‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Does Sam Return Ezra’s Favor?

At the end of Episode 1 of “Last King Of The Cross,” we saw that Angelo was killed by Big Tony under Ezra’s orders. John has gone into a coma. We spoke of the favor that Ezra did for Sam by killing the man who stabbed his brother and how this favor needs to be returned. How? Let’s find out in “Last King Of The Cross” Episode 2.


Spoilers Ahead

Drugs And Money

Sam reads about Angelo’s death in the newspaper and visits Ezra at his house to thank him and show gratitude. Ezra tells him that it is a favor for his brother John. Before leaving, Sam gives Ezra his word that he would assist him. Back at the hospital, John comes out of the coma and finally returns home. Sam helps John with his exercises so that he is able to recover faster. Although Nasa Kalouri has offered John a job, Sam tells John to stay away from this business and find something else. He doesn’t want John to end up like him. That night, Sam visits Fat George at his strip club for the weekly payments. George clears his payment as well as John’s $10,000. The next day, one of the dealers working at Ashtray’s Club 77, Madame Tien, returns home and finds her brother and a friend of his doing heroin. John, now able to walk, visits Fat George for his Thursday payment. Before leaving the club, John decides to check out the place a bit and finds a room. From one of the windows, he can see the Tunnel Club. He also notices a guy discreetly selling drugs in front of the club. Maybe he can use this information to his advantage. He hides the money George gave him in that room and leaves. The same night, a group of young Asian guys (including Tien’s brother’s friend), who were dealing heroin inside a car, are threatened by 5 T’s men, who control 100% of the heroin trade in Cabramatta.


New Dream

John grows up to be a handsome man in his mid-20s, trained to fight. However, he hasn’t forgotten about The Tunnel and still visits the room at George’s club, where he has been hiding the cash he gets from George all along, to observe all that’s happening outside the window. Downstairs, Brett meets Brooke and asks her to give him some drugs to help cope with the tablets for his pain. Brooke injects some into his hand.

That night, Sam takes John to Nasa, who tells them about a new deal that Mark Markovic, owner of The Tunnel Club, has offered him. He has offered 10% of his take every Friday to Nasa instead of the usual $2000 every Thursday. Nasa isn’t happy with this, but John explains that he misunderstood what Mark told him. He was offering $2000 along with an additional 10% of the take. This is good for business. Nasa offers John a job for the next day. Later on, John tells Dave that he intends to buy The Tunnel and run his own business. Meanwhile, Sam and his men visit Mark and give him an ultimate deadline to clear his payment, i.e., the next day until 4 o’clock. The next day, John meets detectives Crellan and Mooney for their payment. They tell him to convey to Nasa that, as per the orders of their new chief superintendent, they need to raid Club 77 on Tuesday. Then John asks them to enter the number of a truck (that he saw outside the tunnel) in their system as well as the name “Mark Markovic.”


New Business

One of the men at George’s club finds an overdosed Brett lying unconscious in the fire escape stairway. They tossed him in the garbage. Crellan meets John at a shop and gives him the information he asked for. The truck outside the tunnel belonged to the Taiwanese mob. Mark Markovic is not the owner of The Tunnel. He just manages the place and is the licensee. The owner, Mr. Cirillo Elias, lives in Queensland. He owns two more clubs in Brisbane and Melbourne. Crellan gives John all the information on a piece of paper. Then John decides to put his plan into effect. He takes all the money he has collected from George, and hid in the room upstairs, meets Mr. Cirillo Elias at The Tunnel, which is suffering heavy losses, cracks a business deal with him, and takes ownership of The Tunnel, promising him profit within ten months. As he comes out of The Tunnel, he hears an ambulance nearby. He follows the sound of the siren and finds one of Sam’s men, who tells him that Brett was found in a garbage bin. Apparently, George’s men tossed him there to avoid any trouble. John rushes to George’s club, beats him up, and tosses him in the dustbin as well.

Senator Paul Collandro visits Ezra at his house for a favor. He wants Ezra to help him scare off his daughter Ashley Collandro’s drug addict boyfriend. In return, Ezra asks Paul to fix a meeting with a guy named Bill Allen regarding a new independent businessman on Macquarie Street, Barry Hess. They shake hands on it. After the senator leaves, Ezra tells Big Tony to give the task, which Paul requested, to John Ibrahim. When Tony meets John, he is in The Tunnel, talking to Molly. He promises to pick her up after her shift is over. It’s Friday night, after all. After the call is over, Tony tells John that it is time for John to return the favor by getting rid of Angelo Lombardi.


‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – What Is John’s Job?

Molly’s shift is over, and she is waiting for John. Meanwhile, John is with Big Tony at Ashley’s boyfriend’s place. The door opens, and John sees a familiar face. It is Spyro, someone he has known since childhood. He brings John in. There is another fat guy inside as well. The whole room smells of drugs, and there’s loud music playing. Nobody could have remained sober for more than five minutes in that environment. John tries to persuade Spyro to stay away from Ashley Collandro, but Pyro questions him back, asking if he is sleeping with Ashley. The other guy pulls a gun on John, and they all get into a fight. Big Tony, who has been waiting by his car at a distance, hears a gunshot and rushes in with his gun. He enters the room, sees a fat guy grabbing John, and shoots him. His bullets run out before he can shoot Spyro, who is returning fire. That’s when John gets hold of the fat guy’s gun and shoots Spyro. Big Tony calls detective Crellan to settle the crime scene. Tony and John walk out of the room. Tony tells him to take Ashley’s car and go home, burn the clothes he is wearing, and clean himself up. Then, bring Ashley’s car to Ezra’s place the next day. John thus heads home in Ashley’s car. Molly, who has been waiting for John all the while, decides to leave on her own.

John Ibrahim is slowly getting a hold of the King’s Cross business and its different aspects. He is mentally and physically strong as well as intelligent. This is a deadly combination, especially for someone who belongs to such a dark world. We have to wait to see how he goes up the chain. He is about to meet Ezra Shipman. Also, we are yet to find out if Fat George is dead or alive. If he is dead, it could compromise John’s and, more than that, Sam’s relationship with Ezra Shipman.


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