‘Unlock My Boss’ Episode 1 & 2: Recap And Ending – How Does In Seong Become The CEO Of Seon Ju’s Company?

Based on the webtoon created by Park Seong Hyun, South Korean series “Unlock My Boss” revolves around artificial intelligence in the modern world. It is written by Kim Hyung Min and directed by Lee Cheol Ha, and features spectacular performers like Park Sung Woong, Seo Eun Soo and Chae Jong Hyeop in leading roles. So, without wasting another moment, let’s explore what all happened in the first two episodes of “Unlock My Boss.”


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Seon Ju Offer To In Seong?

Kim Seon Ju is the CEO of Korea’s leading IT company, Silver Lining Network, and he has soft-launched his new virtual reality set. Just like any other big company, Silver Lining Network’s recent deal with Bumyeong Group has become a topic of gossip. However, Seon Ju refuses to acknowledge the topic or answer any questions related to it. Park In Seong is reaching his 30s but still hasn’t found a suitable career for himself and works multiple part-time jobs in Seoul. After his wine-tasting work, he cosplays as Princess Snow White at a children’s birthday party and gets scolded by his boss after a parent complains about him reeking of alcohol. His boss yells at him and says that his unprofessional behavior is the reason why he is still doing part-time jobs at his age. Kim Seon Ju is a genius and has developed an AI assistant, Baro, which has Seon Ju’s schedule memorized. Seon Ju jokes with his personal secretary, Jung Se Yeon, that she might need to find a new job soon, but Se Yeon doesn’t find it funny. Seon Ju’s company is popular among the youth, and even In Seong is planning to interview for a position there.


In Seong bumps into Secretary Jung Se Yeon and stains his shirt with her coffee on the day of his interview at Silver Lining Network, but Se Yeon helps him by letting him change into her own shirt. However, In Seong doesn’t do well on his interview as he doesn’t have enough work experience for the job he has applied for. Seon Ju wants Bumyeong Group to partner with his company, but the vice president of that company, Oh Young Geun, is reluctant. The vice president of the Bumyeong Group has been in the business for a long time and has a traditional mindset. Seon Ju lectures Young Geun on how his business will go bankrupt after some time if he doesn’t adapt to changing times and offends him.In Seong visits his parents in his hometown after he suddenly has to leave his rental house. He buys them an AI speaker, but they are not very happy with this gesture as In Seong doesn’t have a stable income yet. On the other hand, Secretary Se Yeong earns good money, but it all goes to her mother’s healthcare and a loan shark who even goes to her office to get money from her. Se Young asks the loan shark if there’s anything that she can do to make more money, and he takes her to a brothel. However, the brothel manager tells the loan shark that Se Young does not have the right mindset for this job. Se Young tells the loan shark to let her do her job and not to come looking for her at the office. Se Young is a quiet but bold person.

Seon Ju has a daughter whom he cherishes a lot. He has planned a camping night with her, and she has been waiting for her father with her caretakers. On his way, Seon Ju’s road gets obstructed by a big truck, and he loses the network signal on his phone. The next day, Seon Ju’s mobile phone is seen in the mountains, operating by itself. A message is posted from his phone, saying that he is Kim Seon Ju and is trapped inside his phone. However, other people on the forum call it a nice joke. In Seong’s father tells him to move back to his hometown and get back his house deposit from his landlord to build a new farm for Shine Muscat grapes. In Seong still wants to try and get a job in Seoul, but his father doesn’t understand him. He wakes up happily the next day after seeing a dream in which he has become CEO of a company. However, his father yells at him to come out of his dreams and face reality. In Seong has had enough of his lectures and, in frustration, goes to the mountains to calm himself.


