‘Lootere’ Episode 7 Recap: Is Barkhad Dead Or Alive?

Lootere episode 6 ended with the American Navy SEALs attempting to rescue the crew from the ship, as informed by Waris to Vikrant. The attack injured several pirates, but many American soldiers were killed in retaliation by the Al-Muharib terrorists who were on board. Vikrant had informed Captain A.K. Singh about the attack, and the man shut off the ship’s power just when the Navy SEALs entered.


Spoilers Ahead

What did Tawfiq warn Walid about?

Tawfiq was arrogant and overconfident when he confronted Col. Walid at a party, which the viewers assume was a celebration of the declaration of the new president of the Mogadishu Port Authority. Tawfiq won the election, and he warned Walid about choosing the wrong person to side with, as Vikrant and his deceased father-in-law had never been locals. Tawfiq considered them outsiders and wanted Vikrant out of power. He managed to do that, but he also warned Walid about Vikrant’s association with Al-Muharib. It could be assumed that Tawfiq knew of this from Gupta. Walid was taken aback by Tawfiq and his supporters’ sudden love for the country and was not sure whom to support. 


Was Barkhad losing trust?

Faisal kept questioning Barkhad’s leadership and taunted him by stating Vikrant was the true leader, and he was merely a puppet in the game the Indian was playing to save his neck. Barkhad could not help but wonder if people were plotting against him. He confronted Captain A.K. Singh and asked if he had advance notice of the attack on the ship. A.K. Singh, like a smart person, quickly assessed the situation and realized Barkhad was losing grip. He chose to keep mum about the electricity outage on board when the attack happened and claimed he had no role to play in the ambush. Faisal, on the other hand, further taunted Barkhad for having saved his men, and claimed it was only the Al-Muharib training that helped them kill the Navy SEALs.

Who saved Aisha?

Aisha was petrified of coming out of the bunker after having killed Koombe for attempting to sexually molest her. Of all the pirates on board, Ismael came to her rescue. He subconsciously knew something wrong had happened to her, and he chose to keep his arms down just to neutralize her fear and unite her with the team. One could see that Ismael was not as bad as the other pirates on board. He had humanity in him and was willing to see Aisha as flesh and blood instead of an object of desire. Aisha took her time to trust Ismael, but he united her with the team and Aisha subsequently broke down. 


What was Avi afraid of?

After Avi and Vikrant’s argument over Ismael in Harardhere, the wife was afraid to see her home empty. Even though she was from Mogadishu, this was the first time in years she felt afraid. Avi saw her staff not working for them anymore except for Jamila, who was her support system. Vikrant was informed that Al-Muharib would take over Mogadishu soon, which made him alert as he was indirectly involved in funding their war against the government. Avi was afraid for herself and Aaryaman because they did not want to be subjected to the law and order of the terrorist organization. 

Who called Ajay with a demand to pay the ransom?

In Ukraine, Ajay seemed not to be worried about the hijack situation, as he was spending every waking hour with many local women. The woman he was with was killed in front of him by Faisal’s men to remind him of the ransom he owes the pirates. Ajay was shocked at the way the matter was handled, and being a naïve businessman, he believed the caller who rang him up. On the other side, it was not Faisal but Vikrant’s right-hand man Ahmer who threatened Ajay. This was Vikrant’s and Ahmer’s way of speeding up the process. Vikrant may want to get the ransom deal done, as he no longer wanted to be associated with Faisal and the pirates. Ahmer was a Vikrant loyalist, and any action he took would benefit his boss. 


What was the initial amount of money promised to the pirates?

Ajay shared the gory details of the murder he witnessed with his father, and they were ready to make the entire payment to the pirates. Mr. Desai, the negotiator, spoke to A.K. Singh and Barkhad while Vikrant and Faisal were just listening to the call, making sure the deal went through. Desai and Kotwal’s family agreed to 50 million, and to confirm their show of interest, Kotwal agreed to transfer 15 million dollars. The team was content with the deal but not very excited. All of them would be happy if the entire ransom was delivered and they could all go their separate ways. 

Did Bilal change his allegiance?

