‘Unlock My Boss’ Episode 3 And 4: Recap And Ending – Who Has Been Tailing In Seong?

In “Unlock My Boss,” the CEO of Silver Lining Network, Kim Seon Ju, has been trapped in a mobile phone, and when job seeker Park In Seong finds Seon Ju, he gets an offer from him to act as the CEO of the company in exchange for one billion won. In Seong accepted the offer and took charge of the company as the CEO. However, he received a message on Seon Ju’s phone from an unknown number, claiming that he was the real Kim Seon Ju.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Se Yeon Discover Seon Ju’s Truth?

Seon Ju tells In Seong that whoever sent the anonymous message must be the culprit and that they should track down the number. However, to do that, In Seong needs to go to Seon Ju’s house again because Seon Ju has the tracking program on his computer. Seon Ju already informed his housemaids that In Seong would be moving in; however, In Seong has to gain Mina’s trust because she doesn’t open up to people easily. In Seong achieves this easily by playing games with her. Se Yeon notices that In Seong constantly talks with someone on the phone and asks if it is Seon Ju, but In Seong ignores her question.


Bumyeong’s president, Oh Mi Ran, invites Se Yeon to her office to ask about In Seong and to tell her to keep an eye on him. Se Yeon goes to the hospital and finds out that her mother has been moved to the VIP ward. It seems like Mi Ran is trying to get Se Yeon on her side. The next day, at the executives’ meeting, In Seong asks all of them to collect their phones with name tags on them and makes the excuse that phones can be used as wiretaps these days. He calls the unknown number and checks the phone, which rings but doesn’t have a name tag on it. The Vice Chairman of Bumyeong, Oh Young Geun, arrives and diverts In Seong’s attention. In the meantime, other executives leave the meeting, and In Seong loses the chance to find out whose phone it was. Seon Ju thinks that Young Geun and the unknown caller are in league with each other. Later, Se Yeon can be seen taking out her name tag from her pocket and throwing it in a trash bin.

This is the first time Young Geun and In Seong meet, and Young Geun gets on In Seong’s nerves by calling out his family, education, financial, and work backgrounds. In Seong doesn’t just sit back and reply rudely to him, and Seon Ju doesn’t mind at all because he knows what kind of person Young Geun is. Young Geun concludes that In Seong is just a youngblood with no maturity and will be easy to defeat. In Seong leaves the office with Se Yeon, and Se Yeon drives him to a deserted road and speeds up the car. She asks him threateningly whether he has kidnapped Seon Ju. In Seong has no choice but to tell Se Yeon the truth.


Although it is difficult for her to believe, Se Yeon somehow accepts that Seon Ju is inside the phone, only when she hears his voice and when Seon Ju talks about a promise that only both of them know. Se Yeon and In Seong join hands to find out what exactly happened to Seon Ju. Meanwhile, some people have been doing background checks on In Seong and have found out that he has Seon Ju’s phone. In Seong and Se Yeon’s first suspect is director Kwak, and to find out his whereabouts on the day of Seon Ju’s disappearance, they need to get the dashcam of his car. Se Yeon crashes into Kwak’s car on purpose, and Kwak has to leave his car with Se Yeon to get it repaired as he needs to head to the luncheon with In Seong. While In Seong and Kwak are busy at the luncheon, Se Yeon accesses the dashcam of Kwak’s car.

Meanwhile, at the luncheon, vice president Young Geun surprises In Seong with a sudden press conference. Young Geun has called the reporters who work for him to purposely embarrass In Seong in front of the public. However, Seon Ju helps him answer the tricky questions until Young Geun notices In Seong’s earbud and takes it off. Young Geun must have gotten the idea that Seon Ju has been communicating with In Seong. He puts In Seong in a tough spot, and on the other side, Se Yeon sees Seon Ju meeting Kwak in the dashcam footage.      


What Hints Does Seon Ju Get From Kwak’s Dashcam?

In Seong handles the reporter’s tricky question well without Seon Ju’s help by referencing what Seon Ju had told him one day. The reporters love his answer, and Seon Ju compliments him as well, but Young Geun is surely not happy with it. Oh Mi Ran watched In Seong’s press conference and went to meet him. As if she knew something about Seon Ju being inside the phone, she made In Seong keep his phone away while talking with her. She has one important piece of advice for him—not to trust Seon Ju. In Seong returns to the office, and Se Yeon shows them the video retrieved from Kwak’s car. Seon Ju replays the video the whole night to get a hint from it, and he finds it.

Seon Ju’s daughter, Mina, enters In Seong’s room when she hears her father’s voice but gets disappointed when she doesn’t see him. In Seong plays with her to make her happy, and Seon Ju tells him that he will pay him more for this work, but In Seong only wants Seon Ju to thank him, which surprises In Seong because Seon Ju is always full of himself and criticizing others. Se Yeon, in the meantime, visits the location Kwak went to after meeting Seon Ju on the day of his disappearance. Se Yeon not only meets Mi Ran but also sees Young Geun, and both of them plan to build a project there. Se Yeon has to find out whom Kwak met between the two them. In Seong makes a stupid mistake and drops Seon Ju’s phone in the water. As he takes it to get repaired, Young Geun gets a report that In Seong has Seon Ju’s phone.


In Seong was worried, but Seon Ju didn’t disappear from the phone after the repair. Seon Ju shows In Seong and Se Yeon the odd thing that he noticed in Kwak’s dashcam video. A car seemed to be tailing Seon Ju, and In Seong took responsibility for finding out the owner of that car. In Seong goes to his hometown and pulls a fake act in front of a police officer he knows to get the name of, but the car turns out to be stolen. Se Yeon and In Seong climb the mountain where In Seong finds Seon Ju’s home and only conclude that there must have been more than one person involved because it is not easy for one person to move around this mountain. After having dinner at In Seong’s home, Se Yeon and In Seong return to Seoul and notice that the same car that followed Seon Ju has been following them.

‘Unlock My Boss’ Episode 4: Ending

In Seong makes a stop at a parking lot, and the car follows. In Seong and Se Yeon step out of their car to check the other car’s owner, and he turns out to be manager Nam from their company. However, he called some thugs, and both In Seong and Se Yeon are in danger. In Seong tries to fight the thugs while Se Yeon tries to run away, but both of them fail in front of them. Se Yeon’s creditor, who is a nuisance the other times, arrives just in time to help them. In Seong gives him his expensive watch, and the creditor beats up the thugs and catches manager Nam.


“Unlock My Boss” already brought another Kim Seon Ju, but the first time, it was Se Yeon’s doing, and this time, manager Nam claims that Kim Seon Ju told him to tail In Seong. This again raises the question of whether the Seon Ju inside the phone is real or just an AI impersonating him.

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