‘Lootere’ Episode 5 Recap: Is Gupta Dead Or Alive?

The fourth episode of Lootere ended with Gupta joining hands with Tawfiq, as Vikrant was trying to pacify the situation on board. He asked Barkhad to demand 50 million dollars as ransom from Ajay Kotwal. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, Ajay was bewildered by the amount asked by the pirates and was clueless about how to handle the situation. 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Gulrez’s Wife Off Boarded The Ship?

The episode begins with Gulrez’s pregnant wife showing up on the deck after having walked up from the engine room. Vikrant had an argument with Koombe about keeping her hostage, but since she was pregnant and bleeding, everybody unanimously decided, including Barkhad, to offload her and transport her to a nearby hospital. Koombe was livid at Barkhad for letting another woman go. He did not understand the rule rolled out by Vikrant and Barkhad about not harming the crew of the ship. 


Koombe wanted to take advantage of the fact that they had taken over the ship and showcase their power over the crew, especially the women. Thanks to Vikrant and Barkhad, the woman was saved, even though Gulrez was forced to operate the crane to place his wife on the boat that would take her to the shore. The pirates left no stone unturned to torture and cause further pain to the crew.

Why Were The Pirates Against Barkhad?

Koombe was egging Barkhad’s sibling to speak up against his older brother, as he was not allowing anyone to do things of their own will while on board. Many of the pirates were taunting the crew and hoping to get some reaction from them for them to hurt them badly. Barkhad almost threw his younger brother into the water for speaking up against him in the presence of his team and the ship’s crew. The situation on the ship was causing tension in every possible group, as all of them were desperate for a solid solution to bring the negotiations to a close and move on. 


Did Ismael Recognize Vikrant?

Vikrant planned to head to Mogadishu and wondered if taking Ismael with him was a feasible option. His assistant was not sure if that would be a good idea, as Barkhad would not part with one of his own. Vikrant tried his luck by conversing with Ismael discreetly when the boy asked him to stay away. Ismael claimed he wasn’t familiar with Vikrant or the people he was mentioning. The young boy could have been brutally brainwashed into thinking his sole purpose was to be a pirate. 

The boy could also be pretending to not know Vikrant because he had settled into life here with his group and never wanted to go back to life in Mogadishu. Ismael was nevertheless aggressive about Vikrant approaching him and asked him to back away, as he had no plans to head back to his hometown. Vikrant further felt helpless in this situation, as he wouldn’t be able to bring his son any closure about Ismael’s disappearance. 


Why Did Vikrant Go Back To Mogadishu?

Vikrant had to go back to Mogadishu to look at the situation back home since Avika had left while Gupta was nowhere to be seen. On the way back to Mogadishu, Vikrant had the usual call with Ajay about paying the pirates, as he projected them as a group they could not mess with as the millions worth of weapons meant for Faisal were at stake. Ajay was at his breaking point, as he would have to convince his father to make the necessary deal with the pirates to release the ship, or they could be killed by Faisal at any point. Vikrant’s double game was still on thanks to Bilal, and so far, no one had received an inkling of Vikrant and Bilal’s plan to acquire the money to repay Faisal and his boss with. 

Did Ajay Reveal The Contents Of The Container?

Ajay was forced to talk about the real situation at hand. He had kept his father in the dark about the illegal ammunition because his father would never have approved of this under the table deal and the transport of a consignment that was very crucial and volatile. Ajay wanted to offer the entire fifty million to the pirates but he was anxious that his father would asking him about the reasons for giving them this money without negotiating. 


Ajay finally revealed that the guns that were meant for Faisal were on board the ship that was hijacked, and as expected, he was slapped by his father for keeping him in the dark about it for so long. Ajay might face backlash from his father. To save his face, Ajay’s father might be willing to make an offer but with conditions. Ajay was in a soup, just like Vikrant; both were trying hard to get out of the mess as soon as possible.

Why Was Faisal On Board The Ship?

This episode was the first time Faisal was introduced on the show. Faisal had approached his leader, who was enquiring about the status of the weapons, which were crucial for their fight against the government of Somalia. Faisal decided to take things under his control and made an appearance on the ship when Vikrant was not around. Faisal was a terrifying figure who wanted to hear from Vikrant himself about the guns that they had requested. The situation was about to get messy as Faisal was not aware of Virat egging Barkhad to demand fifty million from Ajay. 


If Faisal knew what Vikrant was up to, the terrorist would inform Ajay about the same, and he would kill everyone associated with Vikrant in revenge. It was assumed Barkhad and Faisal were pirates together until the latter found his way into Al-Muharib, who were harming people in the name of faith. Barkhad was trying to pacify the man to not go on the other side and give power to those who could brainwash people into committing crimes in the name of religion. This proves not all pirates were religiously inclined; they only wanted to make money off the rich. Meanwhile, Faisal had gotten carried away and was willing to kill people in the name of his faith.  

Did Gupta Offer All Of Vikrant’s Documents To Tawfiq?

Gupta had joined hands with Tawfiq just based on how Vikrant and his wife had been treating him for so long. His change of allegiance would mean Gupta would be acquainted with much information about Vikrant, and he would have access to the files that could expose his ex-boss’s crimes and misdemeanors. To showcase his loyalty towards Tawfiq and his men, Gupta freely shared all the classified documents belonging to Vikrant with his new business partner and his team. Even though Tawfiq’s team was not keen on having Gupta on their side since he had betrayed his boss, the man who made Gupta his partner was assured nothing would go wrong since Vikrant was busy rescuing his container.


Gupta was soon turning into a menace for Vikrant. Vikrant, back in Mogadishu, was unaware of the major development. With Avika gone, he heard of Gupta’s betrayal from Col. Walid. Vikrant was helpless at this moment because the two important people in his life were far away, and there was no way to get them on his side, especially Gupta. Ajay rang up Vikrant to inform him about Gupta outing his plan to exact money from Kotwal to make up for losing the container filled with guns for Al-Muharib. Vikrant blamed Gupta for defecting and spreading lies about him. Ajay claims to be convinced, but only the later episodes will confirm his allegiance. Vikrant felt alienated, as he had many issues to solve and was left with only one option. 

Who Killed Gupta?

Gupta was back home when he heard noises from inside. He was alert in no time to kill the intruder. Gupta was attacked by a masked man who tackled him and chopped his arm off. It is quickly revealed that Vikrant was present in the room when this incident happened, implying that he hired the man to mutilate his ex-employee. Gupta, at this point, had underestimated Vikrant’s greed for power. Vikrant was not afraid of carrying out murders because Col. Walid would always be by his side. Gupta had to be informed about Vikrant knowing about his betrayal, and he would not be forgiven. Gupta also should have expected retaliation or thought twice before deciding to jump to the enemy camp.


Vikrant was livid at him for doing what he did, and he ordered the hired man in the room to kill Gupta. Gupta’s murder would send shockwaves to Tawfiq, and his supporters. Hopefully, Vikrant won’t fall into deeper trouble after this death because the Port Authority was waiting to go against him and was slightly racist about his appointment. Vikrant, however, showcased his power by eliminating his friend-turned-foe. 

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