‘Love With Its Details’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: How Did Sherine And Ramez Meet?

Love with its Details is an Egyptian movie directed by Mohamed Hamdy that gave me the vibe of a mega-series. Its plot, background music, pauses, and camera work reminded me of those TV shows we used to watch with our grandmothers. We’d gasp at every twist and turn, often cursing the villains along the way. Love with its Details brought back that nostalgic feeling. Here the story follows Ramez, a man who moved from Egypt to Bahrain to make his own way, leaving behind his father’s wealth and property. However, when his father passes away, Ramez is forced to return to Egypt. There, he meets Sherine, a beautiful, not-so-successful lawyer, and it’s love at first sight for him. Sherine has a preference for self-made men who haven’t had privileged upbringings. So, Ramez decides to live a double life to win her over, portraying himself as poor and hardworking. The big question is: will Sherine eventually find out the truth? Let’s dive into Love with its Details‘ story together and find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Who is Ramez? 

Ramez is quite the charmer; every girl seems to fall head over heels for him. But Ramez isn’t really drawn to any of them. He’s perfectly content being alone, focusing on his career as a gym trainer, and occasionally doing small acting roles on television. With his handsome looks and fit physique, offers come his way easily. Then there’s Sara, a small-time actress who comes to his gym. She’s completely dedicated to Ramez, doing everything she can to win him over. She even tries to help him kickstart his acting career by offering contacts and acting opportunities. But none of it interests him. He’s just not into her. Ramez lives with his sister, brother-in-law, and nephew, whom he deeply loves and cares for. They even suggest he marry Sara because they see how much she loves him. But he doesn’t feel the same way about her. So he’s okay with being on his own until he finds the right person. His father, Mr. Hamdi, has been married multiple times. Ramez thinks if they’re going to celebrate attending someone’s wedding, it should be their father’s. His father, despite being a renowned businessman with loads of money and factories, can’t seem to genuinely love anyone, not even his own children. That’s why Ramez left Egypt and came to Bahrain—he didn’t want to end up like his father. He wants to be someone reliable for whoever falls in love with him, unlike his dad. So, Ramez isn’t sold on the idea of love, thanks to his father’s influence. But deep down, he’s hopeful that he can break the cycle and find genuine love someday.


Who is Sherine Al Shahat? 

Sherine Al Shahat runs her own law firm and also heads the Al Wadi charitable organization. Her father, Amm Al Shahat, used to be a gym trainer, and while he may not have been famous, he was definitely a familiar face in the neighborhood. Then there’s Hammam Farahat, the appellate attorney at their firm, who’s been with them for fifteen years. He also serves as the deputy president of their charity organization. But here’s the kicker: in all those years, they haven’t won a single case. Now, you might think that’s sad, but they don’t seem too bothered by it. In fact, they purposely take on high-profile cases, even though they know they probably won’t win. Why? Because it gives them some sort of recognition and respect. At least they can say they tried, right? But when it comes to low-profile cases, it’s a different story. Losing one of those would damage their reputation, and they can’t afford that. Or at least, that’s what Sherine believes. Still, she’s a determined do-gooder in the community. She’s always organizing charity events for the less fortunate, doing whatever she can to help them out.

How did Sherine and Ramez meet? 

Mr. Hamdi went to France, but unfortunately, his attorney informed Ramez that he had passed away during the journey. So, after many years, Ramez had to return to Egypt to take care of family matters and the family business. Upon his return, he found out he had a stepbrother who was young and all alone. With no parents around, the poor kid was being mistreated by his stepmother, Mrs. Mona. She treated him so terribly that he even contemplated suicide by taking sleeping pills. At first, Ramez was distant from him; after all, he hadn’t even met the guy before. The responsibility was too much for Ramez, to the point where he considered sending his stepbrother to boarding school. But as time passed, Ramez began to understand the challenges his stepbrother faced and decided to support him in any way he could.


Meanwhile, he also noticed Mrs. Mona trying to take over his father’s company. She declared herself CEO, stealing money from the company and laying off longtime, respected employees. Ramez stepped in to handle that mess, taking over his father’s empire. He had once dreamed of leaving behind this lavish life, but circumstances forced him back into it. During a visit to his friend Mokhtar, Ramez met with Sherine in their neighborhood, and it was love at first sight for him. He even bravely defended her against people who were actually Sherine’s clients who lost their case and blamed her. But as they got closer, Ramez realized Sherine was more attracted to self-made individuals from modest backgrounds. So, he started spinning tales about how he had his Mercedes because he is an UberLux driver. Sherine admired his hard work and was drawn to him. Ramez could have come clean about his identity, but he was afraid of losing her. However, one day, when they were on a date, a girl recognized Ramez from a TV ad or acting role. Sherine got suspicious, searched for him on Facebook, and got to know the real truth about his identity. She couldn’t love someone who faked his identity like that, and she felt it was best for them not to meet anymore.

In Love with its Details‘ ending, Mokhtar went to see Sherine on behalf of his friend Ramez. He shared the truth about Ramez’s life: how he had left behind his lavish lifestyle and truly become a self-made man. All the recognition he received as a gym trainer or actor was a result of his hard work and dedication. Sherine finally believed the truth. After all, she loved Ramez for who he was, not his background or wealth. So, ultimately, Ramez and Sherine got married—the man who never thought of getting married found himself tying the knot with his love at first sight, and we can only hope they will live happily ever after.


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