‘Not Dead Yet’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Will Nell Quit Her Job And Move Back To Her Hometown?

The sixth episode of “Not Dead Yet” was all about Nell trying to find a balance between Sam and Lexi’s friendship. She knows they are friends in their own way, and Sam does not want to create any unnecessary friction between Nell and Lexi, even though she makes it clear about her comfort with Nell and Sam’s friendship.  Sam oversees the food and wine festival, but Lexi is anxious about her father attending the event, and in that process, she ends up putting a lot of chores on Sam’s table. Nell makes sure not to create a rift and brings them together more as friends than colleagues. Will Nell find a way to make herself better from here on?


Spoilers Ahead

Nell’s Father Is In Town

Nell is making sure to have a decent friendship with Edward. Edward, who has an autism spectrum disorder, is not finding it difficult, but he has his ways through which he manages the home and his life. Nell tries hard to make sure she does not tick him off at any point in time. Edward and Nell are not good friends, but they are always there for each other when any of them falters slightly. Edward got acquainted with Cricket through Nell. Nell, on the other hand, is steadily understanding how he works and how she should be more accommodating of what he wants. He is concerned about the amount of money she is spending on herself. Edward is concerned about how much Nell is concessioning on her spending. He does not know she is struggling money-wise with the amount she has to pay for the rent, which leads to less expenditure on her daily food intake.


On the way to work, she is distracted by Carlos Garza’s voice, the celebrity she has grown up listening to on the radio. He is a renowned sportscaster who has always been the voice of baseball games. Nell is upset to hear he is no more, but she is excited to be allowed to write his obituary. She starts conversing with Carlos Garza’s ghost, and she is excited to know his voice still has gravitas. Her only drawback is that she cannot let anyone know she can see him and converse with him. She reminisces about the time she spent watching and listening to Carlos during the baseball games, and she reveals those were the best times she had with her parents, especially her father. Carlos is more than happy to be hearing Nell go on about her memories of listening to him, and that is when she receives her father’s call, which she disconnects. Nell is not keen on speaking to her father now. Nell is quick to refuse her father’s calls on multiple occasions, which makes Carlos ask her questions and Sam also wonders why she is avoiding her father in the meantime.

Nell is not proud of what she did when she moved away to London and came back heartbroken. Ever since, she has not been able to meet her parents as often because she is struggling financially, and she doesn’t want her parents to know that. Nell is happy with the job, but she doesn’t want her parents to watch her trudge through her life all over again. Nell feels she struggled a lot during her 20s, and she figured her life would be sorted from here on. But life had other plans for her. Nell is doing everything from scratch, which she is not yet ready to share with her parents, especially her father, who has always considered her to be someone who would be the best in whatever she does.


Lexi, on the other hand, drops a bombshell of news when she declares that she will be conducting performance reviews for all of her staff. She also declares this is something her father demanded, and she will be going through with it to make sure the workflow is smooth. However, she reveals to Sam that her father is keen on some budget cuts, and, in that process, he wants to lay off a few people from the paper, which Lexi does not want to do. Lexi wants to be different from her father and treat her team at the paper as her family. She is not keen on firing anyone, but she is also unable to confront her father about the issue of being a better person.

‘Not Dead Yet’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Will Nell Quit Her Job And Move Back To Her Hometown As Her Father Suggested?

Nell’s father comes down to her place of work, much to her dismay, and she has no way to hide the fact that she is just an obituary writer and she has lost the momentum she had before. Her father still believes her to be the most sought-after journalist in the city. Her father is keen to know more about her work. She declares Sam’s room as her own and hopes her father will believe that she is holding an important position in the newspaper. Carlos’s ghost, though, makes her understand through the baseball metaphors that it is not right for her to hide her real self from her father. Fathers always mean well,  but Nell is still not keen on letting her father know of her professional, personal, and financial situations. It is when she takes her father to her apartment that Edward inadvertently talks about her horrible relationship with money and how her personal life has taken a hit since she has been back from London. Her father is upset that Nell, who was close to him up until the London debacle, has not let her mother or father help her or be there for her as parents. Nell is not keen on making her parents upset and reveals that she is struggling, but she will find a way.


Her father, though, puts across an offer where she can move back to her hometown, take over the restaurant from him, find an affordable home over there, and live close to her parents. Nell is enamored and tempted to take up the offer because it will give her what she has wanted for a while. Stability and peace, having her own home and living close to her family is something she would have loved to do. Nell, who was on the path to becoming a known journalist, but now she is considering putting that on hold and is tempted to move back home. This is an offer she can’t refuse because this is what she has always wanted. Though Carlos lets her know she has a knack for telling stories after he hears from her the memory she has of going to a baseball game with her father, Carlos indirectly encourages her to continue writing and make sure she grows in that field and never lets her life derail intentionally. Nell makes up her mind when she submits Carlos’s obituary. She asks Lexi to have a meeting with her regarding her performance review. Nell makes it clear that she is keen on taking up the offer her father has put across, but she knows she is a better storyteller, and that’s why she wants to continue working for the newspaper. Nell only wants to follow her passion, and this time she wants to work hard toward the stability she eventually wants.

Lexi, on the other hand, took Nell’s advice and did not fire anyone. Lexi takes it upon herself to take the reins and make sure the newspaper remains open and runs smoothly. She hopes to be a better boss than her father ever was. Nell also requests that Lexi get away from herself for a bit and not let her father overwhelm her life. Lexi reveals to Sam that she has fired her dad, and she hopes the effect of that decision will happen in a few weeks, and by that time, she is willing to take care of the newspaper and be a boss who can be a friend as well.


What To Expect From Episode 8 Of ‘Not Dead Yet’?

Episode eight will also take us through another personal journey of Nell. She will again confront something from her past and will probably learn how to either let it go or accept the fact that it happened. The ghost from that week will probably help her find a solution to her problem.

Final Thoughts

Nell’s situation is exactly like Ebenezer Scrooge’s in “A Christmas Carol.” Different kinds of ghosts come into her life to make some changes in her. Something from her past, something from her present, and some ghosts will probably help Nell have a better future. This episode was more humorous than dramatic. The writers did an incredible job blending humor with the subtle drama surrounding Nell’s life. I’m looking forward to more episodes where we get a peek into who exactly Nell is.


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