Pablo Undurraga In ‘The Doomsday Cult Of Antares De La Luz’ Documentary

Being the most loyal soldier of God’s final reincarnation must feel great. That was the life of Pablo Undurraga for four years before he managed to Google the definition of a cult. Being a victim of bullying most of his life, Pablo didn’t feel he had a purpose in this world, and he tried to seek out a place where he belonged. The universe played the ultimate joke on him when he met Antares de la Luz, the man who was supposed to save the world from Lucifer’s darkness. 


How did Pablo get into the cult?

Pablo was severely depressed by the time he turned 18. He somehow managed to start life afresh after high school, and he got a girlfriend and fathered a baby. Pablo was introduced to Antares and instantly felt he was the fantasy he had of a teacher. Pablo believed that Antares embodied a teacher in every way, and his beard and bald head only attracted Pablo more and more. Not only did Pablo start to follow Antares, he also made his girlfriend Carolina and another friend David join the cult. They all thought it was a place of healing, not knowing what they were getting themselves into.

Why did Pablo kill his cat?

Antares started to live in Pablo’s apartment, and he made him drive his son away from him. Antares soon got rid of the last of the furniture from the apartment. Antares believed that different houses hold different kinds of powers, and Pablo’s apartment had a positive energy. Pablo abided by everything Antares said to him, and he was really ready to sacrifice it all for his Lightbringer. Antares saw everything in a linear arrangement: either something has light in it or darkness. The darkness must be eliminated for the light to prevail, and Antares made sure that everybody listened to his instructions. When Pablo’s cat got pregnant, Antares became paranoid that it might be the spawn of Lucifer. The kittens seemed like a threat to him, and Pablo saw black smoke coming out of the box his cat was kept in. Pablo believed that Antares was telling the truth, and he dropped the box in a canal with the cat of the devil still inside it. 


Did Pablo voluntarily help to kill the baby?

Pablo had to drive about 800 miles the day Antares and Natalia’s offspring was knocking at her door. Pablo was the reason that the baby was born at all, and you’d expect some empathy from him since he’s already a father. Antares ordered Pablo to make sure everything was in place for the sacrificial ceremony, and Pablo was supposed to keep the fire going. Pablo’s lack of common sense led to a three-day-old baby being immolated. Pablo noticed the baby didn’t make a sound, and he suspected that Antares had already slit his throat before dumping his little body in the pit of fire. Pablo couldn’t stop crying after he saw the baby being sacrificed, and he broke down in tears. It was hard for him to process what he did. One of the investigating officers made the point that each of the cult members had an option to not help Antares kill the baby, and Pablo had the best chance at stopping him; he just didn’t. 

Is Pablo still in jail? 

Pablo testified about everything that’s happened to him, just like all the other members of the cult. Pablo helped the cops figure out the details of how Antares killed the baby that night and how he used to beat some of them for his own pleasure. Pablo and the rest claimed that they were in no control of their actions, and all of them were under a mystical delirium. They actually believed Antares to be God, and they just obeyed orders in a deformed state of mind. The shared psychosis argument almost worked for them, but the prosecutor managed to prove that they were under the influence of drugs as well. The ayahuasca all of them consumed had a part to play in this, and most of them were sentenced to five years in prison.


Pablo is out of prison now as he tries to reinstate himself in a society that wants to kill him. He remembers being in a prison where most of his inmates and half the guards wanted to kill him, which was nothing in front of the torturous experience of him being in the cult. Pablo was a bright, lonely guy who looked for company in the worst place possible. Being Antares’ prized apostle, Pablo didn’t help him out of love but out of fear. 

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Aniket Mukherjee
Aniket Mukherjee
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