‘Not Dead Yet’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Edward Reveal His True Self To His Girlfriend, Charlotte?

The seventh episode of “Not Dead Yet” was about Nell coming to terms with her life and not taking the easy way out, as offered by her father. She knows she is good at her job, so she sticks to doing what she does well: tell a story and, as part of her job, writes beautiful obituaries. Lexi, on the other hand, is reluctant to fire people, but her father has pressed her to reduce the headcount. She refuses to fire anyone and instead fires her father from the working committee of the newspaper. Will Nell become a better writer from here on?

Spoilers Ahead

Edward’s Girlfriend Is In Town

Nell is pursued by the ghost of a woman who is a television soap opera actress named Marlena. She must write an obituary for her and do some in-depth research, so Nell ends up watching all of about 20 seasons of the show this actress was a part of. Nell is excited to write the obituary because this actress has led an exciting life. Nell so far has been meeting ghosts of various jobs and nature. Some ghosts just make her feel bad about herself, while ghosts like Marlena bring the spice that Nell knew was lacking in her life. Edward reveals that his girlfriend is coming by to stay with them for the weekend, and for the next two days, a lot of Edward’s things will be shifted to Nell’s room so that the girlfriend doesn’t see the stuff he had paraded in the apartment as his prized collection.

Nell is initially game for it, but so far, she doesn’t know what the actual stuff is that he is keeping from his girlfriend, Charlotte. Nell is not very keen on seeing this girl because she is hoping the girl will not be a female version of Edward, and that’s probably why she must have agreed to date him. Nell lets Edward know that she is excited to meet her. This is the time Nell and Edward finally get to see a peek into their personal lives. Edward never let Nell know more than what was required to confess about him to her. Nell, too, keeps her distance and does not let him know much about her voluntarily.

Trivia Night Is Fun

Nell lets Sam and Lexi know that there is a trivia night being organized at Cricket’s wine bar, and the winner will get a free wine tasting. Nell and Sam are excited to go ahead with it, but Sam also knows Lexi can get a lot more competitive during any game night, which puts her in a highly aggressive and spirited mood. Sam, being a friend, is honest with Lexi about her tendencies to get violent if she is on the losing side, and that’s why Sam refuses to go to the trivia night. Though she promises Sam that she will be at her best during the event, Sam refuses to believe her words. Sam and Lexi have been friends for a while, which gives Sam the authority, to be honest with Lexi about her competitive tendencies and being a bad loser. Lexi, being a good friend, takes it up as constructive criticism of her behavior and something she is willing to work on in herself. Going to the trivia night and being the calm version of herself during the competition is her taking one step towards becoming less aggressive and competitive.

‘Not Dead Yet’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – Does Edward Reveal His True Self To His Girlfriend, Charlotte?

Nell notices that Marlena has had a very colorful life, which includes marrying a woman as well. She is fascinated by the idea of writing the obituary in a soap opera style, but Marlena objects to that because she does not like everything to be mysterious about her life. Nell is taken aback by what Marlena is conveying to her, and she goes back to rewriting the obituary just for the sake of Marlena. Marlena may come across as a ghost who spent all her life being a soap opera queen, but deep down, she is a sensitive person, and she hates her nature as a person who is always associated with her character in the soap opera, which was highly dramatic.

Nell, after coming back from work, notices Charlotte has finally made landfall. But to Nell’s horror, Charlotte is the exact opposite of what Edward is because, unlike Edward, who is super OCD about cleanliness, Charlotte comes across someone opposite, and Edward becomes a different person in front of her. Nell is surprised to see Edward being completely okay with the mess created by Charlotte, and he seems like someone she does not even know or who she has never lived with. Nell does not understand why Edward acts so different in front of Charlotte. On confronting him, he lets her know that he is a 35-year-old man, and he does not intend to remain single, which is why he pretends to be someone else so that she sticks around him as long as she can. Nell is not sure if she is okay with Edward being a different person, but he specifically asks her not to interfere, so she backs off immediately. Nell is not sure if it is healthy for Edward to be someone else so that the person continues to love her by being completely unaware of who he is. If Charlotte moves in with them, he will find it more difficult to adjust to not being himself while with her. Nell is not sure if that is good for him or bad for him, but she is sure it is not healthy for anyone to be someone else in front of the person they claim to be in love with.

Lexi, a few hours before the trivia night game, reveals that her whole life has been a competition set by her parents so that she can earn the things that she deserves, which set a bad precedent. This is why she tends to be hyper-aggressive while playing any game, and her competitive spirit is aggravated in many ways. Sam, being a good friend, plans to support her and be a part of the trivia night just to keep Lexi in check. Lexi also promises to be a calmer version of herself, and that’s probably why she needs Sam by her side as a friend. Both women have grown, have come to like each other and respect each other as individuals.

On the trivia night, Nell again notices that Edward is a completely different person in front of Charlotte. He refuses to know anything about current pop culture, magic, or video games, which happen to be his forte for years. Nell tries to stay away from him because she starts to find him and his antics uncomfortable to the point that she goes to the ladies’ room to compose herself. She does not want to come off as rude, but she wants Edward to be himself for his girlfriend, and there is no way she can confront him about it. Marlena’s ghost reveals that she was a closeted homosexual for years because she had no one to tell her it was completely okay to be herself and not worry about what the world thought of her. She realized all of this late, but she still had time to spend with the woman she loved. Nell decides to speak to Edward and advises him as a friend that it is not healthy to not reveal their real selves to the person they truly love.

She hopes he will take the advice in the right sense, which he does, and start showing off his side, where he knows almost all the answers to the questions. Charlotte is surprised to see another version of him, and that’s when Edward reveals what he likes and doesn’t like in general around him and at the apartment they live in. He feels relieved to have talked about who he is. In that spirit, Charlotte also reveals a lot of stuff about herself that is fundamentally against who Edward is, and it is a deal breaker for him. The couple finally takes a break from each other to figure out what they want. Edward thanks Nell for being honest with him; this made him know exactly what he wants in a partner, and he will not stop seeking the perfect partner for himself. Edward is glad to have revealed his true self, and he comes to terms with the idea that going forward, it would be better to be real than pretend to be someone else so that the other person loves you. Nell and Edward finally become friends from here on. Edward and Nell always tried to maintain the boundary of being roommates, and now, with this essential communication that was required, they both became good friends.

What To Expect From Episode 9 Of ‘Not Dead Yet’?

“Not Dead Yet” Episode 9 will have Nell taking us through the obituary of another ghost, which she might like or not like depending on her mood. Sam and Lexi are slowly becoming thick friends, which is good because it is essential to watch Sam grow as a person outside of her friendship with Nell. Nell, too, will have an eye-opening experience that will help her be a better person.

Final Thoughts

The eighth episode of “Not Dead Yet” spoke more about the friendship part than the drama or the comedy. It is important to see Nell finally being friends with the opposite gender without making any fuss about love. Nell is happy to have Edward on her side, one more friend who will be truthful to her. This is exactly what she wants from life to move ahead. The episode was written seamlessly, but yes, the comedic element that was missing this time. Looking forward to lots more ghosts and Nell’s writing about them.

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