‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2, Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Sophie Get Her Photograph Back?

The previous episode of “How I Met Your Father” Season 2 discussed how Sophie is dealing with Jessie being with Meredith. She is uncomfortable seeing him with her and given the fact that she is probably not over him, Sophie ends up lying about her work, claiming the photograph at the exhibition was sold and she’d earned plenty of money from it when the reality was the opposite. Sophie confesses that her compulsive lying nature springs up whenever she feels confronted or insecure about her life. But will it take her anywhere?

Spoilers Ahead

Double Dates

Sophie finally gets some good news about her work, namely that her photograph has been sold to a rich couple living in the city. Sophie is planning things for herself now that she has the money from the sale. Sophie now knows she has finally arrived and the fact that the couple who bought the picture would like to meet the model in the picture, Jessie. Sophie feels confident from here on, which will help her gain more contacts and let her explore her expertise in the field. She hopes Jessie will agree to accompany her to the couple’s sweet penthouse in the city. Jessie, though, is not keen on going to the couple’s home because he can think of a thousand scenarios of how things could go wrong rather quickly in that apartment.

Jessie, at this point, exaggerates scenarios of how both can end up being stuck with the couple up there, or how the couple might end up being a weird one. Jessie maybe is coming up with excuses so that he wouldn’t have to hang out with Sophie. It is obvious there is still some tension and awkwardness between them, and Sophie would like to cut it by making sure both hang out as much as they can to get comfortable soon. Sophie and Jessie clearly are into each other, but their circumstances push them apart, and now they will have to find a way to be normal. There is no room for awkwardness. That’s why Sophie gives Jessie the white flag of truce and peace, on the condition that he helps her form a good impression of herself in front of the couple. Jessie begrudgingly accepts the offer, not just to help Sophie but to hang out as friends, which will diminish the discomfort that they both have been feeling lately.

Ellen and Rachel are finally going on their first date, which is exciting for Ellen because she has been looking forward to it. She has to deal with a situation where Rachel’s friend, who was supposed to come with them on a double date, cancels at the last minute, which puts Ellen in a bad mood. Valentina has come by to collect all her stuff from Charlie and Ellen’s place, and she comes across Ellen’s dilemma. Valentina offers to come with Ellen and Rachel for a date, but the only criteria that remain are that Valentina must find a date for the evening. Valentina is quick to find a date on a dating app, and they are set for the evening. Charlie’s listening to their conversation makes him wonder if Valentina can move on so quickly. Valentina is aware of the choices she is making. She knows all she has to do is move on and dating is the only way. Charlie, on the other hand, by the looks of it, is still hung up on Valentina. But after witnessing her getting a date this quickly, he soon registers for a dating app, too, hoping to move on just like Valentina did.

Sid and Hannah are struggling to keep track of their budget while taking care of their long-distance marriage. The flight costs are taking a toll, and they are trying hard to bring down the logistical costs of it. They got married hoping they wouldn’t have to spend tons of money on the wedding, while they should have something for their future too. But more than half of their money is being spent on just the flights, and they don’t have enough miles left to redeem them. Charlie interrupts their conversation and declares he is going on a date with a woman he met on a dating app. He is not sure or confident about how the date will go, so he asks Sid and Hannah to be his buffer in case the date goes bad. Sid and Hannah reluctantly agree to accompany Charlie, being good friends.

Season 2, Episode 3: Ending Explained

Sid and Hannah arrive at the restaurant first, and they end up meeting Alice before Charlie does. They quickly come to realize that Alice is a loner and weirdo who indulges in weird conversations and activities. But on the plus side, she works with airlines, where she handles miles and rewards passengers. Hannah and Sid know Charlie will surely not like Alice at all, but they have to hatch a plan to make sure Alice sticks around, for the couple is in desperate need of a person who could help them with the miles needed to fly to and fro frequently. Hannah is on it to make the date between Alice and Charlie a better one, but Charlie and Sid see how dramatically different Alice is from Charlie. Sid thought he’d sweep under the rug the fact that he also finds Alice weird in the hope of supporting Hannah’s big plan. Hannah and Sid are down in the dumps when it comes to coming up with a plan to reduce the cost of airline travel. Alice is the only way out for them to make sure their marriage does not suffer and deteriorate. Charlie is having a bad time on the date and is surprised that Sid and Hanna are not able to see it. Charlie, though, reveals eventually that he and Alice cannot have a second date, and that he is not ready to date. This date proved that he needed time to get over Valentina. Hannah, though, makes sure to keep Alice around and make her the best friend she always wanted. Hannah, being a loner, agrees to be her friend.