In Seong’s father tells him to beware of the snakes in the mountains, but he ignores his father and gets bitten by a snake. In Seong starts panicking that he will die of the venom, and that’s when he hears a voice telling him that they are both dying. It is Seon Ju from the phone, and he requests that In Seong save him from dying as the mobile’s battery is low, but In Seong needs more of his help and asks him to call an ambulance. In Seong wakes up in a hospital, grateful that he is alive, and thinks that his interaction with a phone was just a dream, but a nurse gives him a phone that’s not his. In Seong realizes that it wasn’t just a dream. He charges the phone after going back home, and the phone tells him that he is Kim Seon Ju. In Seong refuses to believe it, but Seon Ju transfers a hundred million Won to In Seong’s account to prove that it is him. He offers In Seong one billion Won to become the fake CEO of Silver Lining Network until he comes out the phone.

What Is The Matter Of Conflict In The Bumyeong Group?

In Seong thinks that someone is pulling a prank on him, as one doesn’t get offered the opportunity to act as a CEO just every day. Seon Ju has to show a lot of proof to In Seong for him to finally believe that he is real and somehow trapped in a phone. Seon Ju makes him sign a contract digitally and sends it to his staff over email. In Seong informs his parents that he has gotten a job at Silver Lining Networks and sends his father the fifty million Won he needs to set up the farm. In Seong is not sure if the employees will accept him, but Seon Ju tells him that they have to accept him, although they might not trust him. In Seong has gotten a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as he gets to buy expensive clothes and stay in a luxurious hotel. It is just a day of luxury before the days of endless work to come. Before In Seong goes to sleep, Seon Ju tells him that apart from being the CEO, he needs to find out what happened on the night he got trapped in the phone.


Back at Seon Ju’s home, his housemaids have been waiting for him to come home, but Butler Shim has been acting suspiciously since the day before this incident happened to Seon Ju. It is clear that the Bumyeong group has something to do with this incident because they sent someone to find Seon Ju’s mobile phone in the mountains. In Seong’s dream was to become an actor, and he used to work in the theater. For him, becoming the CEO is just another role. Kwak Sam Soo holds a big position in the company, but he is the Bumyeong group’s spy, and Seon Ju is aware of it. He tells In Seong not to trust him. Kwak praises In Seong for becoming a CEO at such a young age and asks him whether he would like to change the secretary. Seon Ju knows his secretary the best, and even if he cannot trust her fully, he can definitely trust her better than any of the secretaries that Kwak brings. Seon Ju wants In Seong to lay low and doesn’t want to bring any attention to him but on his very first day, In Seong tells off an employee for power abusing a janitor. Seon Ju gives him a warning not to do anything without his order again. Secretary Jung takes In Seong away to avoid further conflict in the office.

The vice president of the Bumyeong group is not happy with Seon Ju’s sudden sabbatical, and this becomes the reason for the clash between him and his niece, Oh Mi Ran, the president of the Bumyeong group. Mi Ran has always been supportive of the business relationship between the Bumyeong group and Silver Lining Networks, but her uncle does not approve of it.


‘Unlock My Boss’ Episode 2: Ending

In Seong takes Seon Ju to his home because Seon Ju wants to see his daughter and also wants to find out if his housemaids have colluded with his enemies. As expected, butler Shim leaves the house after dropping off Seon Ju’s daughter at home, and Seon Ju tells In Seong to follow him. In Seong follows Seon Ju’s orders and finds out that the butler is with his secretary, Se Yeon. Seon Ju orders In Seong to go to his home right away. Seon Ju helps In Seong enter his home and tells him to retrieve an important document from his study room. In Seong is supposed to steal the document without letting the maid know, but he is not one with clean moves and drops some items in Seon Ju’s room. Maid Jung hears a noise and gets up to check on it. Before Jung arrives, In Seong opens Seon Ju’s vault, but the document is missing from it. In Seong manages to save himself from getting caught by Seon Ju’s housemaids, but another surprise awaits him in “Unlock My Boss” as he reads a text message on Seon Ju’s phone from an unknown number, who claims that he is Kim Seon Ju.

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