Lydia Beaufort In ‘Maxton Hall’ Explained: Is Lydia Pregnant With Sutton’s Child?

The heiress of the Beaufort business empire, Lydia Beaufort, is an unfortunate character from the moment Ruby sees her making out with Sutton. Prime Video’s Maxton Hall gives us a female character who’s easier to root for than Ruby herself. At first, Lydia might seem like a super-rich girl who is nothing more than the average stereotypical mean girl, but as the story progresses, you see the struggles she has to go through.


Spoilers Ahead

Why did Sutton and Lydia break up?

After getting caught by Ruby, Sutton maintains his distance from Lydia out of fear of getting exposed. Lydia is very obviously in love with the man, and it’s not just a regular infatuation for a teacher. Sutton fears for their future and decides not to continue things with her, even though she wants nothing more than them getting together. Sutton thinks her parents won’t approve of the relationship, and Lydia asks him if he wants to elope and start over with her; she’ll do everything to make it happen. It’s not an easy thing for a girl to say such a thing, especially when she’s a millionaire and belongs to one of the most influential families in all of England. Sutton rejects the offer, says he can’t do that to her, and asks her to be patient till she can resolve the conflicts with her father. 


Why is Lydia not respected in her house?

Daddy Beaufort treats Lydia like she doesn’t exist and only turns to her when he needs something from her. It was Lydia who came up with the idea of the Young Beaufort fashion line, but Daddy Beaufort only used her concept to make James the poster boy of the launch. Everything Lydia has worked hard for, James gets the credit for instead of her. Lydia doesn’t hold resentment for her brother, as she knows it’s not his wish or intention to steal her spotlight. Their father doesn’t trust Lydia because of her past romantic relationships, and once he had to pay off one of her exes to delete her intimate pictures. Daddy Beaufort doesn’t think Lydia has it in her to be a good businesswoman and protect the family name, and he just manipulates her to use her for her brains. He knows there’s nothing she wants more than his validation, and he just exploits that. 

What happens when Lydia switches places with James?

When the siblings are on their way to London for the launch of Young Beaufort, both of them are uncomfortable for different reasons. While James wants to go to the gala at his school to see Ruby, Lydia knows everything she needs to know to headline the launch. Young Beaufort is practically her brainchild, and she’s heartbroken over not getting any recognition out of it. James tells her the one thing their father taught them: never let the opponent decide your course of action. They switch places, and Lydia goes to the launch while James goes to meet the love of his life. Their plan doesn’t end well when Daddy Beaufort shuts Lydia off and makes sure he ruins James’ first kiss with Ruby. Lydia cries her heart out when she waits on the school campus for her father, and she sees Sutton coming out of the Gala. Their eyes meet, but Lydia doesn’t get an opportunity to talk with him. After they get home, Daddy Beaufort humiliates Lydia for wanting to waste the only good thing she ever did for the family. 


Do Sutton And Lydia Get Back Together?

Sutton realizes that losing Lydia isn’t worth it, and he finds her on the rooftop of Maxton Hall. Lydia is surprised to see that Sutton now wants the same thing she wanted, and he’s ready to leave everything else for her. They kiss each other, and Sutton asks Lydia to meet with him outside school. Lydia gets cold feet and doesn’t go along with the plan; Sutton keeps waiting for her. The next day they meet in school, and Lydia treats him as just a teacher. She returns him the treatment she got from him, and the chances of them being together now hang in uncertainty. 

What Did Lydia Decide About Her Pregnancy?

Lydia finds out that she’s pregnant a few days before the Oxford interview. She feels lost and unable to understand what to do about it. Telling Sutton isn’t on her mind, as she chose not to be with him. She leaves for London for the interview, but all she can think about is the pregnancy. She’s somewhere else contemplating things while the whole group hangs out with her at the same table. Ruby comes to check on her outside the bar, and she tells Ruby about it. She also understands why her brother is not able to let go of Ruby, as she has a way of making people see the best out of a doomed situation. By the end of the season, we don’t know if Lydia is keeping the baby or getting an abortion, but if I have to guess, she’s so attached to it already that it’s likely that she will decide to go ahead with the baby. 


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