Bilal received a call from Tawfiq, who was on a spree to get all of Vikrant’s allies to his side to permanently decimate the man. Initially, Bilal was not keen on the money offered by Tawfiq and rejected the offer. Bilal, though, began to notice Vikrant was being rude to him. Bilal began to see Vikrant for what he was—a selfish businessman who only cared about himself. As Vikrant left to retrieve money sent by Ajay Kotwal, Faisal sent his men along with him, as the terrorist leader had lost trust in him. Bilal quickly changed his allegiance, just like Gupta did, and the reason was the thankless treatment of people he was loyal to. Bilal began to scout Faisal on to his side to betray Vikrant so that they could finish the mission. Vikrant, at this point, had lost all his allies, and he wasn’t even aware of it. Bilal and Faisal planned to do something big only after Ajay’s money had been received.


Who stole the 15 million dollars?

On retrieving the money Ajay had sent, Vikrant, along with Faisal’s men, were on their way back to the ship to deliver the shipment. The men received a call and Vikrant was quick to get a grasp on the body language of the terrorist and realized his life was in danger, Vikrant had been in this business for long enough to know when allegiances changed. He jumped from a moving vehicle with the money. He was relentlessly chased by the Al-Muharib men, but he escaped unhurt. He was close to being killed when Waris appeared out of nowhere and rescued Vikrant. Waris may have been tailing Vikrant all this time to find out if the businessman was involved in the hijacking. He probably wanted Vikrant alive to obtain information that could benefit both. 

Did the pirates find Koombe?

After the night of the ambush, Gabul could not find Koombe and Salaah. Gabul had begun to see a mentor in Koombe; the only person standing up to his older brother Barkhad. Barkhad did not want to hurt the crew member because he wanted the money, but Gabul had gotten carried away by Koombe and began to believe his sibling was a wimp who did not dare to do anything different. Gabul found Koombe’s dead body inside a room beneath the heavy ropes. He knew it had to have been one of the crew members who was responsible for Koombe’s death. Nobody would be willing to reveal the fact that Aisha killed him in self-defense and Gabul brutally injured Captain A.K. Singh in retaliation. 


How did Ajay find out about Vikrant’s game plan?

Ajay was confronted by his father, who was informed by either Bilal or Faisal about Vikrant having planned the hijacking to retrieve money from his company to compensate for the lost guns. Ajay was in shock after knowing the guns in the container had sunk deep in the sea. Bilal completely forgets that it was him who had given Vikrant the idea of involving the pirates, and as the tide turned against his partner, he chose to abandon him and left him alone to pick up the pieces of the mess. Ajay received a phone call from the ship from Barkhad, who instructed him to deliver the rest of the ransom as quickly as possible. Barkhad was informed that Vikrant eloped with the initial amount, and he was under pressure from Faisal, who blamed his ex-compatriot for trusting Vikrant way too much. Barkhad was desperate and angry, for obvious reasons. 

How Did Barkhad Die?

Gabul was angry at the fact that they could only injure the crew and not kill them. The idea planted by Koombe was deeply engraved in Gabul’s mind, and he could not look beyond that anymore. Gabul wanted some action to be taken against the crew for killing Koombe, who, according to him, was the right person to lead them to victory, with cash in hand. What Gabul did not realize was that this was a short mission that had been extended because of many mistakes by their fellow pirates. Koombe made a mountain of a molehill just for his desire to be the leader, but he would have been one only for a short period. Barkhad was the right leader, but Koombe’s brainwashing made the rest of his team think otherwise. Barkhad had stopped Gabul from killing Captain A.K. Singh, and the boy wanted revenge. Gabul had thought this through and hugged his brother. 


Barkhad assumed the hug meant his younger brother was apologizing for his age-inappropriate action. Gabul gathered all his strength to stab him to death, and Barkhad was shocked that his kin would do something like this. Barkhad had no time to react, and Lootere episode 7 ended with his death due to stab wounds. Faisal looked on as if he had expected rebellion from the pirates, as they were not trained. Barkhad’s death would be the end of the crew feeling safe from pirates as well as terrorists. Either they would be gravely injured, or they would be rescued after a tough mission. 

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