Kabir In ‘Shaitaan’ Explained: Did Kabir Save Janvi? 

Isn’t it amazing how our fathers would do anything for us? They are our superheroes, ready to bend the rules to keep us safe! That’s exactly what Ajay Devgn’s character, Kabir, does in the movie Shaitaan, directed by Vikas Bahl. Kabir’s love for his daughter pushes him to blur the lines between right and wrong. He becomes a real-life superhero as he faces off against the sinister Vanraj Kashyap, played by Madhavan, who showcases pure evil power with his black magic on Janvi, Kabir’s daughter! You’ll feel a chill run down your spine and your blood will start to boil as you sympathize with the sacrifices Kabir and his family make to protect Janvi from Vanraj’s clutches. Get ready for a thrilling tale as Kabir goes to extreme lengths, even risking his own life, to save his daughter!


Spoilers Ahead

Who is Kabir? 

As we get to meet Kabir, he comes across as a proper family man, super protective and caring towards his children. Professionally, he’s a chartered accountant, doing well for himself and his family. But deep down, he’s more than just a number cruncher—he’s practically a detective! Kabir pays attention to every little thing about his children, Janvi and Dhruv. Janvi, who’s in the 12th standard, has a bunch of friends, but Kabir, being the overly concerned father he is, always worries about her safety. He even remembers the bike number plates of her friends! When Janvi plans a Ladakh trip with her friends, Kabir initially hesitates. But hey, he’s a father, right? He can’t bear to see his daughter unhappy. So, he trusts her and asks her to share her live location at all times. Not only is Kabir protective of Janvi, but he also encourages Dhruv’s video-making skills. Despite being young, Kabir is immensely proud of Dhruv’s talents. He is not only a protective, attentive father but also a good human being. Kabir’s goodness shines through when they come across Vanraj, the villain of our story, on their way to the farmhouse. Despite Vanraj’s devilish aura, Kabir welcomes him warmly, eager to learn more about him and his family. Even when Vanraj unexpectedly shows up at their farmhouse, Kabir’s hospitality knows no bounds. He offers him tea, lets him charge his phone, and even lends him his own phone to call his daughter. But little did Kabir know that Vanraj had evil plans. He tricked Janvi into eating a laddoo, putting her under his spell. Kabir’s trusting nature blinds him to the evil within Vanraj. I mean, who could’ve imagined someone could be so wicked?


How did Kabir save Dhruv? 

The moment Vanraj came into their home, Jyoti sensed something was off with him, and she told Kabir. But Kabir, treating him as a guest, hesitated to confront him or drive him out. However, things took a drastic turn when Janvi began behaving strangely, swinging crazily in the farmhouse yard, and obeying Vanraj’s every command. It was then they realized the hardcore truth—Vanraj had cast a spell on her with his black magic, making her his puppet until they handed her over for good. Which father would let their daughter go with such an insane, devilish person like Vanraj? Especially not Kabir. He knows he’d be willing to go to any extent to save his child. But Vanraj’s twisted nature reached its peak when he even allowed Janvi to harm Dhruv. Jyoti tried calling the police, but when they came, Kabir knew it’d only make things worse. So he stayed calm, handling the situation with a clear mind. He didn’t say anything to the police, knowing how it’d turn the situation against them. He let the police go without any shouting or fighting, all he wanted was for his family to be free. He even offered Vanraj every valuable item in the home, from jewelry to even the farmhouse in his name, to protect his kids. But he’s not happy about it because Vanraj wants his daughter for his supernatural ritual and Kabir can’t just buy him off. He felt helpless.

But as I said earlier, Kabir is very intuitive. He knew how to get the situation under control. So, as Jyoti was busy punching and kicking Vanraj out of anger and frustration for mistreating their daughter, Kabir was busy taking the microphone from his son Dhruv to record Vanraj’s conversation. After a while, Vanraj expressed how Kabir wanted Janvi to return to normal, smiling again, and Kabir recorded that part as if it was Vanraj’s desire and kept it with him. Meanwhile, to break free from Kabir’s grasp, when Vanraj orders Janvi to kill her brother Dhruv so she can leave with him, Janvi actually listens to his order and throws Dhruv off the roof. Kabir tried to stop it but ended up getting stabbed in the hand and leg. Frustrated and feeling powerless, Kabir told Vanraj to take their daughter so he could save their son. But little did Vanraj know what Kabir was capable of. While Vanraj saw himself as a god, he was unaware of the strength and determination of a father like Kabir!


How did Kabir save Janvi? 

We’ve seen how Kabir’s love for his children knows no bounds, and his attentiveness and keen observation skills are unmatched. Despite being injured, Kabir remembered Vanraj’s phone password, allowing him to track Vanraj’s live location. With his hand and leg wounds, he went cycling to follow Vanraj and rescue his daughter. Despite the pain from Janvi’s knife still lodged in his hand, Kabir kept on going because he knew his daughter’s safety was at stake. He was even stopped by Vanraj’s minions on his way and even with his bleeding hand, he knocked them down. When Kabir entered the eerie palace and saw Vanraj in his dark attire, commanding countless girls, including Janvi, to jump into the fire, he couldn’t hold back. Despite his injuries, he grabbed blazing firewood to knock Vanraj out. Then, using the knife still in his hand, he silenced Vanraj by cutting his tongue, stopping him from giving any more orders to the girls. And remember how Kabir recorded Vanraj’s conversation about letting the girls be free and happy again? He played that recording for all the girls, and when they heard it, they all regained consciousness.

Truly, as people say, our father is our real-life superhero, and Kabir proves that! Finally, Kabir’s brave actions brought an end to Vanraj’s evil plans, saving Janvi and 108 other girls like her from his sinister ritual! Because of Kabir, all the girls went back home safely, even though their families thought they might never see them again.  And what did Kabir do to Vanraj? He made him face the consequences of his actions! Kabir locked him in an underground tomb, bound with shackles, and didn’t even give him proper food—just dead, rotten rats. He’s making him suffer in this hellish place where Kabir has become the devil, the “Shaitaan,” holding all the power over Vanraj. After all, Vanraj wanted to make a father like him powerless by taking his daughter away. How could Kabir let that go? This is his way of seeking revenge—by letting Vanraj rot in this hell he created!


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Sutanuka Banerjee
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