‘Lootere’ Episode 6 Recap: Is Koombe Dead?

The fifth episode of Lootere ended with Vikrant killing Gupta for betraying him and his family. Vikrant returned to Mogadishu to find everything in disarray, including his wife, who had left the city to search for Ismael. Gupta’s death would send a message to Tawfiq and his team and would help Vikrant concentrate on the crisis at Harardhere.


Spoilers Ahead

Why was Koombe trying to instigate a mutiny against Barkhad?

Salaah, one of the pirates on board, began to harass Aisha, who was cleaning the deck as per the work assigned by Barkhad. Barkhad was the commander of the ship and was making decisions for the crew. Salaah was being encouraged by Koombe to further molest the woman when Barkhad stopped them from doing so. Koombe was again livid, and he further began to pit Gabul against Barkhad. 


Gabul was gullible and was carried away by Koombe’s hostile words against his brother, the leader of the ship. Koombe’s plan was working as he could see Barkhad’s younger brother switching allegiance. Koombe was the person responsible for informing Faisal about the container that sank to the bottom of the sea. This almost created a mutiny-like situation because Faisal and his men had begun to question Bilaal and Barkhad, and he was cruel in his approach. Koombe wanted to oust Barkhad to become the leader of the ship and wreak havoc.  

Did Avi reach Harardhere?

Avi had reached Harardhere along with the police officer, but she was horrified to witness the condition of kids as young as nine and ten being injected with drugs, packing narcotics, and handling rifles. There was a system in place to turn them into criminals and brainwash them into carrying out atrocities across the country and other places. The police took him to the local mafia kingpin, who received information about Ismael being on board UK-Kyival, the ship she knew Vikrant was a part of. 


Who did Captain A.K. Singh contact?

Captain A.K. Singh quickly understood that the situation on board had gotten worse now that terrorists were also on it. There was no way they could get off the ship through sympathy cards because these pirates and terrorists were not sympathetic towards them. A.K., on the pretense of going to the washroom, utilized a makeshift door that took him to another control room to contact someone of importance who could help them, as he knew Vikrant would never help them.

Who was Waris?

Waris was probably an R&AW agent stationed in Mombasa, Kenya, and he was contacted by the Indian High Commission to be briefed about the situation in Somalia that involved a ship owned by Ukraine-based Indians, where most of the crew belonged to India as well. It is believed that Waris was stuck in Kenya after his mission went wrong, and the success of the Somalia situation would be his ticket back home. 


Waris acquired as much information about the pirate situation as he could, adding that Vikrant might be involved in the hijacking of the ship, but he had to provide evidence to back his claims. It is assumed that A.K. Singh probably contacted the Indian foreign ministry, asking for help. The foreign ministry could not directly involve itself, as that would cause a diplomatic row. The only way to sort this matter out was to save them discreetly with the help of a foreign country’s military. 

What was Waris’ exit plan for Vikrant?

Waris was put into action by the Indian High Commission, and he was sent to Somalia to get to the heart of the matter. Waris was quick to follow Vikrant, who was worried there was someone close to Faisal chasing him to eliminate him. Waris and Vikrant had their first informal meeting, and the former offered him an escape route out of Somalia that would include his family as well. Vikrant was not keen on getting out of Somalia because he had worked to pull himself up to become one of the most powerful men in the country. He was not willing to throw that away. Waris was hoping Vikrant would take up the offer, but the rich man was preoccupied with the situation on the ship rather than being bothered by what the Indian agent had to offer. Vikrant had no reason to trust Waris, and he walked away without taking the deal.


Did Vikrant get to meet Avi?

Vikrant reached Harardhere after locating his wife, who was on the search to find Ismael. They had a fight about how Avi could ever trust him again when her husband had lied about not having found the boy. Avi called him a selfish man who was only worried about his wealth and prestige, while she, on the other hand, risked her life to get the boy out safely for the sake of their son, Aryaman. Avi and Vikrant had a very public falling out over this matter, and he promised he’d be back with Ismael. Avi informed Jamila that Ismael had been found, but he would be with Vikrant and not her. This concern caused a huge dent in their marriage, and only Vikrant’s actions would sort out the matter. 

Was Koombe gay?

Koombe and Salaah were having a conversation about whether the former would be a better captain, and in the spur of the moment, he kissed the young pirate. Salaah was disgusted by the kiss and called him a homophobic slur. Koombe was petrified, and Salaah now had information against him that would end his power on the ship, and he would be sent away or, worse, killed. Koombe feared ostracization and accidentally ended up killing Salaah and threw him into the sea. Koombe was probably gay, and his show of power towards women was his way of validating the impression that he preferred women and not men. 


Was Aisha molested by Koombe?

After killing Salaah, Koombe came after Aisha and asked his mates to move away. Koombe dragged Aisha to a secluded place only to sexually molest her. Aisha fought back, as she was a strong woman, but Koombe was too powerful for her. She managed to injure him, but that did not help her enough. It was interesting to watch the show letting a woman take the stage and find a way to help herself out of the situation instead of bringing in another alpha male character to help Aisha. He wanted to rape her to prove himself to be a man who liked women and not men.

How Did Koombe Die?

Vikrant, on board the ship, was manhandled by Faisal, but the former reminded him of the money they would be getting off the ransom they were demanding from Ajay Kotwal and his father. At this juncture, Faisal was also now aware of the plan Vikrant had made to get the money he lost due to bad management of the situation. If Vikrant doesn’t get the money, Faisal will be killed by his boss. Vikrant was trying hard to control the situation on board, but things were slowly slipping out of his hand, and he was now worried if he would come out of this mess alive. Faisal was willing to betray Ajay Kotwal to save his life. 


Before boarding the ship, Vikrant was informed by Waris that the US Navy SEALs would be making a rescue attempt, and as a result, Vikrant and his family could be saved. Vikrant did not take up the offer because he wanted to stay back in Somalia since he had contacts to make sure his criminal record was wiped clean. There was no clarity on what basis the US government deployed their military to save people of other nationalities. Waris may have pulled some strings to end the hostage situation that would help get him back home as well. 

Vikrant informed the captain discreetly about his rescue attempt, and this could be his way to save his team. If the rescue attempt was successful, they could head home safely. Informing the captain about it would mean offering a hint so that he would help the oncoming Navy SEALs get the task done as soon as possible. Vikrant was not worried about rescuing Ismael anymore because he was done worrying about others. Vikrant had done nothing to save anyone and only created plans to keep himself alive. 


Lootere episode 6 ended with the Navy SEALs boarding the ship and starting the attack, while A.K. Singh discreetly headed to the secret room and turned off the lights on the ship to make it easy for the SEALs to navigate. The mission was not a success, and the casualties on the US side were numerous. At the same time, Aisha injured Koombe in the darkness and used his gun to shoot him to death. Aisha finally took advantage of the darkness and used it to defend herself and kill her molester. With Koombe gone, a lot of Barkhad’s problems would be solved. Hopefully, the rest of the season will be about how the crew can be saved.

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