Byron Stallings In ‘Sugar’ Explained: Did John Kill Stallings?

An alpha male human trafficker, who possesses the worst qualities a man could have. It’d seem Byron Stallings could be Andrew Tate 2.0 if only he started a podcast of his own. In Apple TV’s Sugar, Stallings is one of the bad guys who’s involved with Olivia’s disappearance. We’re first introduced to this gang leader when he comes looking for his confidant, Clifford Carter. Stallings is your usual crook who accidentally made it big in the crime world, and it’s evident from his actions. He’s mostly driven by his raging bull-like instincts, and even though he tries to act smart, you know that his bald head only stores two functional brain cells.


Spoilers Ahead

Why was Stallings looking for Clifford?

Stallings shows up at Teresa’s apartment after Carmen’s death. Stallings’ goons take her kids away, and he threatens her into giving him information on Clifford’s whereabouts. Clifford’s phone had confidential information about Stallings’ business, and he can’t risk that information landing in the wrong hands. Stallings instills fear in Teresa and makes her lure Melanie into her apartment. Stallings gets hold of Melanie to get the information he wants, but Sugar arrives under the disguise of a probationary officer to save the ladies. Stallings sees through Sugar’s bluff and notices his expensive suit and watch; he knows  there’s no way a government employee can afford such expensive things. Just when he’s about to catch Sugar in the lie, his attention gets diverted by the smoke bomb Charlie planted under his favorite Jeep. When Stallings realizes what’s happened, it’s too late for him, as Sugar has already made his escape with both the women and the kids. 


Did Stallings kidnap Olivia Siegel?

From the looks of it, Stallings’ house is a perfect den of crime. With his two Doberman dogs guarding the territory, he leaves no room for an intruder to walk in. When Stallings has to leave the house to attend to some business down south, he locks a cupboard and leaves a woman to guard it with her life. We never get to see what secret lies inside the cupboard, but we did see the girl trying on a necklace that belonged to Olivia. Olivia’s necklace is one of a kind, and in all the pictures we see of Olivia, she’s wearing the necklace. It’s impossible that Stallings came across the necklace without having anything to do with Olivia’s disappearance. 

Did Stallings and Davie Siegel know each other?

On one hand, there’s Byron Stallings, a man from the world of organized crime. On the other hand, there’s Davie Siegel, grandson of a legendary Hollywood producer and the child star of “Boy in the Corner.” When the news of Davie being a molester breaks out, Stallings calls Davie to calm his nerves down. They talk like they’ve known each other for a long time, and it’s not hard to assume Stallings might be someone who provides women to Davie. Stallings insists that Davie must keep his mouth shut if law enforcement asks anything of him, and his name must not come out by any means. Davie is intimidated by Stallings, and you have to give credit to the guy for being so terrifying that someone like Davie Siegel fears him.  


Why does Ruby try to stop Sugar from finding Stallings?

Ruby never approved of Sugar taking the Siegel case, but you start to wonder at her loyalty when she deliberately tries to throw Sugar off his trail. Ruby finds Stallings’ criminal record in the system but chooses not to divulge much information about him to Sugar. Ruby goes even further than this when she deletes Stallings’ history from the database altogether. It’s a fair bet that Sugar’s very own people are working behind his back to protect Stallings. The interesting thing is, why would such a powerful organization need to be protecting such a lowlife? Stallings has made his reputation based on fear, but what does he have over Ruby? The Polyglot Society is obviously an entity that exists to make human life better. Stallings’ involvement with them is such a wild thing in itself, and now that he’s dead, it’d be fun to find out why Ruby protected him even on the day Sugar went to hunt him. 

Why does Sugar kill Stallings?

Stallings’ business of human trafficking is so casual that it boils your blood. He abducts young women away from their families with the help of a shady travel agency. Sugar finds out Stallings’ location through Charlie, and Stallings is already notified about Sugar’s arrival. When Sugar enters the house, he’s met with an already-prepared Stallings and his two associates. Sugar eventually goes on to kill both his compadres, and Stallings lies on the ground, helpless. When Sugar asks him who warned him, Stallings grins and seems to find enjoyment in his confusion. Even when he has no chance of getting out of there alive, Stallings holds his ground and refuses to say anything to Sugar. He practically confesses he has zero idea about where Olivia is, but Sugar has gone off the deep end, and he pulls the trigger, blowing Stallings’ head off. 


Stallings probably helped someone kidnap Olivia, but he surely didn’t know about her current whereabouts. The basement of Stallings’ house is just used to keep some dogs. Stallings died without revealing anything about Olivia, and Sugar still has little clue about his primary objective of finding her. The darkness Stallings had pushed Sugar to a point where he couldn’t do anything else but should. Stallings lived a pretty comfortable life for the countless crimes he committed, but his demise was somehow ironic because of the sheer confidence he had, even while staring death in the face. 

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