‘Locked In My House’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Was Dr. Merrick Found Guilty?

Adrian Langley’s Locked in My House revolves around a dedicated social worker, Caris (Natalie Brown), who eagerly wanted to become a mother but failed to conceive naturally. In the end, Caris decided to go for IVF treatment so as to embrace motherhood. She chose Dr. Merrick (Damon Runyan), a renowned specialist in the field. However, Caris was unaware of the fact that Dr. Merrick had a history of sexual assault. Caris, who always stood up for what was right, spoke out when she found out the truth about him. But Caris wasn’t the only one suffering. Renee (Lora Burke), a reporter, had also been a victim of Dr. Merrick’s abuse. And Caris’ best friend, Julia (Lara Amersey), had a similar painful experience. Together, along with several other women who had suffered at the hands of Dr. Merrick, Renee, Caris, and Julia joined forces to expose Dr. Merrick. But would these women be able to bring the man to justice? Let’s find out in the recap and explainer of Locked in My House.


Spoilers Ahead

How did Caris try to stand against Dr. Merrick? 

Meet Caris, a renowned professor and social worker. She’s always encouraged her students to raise their voice against injustice. Caris and her husband Jon tried to have kids for a long time but couldn’t. Finally, they decided to give IVF a try. They chose the Hope and Beginnings IVF clinic, where Dr. Merrick was in charge. When Caris shared her decision with her best friend, Julia, you could see how she felt uneasy as she wasn’t comfortable with Caris choosing that particular fertility clinic and doctor. Even though Julia was worried, she still supported Caris. At the clinic, from the first appearance, Dr. Merrick seemed like someone who is kind and patient. He made Caris feel very comfortable. However, during the pelvic exam, Caris sensed something was wrong. She felt uncomfortable. Dr. Merrick seemed to realize Caris’s discomfort and immediately left the room. As Caris got dressed to leave that place as soon as possible, she spotted a CCTV camera on the ceiling. She was shocked and wondered if Dr. Merrick put these recordings to dubious use.


Back in his chamber, Caris discovered that the live footage from the clinic was being streamed through Dr. Merrick’s computer. You can imagine how horrified she was! Feeling that she had to act, Caris decided to report the incident to the police. However, Rodney, Dr. Merrick’s assistant, caught her and drove her out of the clinic. Caris knew she had to find justice, and without wasting any time, Caris went to the police. Detective Corali took note of her report and sent his men to investigate the clinic. Despite their efforts, they found no evidence except for a freshly painted ceiling. Rodney claimed it was due to water damage, but both Caris and the police were obviously suspicious. Realizing that the police might not take action, Caris felt she needed to do something herself. Julia encouraged her, saying that she is brave and urging her to stand up for the other women who might have suffered like her. Taking Julia’s advice, Caris shared her experience online. Her post went viral, attracting comments from many women as well as trolls. Seeing the traction her post was getting, Caris decided to create a private group for women who had been victimized by Dr. Merrick. In the group, they could share their experiences and plan their next steps. There was also a reporter named Renee, and with her assistance, they hoped to reach a wider audience and expose Dr. Merrick’s crimes. 

Why did Caris save Dr. Merrick? 

When Caris’s post went viral, Dr. Merrick faced huge criticism. He was trolled and called names like liar, abuser, assaulter, and worse. Caris knew she had done the right thing; men like Dr. Merrick needed to be exposed. The backlash took a toll on Dr. Merrick. One day, overwhelmed by it all, he got drunk and headed to the train tracks thinking he must end his life. But at that same time, Caris was going to his cabin to search for more evidence to build her case against him. When she found out about his plan, she was stunned, and she stopped him and saved him. Why? She believed that Dr. Merrick needed to face justice for the pain he had caused so many women. He couldn’t be let off the hook so easily, right? Caris decided to take matters into her own hands. She took Dr. Merrick to her house, where she trapped him in her basement. She wanted him to confess to his crimes. She believed that by getting him to admit what he had done, she could use his confession as evidence to make sure he faced the consequences of his actions.


Was Dr. Merrick found guilty? 

As soon as Dr. Merrick went missing, news of his disappearance went viral. The police were searching for him everywhere, but Caris pretended she had no idea where he could be. Amid all this chaos, she decided to take a break and went with Renee to her cabin to relax. These past few weeks had been incredibly stressful for Caris. Renee had also been a great help to Caris. Together, they went to Dr. Merrick’s clinic and managed to steal the laptop from his assistant, Rodney. Using a USB drive, they downloaded all the videos as proof of his crimes. However, Rodney caught them in the act, but they managed to escape just in time. When they returned to Caris’ house, they discovered Dr. Merrick trying to escape.

Renee was furious and wanted revenge. You see, Renee has been a victim of assault multiple times in her life. As a teenager, she had been assaulted by a college student, and now, knowing what Dr. Merrick had done to so many women, she was determined to seek revenge. If the police wouldn’t do anything, she was prepared to go to the extreme of killing him to get her revenge. Even though Caris didn’t want to hurt Dr. Merrick, Renee decided to take action and took him to her cabin, planning to kill him there. Caris and Julia followed her, and of course, they were concerned about what Renee might do. To their surprise, they found Rodney at the cabin, trying to save Dr. Merrick. But you know what the sad part was? He was not even sorry. He believed that he had fulfilled the dreams of many women by assaulting them and making them pregnant. And finally, we get to see that Julia had also been a victim of Dr. Merrick’s assault, and maybe that’s why she did not want Caris to go there for treatment in the first place. But Julia was brave. She secretly sent the police theri live location, and while Dr. Merrick was confessing his intentions and crimes, Julia recorded the entire conversation on her phone as evidence.


In Locked in My House‘s ending, we see that the police showed up and arrested Dr. Merrick and Rodney, his assistant, for the terrible crimes they had committed. It was a relief to see them finally caught up in the awful things they had been doing for so long. In court, Dr. Merrick was found guilty of his crimes. But during the court proceedings, we see something a bit surprising. Caris was pregnant. Is it possible that the baby was Dr. Merrick’s? There was a high chance that it could be. Even though it was not clear who the baby’s father was, the main thing was that Dr. Merrick was going to prison for what he did. Justice was finally being served.

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