Ellen, Rachel, Valentina, and her date go to a restaurant for dinner, only for Ellen to realize how opposite Rachel and Valentina are. Valentina believes in astrology, whereas Rachel, a psychology student, has plans to become a therapist and does not believe in anything that has no scientific backing. They both disagree on how to deal with situations, and one of them is moving on from a relationship. Valentina stressed the fact that therapists don’t add any value to people’s lives, but Rachel feels the exact opposite. Ellen realized the date she had hoped for would go south if she did not interfere. Ellen is a person who avoids conflict because she is a product of divorce. She and Jessie grew up in different households, and Ellen, herself a divorcee, wants to make sure there is no flare-up between Valentina and her current girlfriend. Ellen tries to change the subject by making the conversation about herself. Rachel realizes Ellen is using this tactic to avoid any conflict between two people she likes. Rachel and Valentina pick up on this behavior of hers right during dinner when Valentina involuntarily suggests talking to a psychologist. By making that suggestion, she proves Rachel right about how psychologists and therapists would help in solving a lot of traumas buried under people.

Sophie and Jessie, on the other hand, reach the couple’s home only to realize they are an older couple and come across as extra chirpy. They feed them raw meat, and the husband tries to undermine his wife and women in general by telling them how weak they are and how they generally tend to make plenty of mistakes. Sophie and Jessie also notice that the couple is eyeing Jessie and hoping they will get to experiment with physical pleasures that involve him. Sophie understands the fact that the couple purchased the photo and wanted an evening with her and Jessie because they wanted to meet Jessie in person.

Jessie, according to them, is a perfect example of how an American male should be. Jessie and Sophie are intrigued by the amount of interest the husband has in making Jessie the poster boy of the American male. Soon the man reveals he runs a podcast and is the leader of the men’s rights movement, making Sophie uncomfortable. They come across his podcasts and conclude that this man demeans women in the name of the men’s rights movement. Sophie asks them to take her photograph back from their apartment and confronts the husband about how wrong it is what he’s done by making his wife quit her job as mayor of Baltimore and making her a slave at his home instead of treating her with respect. Jessie tried hard to remove the photograph, but he was unable to.

The couple is livid at Sophie and Jessie’s outburst, and they return the photograph. Sophie is happy to have stood up for the woman in that marriage, for herself, and for the women’s brethren that this man was humiliating with his toxic masculinity talk. Jessie is a good man to have supported Sophie through this ordeal, and they realize they’ve become closer as friends. Sophie the same night ends up losing the photograph to a New York taxi. Sophie asks Valentina why she has gone back to casual relationships after being in love with Charlie, to which Valentina has a simple answer. She knows she and Charlie will eventually end up together. Charlie, at the bar, though, meets another woman who is set up to be his potential girlfriend. Valentina is still in love with Charlie, but she is hoping he will figure out what he wants from life, and she will be there for him whenever he is done if he still wants her.

What To Expect From Episode 4 Of ‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2?

Episode three will focus on Charlie’s new date and Valentina’s reaction to seeing him move on just as fast as she did. Sophie, too, will struggle from here on how to make sure her photograph is resold again, and she can only hope her personal opinion of her life, in general, will not affect the sale of it. Jessie and Meredith are very much in love; this season will explore their dynamics as well.

Final Thoughts

The third episode of the show did not serve many purposes in the narrative, just that Sophie and Jessie realize they could be friends and that she could be okay with the fact that Jessie and Meredith were meant to be together. There were no perfect comic moments in this episode, but this season has a lot to give before stressing the comic part of the situational comedy genre. Hoping the next episode and the rest of the season have something to offer in the name of narrative and situational humor.

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