‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’ Episode 6 Review: The Deols Are Making Quite An Impact

The fifth episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show was one of the best episodes produced and written by the makers of the show. The legendary actor from the Hindi industry, Aamir Khan, graced the stage and left us with so many lessons about life and his acting inspirations over the years. According to him, they ranged from his Ghajini director Murugodoss to his cousin’s son, whom he has taken inspiration from and adopted traits from for several of his recent iconic characters to make the roles memorable. It was amazing to hear him talk about everything in life without any filters, and an hour-long episode was not enough. It felt like he had a lot to convey and converse with the people.


The sixth episode of the show featured the famous Deol siblings, who are on their all-time high career-wise, which includes their father, the legendary Dharmendra. If anyone remembers, Dharmendra was the very first guest on the Kapil Sharma show many years ago, and it remains a tradition of sorts to have one of the members of their family grace the stage. Just like the Bachchans and the Kapoors, the Deols have been an integral part of the film industry. The second-generation children are from a “nepotistic” background. Even outside of the Deol siblings, Esha and Abhay Deol have made a name for themselves.

The only Deol who left a huge impact on the Hindi industry after Dharmendra was Abhay Deol for his bold choice of films right from the start, which continues to surprise audiences. It is surprising that, along with Gadar 2, Animal, and Rocky Aur Rani ki Prem Kahani, Netflix’s very own Trial by Fire, which starred Abhay Deol, was not mentioned in this episode of Kapil Sharma. Abhay Deol was amazing in it, and he deserved a shout-out. It seems like the family chose not to speak about him, as usual, but their Instagram shows another story about Sunny, Bobby, and Abhay Deol. 


Well, without going further into information gossiping, episode 6 was yet another lukewarm affair after a high that was received from Aamir Khan and his passion for moviemaking, which was visible in his eyes. The Deol brothers, comparatively, were quieter ones and chose to remain like that all these years. Sunny Deol is known to be the mush ball of the family, although a lot of stories from his younger days resurfaced, which paints another picture of the older Deol son. Yet again, it is amazing to watch the Deol family getting comfortable, especially Sunny Deol, who was in his element on the show and willing to discuss a lot of matters concerning their personal and professional lives. 

By the looks of it, Bobby Deol has gotten over his resurgence that happened in Animal. His eyes teared up as Sunny Deol kept talking about how the year did a complete 180-degree flip for their family, and none of them wished to turn back, only to move forward. It was also interesting to watch Sunny Deol conversing the whole time in Punjabi, which is rare on the show and for the actor. Meanwhile, Bobby Deol was speaking as usual in Hindi. These actors have also appeared on Koffee with Karan, and yet it was Kapil Sharma who was able to make them comfortable in their skin and make the show more conversational than awkward. Somehow, Karan Johar may have lost that charm to make people talk about their lives and work skillfully, which is a shame. 


Kapil Sharma seems to be on a roll, as this episode starring the talented brothers was better if not the best writing-wise. There were some good gags and jokes about duplicates making an appearance at the beginning of the show and changing their voice and body to mimic some other actor eventually. But it seems the jokes mentioned in the trailer were cut from the final edit of the show. The same could be said about Aamir Khan talking about working with Salman, and Shahrukh Khan was not present in the episode, which has been going viral on social media.

The Animal gags need to be stopped, as they have far outstayed their welcome. This feels like the gags on the cult classic Hindi films. Sholay was a constant reference in films and several comedy shows for years. It looks like Animal might replace that, and it is getting repetitive. The writers of the show need to look beyond this film for inspiration. But the brothers, as always, just tried to portray how loving the family is through every interview, which gets a tad bit redundant. Sunny Deol, though, hinted at the fact that his father is too loving, which might have been in reference to his second marriage with actress Hema Malini. It was amazing of Bobby Deol as well to talk about his struggles until Animal became a breakthrough for him performance-wise and was widely appreciated for his role as a mute villain. His brief role had a huge impact on the film. This time Kapil Sharma too was on the backfoot and let the actors take control of the gag and improvise accordingly. Surprisingly, Sunny Deol was good at that. 


Overall, The Great Indian Kapil Show episode 6 was a mild episode. The next episode of the show will feature the glamorous women of the Netflix series Heeramandi which aired this week on the streaming platform, and it would be interesting to hear about their time working on the larger-than-life sets. We only wish that Sanjay Leela Bhansali could come on the show and present his hilarious side to the world. The Great Indian Kapil Show is kind of growing in the audience, for it is becoming more tolerant and mindful of the jokes. 

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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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