‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Did Penelope And Colin Kiss?

Season Three episode one ended with Colin being subjected to the slander of Lady Whistledown, which many enjoyed except the man himself. He vowed to take her down. Penelope realized the mistake she’d made by character assassinating Colin through the newsletter. She hopes he will never discover the fact that she is Lady Whistledown, as she still harbors love for him though she has accepted his offer of friendship. 


Spoilers Ahead

What were Lady Danbury and Queen Charlotte planning?

Queen Charlotte was not happy with the women that debuted during her opening ball of the season. Charlotte had hoped to be dazzled by women who she could match with the person of her choice. She wants to come across a young woman who could sparkle and stand out from the clutter. Lady Danbury, who was the Queen’s confidante and best friend, understood what the monarch expected the season to be like. She wanted to choose the diamond out of the lot and make sure the season was as interesting as the last one. 


Why do Colin and Penelope meet?

Since Colin had promised Penelope that he would help her find a suitor this season, they began to meet often, and he helped her with her nervous disposition, which was not working in her favor. Colin had invited Penelope over to his home in order to give her some tips on how to speak to men from noble families. Penelope had claimed that she felt most comfortable inside the Bridgerton home previously because of Eloise. This made him ask her to come by his home for a conversation. Penelope was worried about running into Eloise, but she took the risk and visited Colin’s home on his insistence. 

Why was Portia frustrated with her daughters?

Portia was in desperate need of an heir to claim their right over the fortune she had earned. Preferably a son, because she did not want their fortune to go to the next of the kin. Portia was not glad to know the bar owners, the Mondrich family, were suddenly the Lord and Lady of Kent. She was also angry about the fact that her daughters hardly knew anything about physical intimacy or what needed to be done to become pregnant. This indicates that women were hardly given any education about physical intercourse, keeping in mind how important it was in that era for a married woman to produce heirs. 


What was the matter of concern for Lord and Lady Mondrich of Kent?

As the Mondrich family moved into the mansion meant for the Baron of Kent, now Alice’s son Nicky, they were shocked to experience the expanse of their new house. It had plenty of rooms, yet the couple were expected to be sleeping in two different rooms. It was standard practice in the royals and nobility for the spouses to sleep in different rooms, which Will and Alice were getting used to. Their old life never required them to follow rules, but with power and influence, they end up having to sacrifice a lot from their personal lives. Alice, however, was carried away by the fact that she could purchase new clothes for her wardrobe, and along with that, she had free reign over the jewels left by the late Lady Kent.

What did Penelope read?

Penelope was afraid of running into Eloise at her home, which made her hide in Colin’s study. In his study, she ended up reading his diary, in which he wrote about his travels in Paris and other European cities. His writing focused on describing people and their bodies, which aroused Penelope, and she could not put the book down even for a second. She was embarrassed to have read the diary moments later when Colin walked, who was livid about his friend breaching his privacy. There was a moment between the two when Colin cut his palm accidentally and Penelope tended to it. Both felt a spark between them but did not act on it because, inherently, they were friends.


Did Eloise accidentally share the news about Penelope and Colin?

Eloise witnessed her brother and Penelope talking to each other, and she was further amazed at the fact that Penelope was not ashamed of writing ill about her brother in the Lady Whistledown newsletter. Out of anger, she shared the news of their newfound friendship with Cressida, who was the most well known gossip monger in the town. Everyone had begun to whisper in front Colin and Penelope as they realized both had become a laughing stock. 

An eligible bachelor helping a young woman who was coming out the third time to find a suitor was laughable. Penelope was embarrassed, and she managed to irk her mother as well. Portia was angry at the fact that Penelope could not fetch or lure a suitor of her choice, which meant she had to depend on a man for it. Since she caused major embarrassment, Penelope refused to get out of the house and chose to sit by the window for a long time in the hope people would eventually forget the mini-scandal she caused. 


What was Lady Bridgerton worried about?

Lady Bridgerton was more worried about Francesca, who had not found a suitor of her choice. Francesca was an introvert who enjoyed being in the company of sheet music and her piano. Being a good pianist did not help her fetch noble men who were husband material. Francesca herself was not very impatient, unlike her mother, who wanted her daughter to find the right partner like she did, as did Daphne and Anthony. Queen Charlotte, however, was impressed with Francesca’s need to get away from the noise of the crowd to immerse herself in the music just for herself. Charlotte had decided on her diamond, and it was Francesca. Charlotte adored women who enjoyed having a life of their own and not going after cliche things. Charlotte, as a young person, had carried out many palace projects for herself in the hope of not being pigeonholed as the King’s wife. Lady Danbury was aware of how much her best friend valued individuality and was happy that it was Bridgerton’s daughter again who would be in the limelight. 

Did Penelope and Colin kiss?

Colin was horrified by the turn of events that took place in the ball and was under the impression he needed to apologize for his sister spilling the beans. Colin was trying to be a friend since he was aware that Eloise and Penelope were not on speaking terms anymore. He knew Penelope would be feeling lonely, as there was nobody who would understand her predicament as the only spinster in the family. Colin visited her at night, and they had a conversation about the gossip about their relationship, which bothered Penelope a lot. He was meeting her, fully aware of the fact that if news of this rendezvous was leaked, there would be further cause for concern for her and him. But he did not worry about it and wanted to check up on her well-being since she hadn’t been out in public for a while.


Penelope was very vulnerable while speaking to Colin, and she begged him to kiss her. She had been a spinster and never had a lover at her behest who would fulfill her physical desires. The women in that era who were sexually promiscuous were looked down upon, which is why they were afraid to have affairs with people considered undesirable by society. Meanwhile, Penelope was in desperate need of a man’s touch who would make her feel alive, even for a few seconds, and give her some mental gratification. 

Colin was not sure, but her asking him repeatedly made him oblige her only demand. As they kissed for a while, Colin probably had a change of mind, and Penelope, on the other hand, felt safe in his embrace, as he would never have hurt her. The kiss was perfect, and the next morning will help them realize if it was a mistake or not.


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