on-coke Dickie knocks on the Tien household, wearing a helmet and with a sawed-off shotgun in hand; Madame Tien’s younger brother Anh, in a wheelchair, answers the door and stares briefly at a muzzle before it goes off with a loud bang. Two shots hit him in his torso and throw him off his wheelchair. Romeo rushes out to see who it is, but the guy is gone. Madame Tien caresses her dead brother, covered in blood, howling at the top of her voice. Anh is dead.


Sam Ibrahim is released from the Long Bay Correctional Center and is back at Kings Cross with his brother. The two brothers are taking a tour of the place at night when John gets a call. From the other side, the sound of drums can be heard. A familiar voice tells him that it’s the drums of war he’s hearing.  

Dickie knows that sooner or later, John and Sam will find out that it was he and Dave who broke into the Vietnamese warehouse and were responsible for Hung’s death. So to shove suspicions away from himself in the only way he thinks he can, he kills another Vietnamese guy. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, the guy is Madame Tien’s own younger brother Anh. This will be it. If Madame Tien knows that Sam Ibrahim is out of prison, she will believe that it was he who killed her brother. She will thus go all out on the Ibrahims, and no one will be able to stop her. The familiar voice that John hears is of Crellan. He must have found out about Anh’s death and warned John of what was coming. The Kings Cross Task Force will absolutely love what’s about to happen.


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