‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2, Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To The Home Birth? 

The first episode “How I Met Your Father” Season 2 ended with Sophie taking a break from dating because the past 48 hours have been a mess. She had broken up with Drew, hoping to start things off with Jessie. She then got scared of the fact that Jessie might be expecting too much from their new relationship. Sophie, in the hope of getting back with Jessie, then witnessed him kissing his ex-girlfriend, Meredith. She was heartbroken, but on the same night, she ran into her ex-flame Ian, who she had almost dated. She was in the middle of a personal achievement when her photograph was being showcased at a local museum in New York, and Ian showed up at the same exhibition in the hope of knowing if they can date. Ian realized Sophie wasn’t ready to make a huge decision about who to date when she revealed what happened to her in the last two days. Sophie’s mind is all over the place; it would be better for her not to date anyone. What does Sophie have in mind after the huge debacle?


Spoilers Ahead

Sophie Is A Compulsive Liar

The older version of Sophie reveals to her son that she was a compulsive liar in the past, which does not mean that she is right now not being truthful to her son. Lying was just a defense mechanism she picked in case she felt insecure in front of someone who had achieved more than she did. As the older version narrates the tale, she reveals that Sophie’s insecurity stems from the fact that she is not an established photographer yet. She had a goal of being the most sought-after photographer by the time she was in her 30s, but her dream was far from achieved. The showcase of her photograph at the exhibition has also not fetched her any recognition so far. No one had shown any interest in her photograph that featured Jessie. She is paranoid at this moment because she does not have any gigs coming up. Valentina is her only source of support and her rock, who understands her mindset and situation now.


Valentina and Sophie run into Jessie and Meredith, Sid, and his new employee Charlie. It’s been some time since Charlie and Valentina broke up, and they have stayed apart since then to avoid any untoward incidents. Meanwhile, Sophie feels awkward being around Jessie and Meredith and knowing the fact that he moved on rather more quickly than she had anticipated. Sophie doesn’t feel comfortable at all speaking to Jessie while he is hanging around with his girlfriend, who is a famous pop star, with her song becoming an instant hit. Sophie is forced by Valentina and Sid to converse with the new couple when Sophie reveals her photograph was sold for a gazillion bucks, and that she could not be happier. Sophie’s compulsive lying surfaces once she sees Meredith, who is far more successful than she is. Sophie can’t seem to stop lying in front of Meredith and Jessie, and unknown to them, her lie keeps on building as she continues speaking.

Ellen And Rachel; Sid And His Troubles 

Meanwhile, Ellen is still hung up on Rachel and wondering why she hasn’t replied to her text. Ellen has been going through a plethora of emotions since she left her marriage. Ellen keeps wondering if there is something wrong with her, which has led to Rachel not responding to her asking her out on a date. Ellen is going through a classic case of jitters after a marriage ends. Ellen is making sure she is doing everything right from her end so that she does not end up feeling heartbroken over a few interactions she has had with Rachel. Charlie, her roommate, convinces her to tidy up the room and keep the front door open as an indication of the fact that she would like to have a chat with her. Charlie is a good friend who understands the fact that dating requires some work from one side for the person to realize conversation must happen before proceeding for a proper date. Sid, on the other end, is having trouble bringing Meredith into the same picture as he and Jessie. Sid is skeptical of Meredith’s trustworthiness, and he does not hide the fact that he is not happy with Meredith being back in Jessie’s life.


Season 2, Episode 2: Ending Explained

Sophie is fearful of the fact that her photograph is not going to be sold and that her career will never progress from here on. Valentina is supportive of her, but she does not realize why Sophie had to lie to Meredith and Jessie about her making a lot of money from the photograph. Sophie reveals that her insecurity is the reason why she is lying to both. Valentina tries to convince her not to continue lying behind the veil of insecurity, for it will catch up with them during the worst of times, and Sophie will not have any other choice but to reveal the truth in the most uncomfortable of positions. Sophie knows Valentina’s words ring with the truth, but she can’t help herself from not telling the truth.

Sid is still hell-bent on not making Meredith a part of his conversation. Sid is not ready to accept the fact that Meredith is being honest with Jessie, and he is sure she will break his heart again, and Jessie will go back to being a sulking person, which is something Sid does not want. Jessie makes a truce between Meredith and Sid and tries to make them converse because he is a product of a divorce, and he has experience with conflict resolution. Jessie does not intend to choose sides again, and he expects both Meredith and Sid to make peace with each other and understand that even if Sid might not entirely like her, he will have to acknowledge their relationship. After indulging in a deep conversation where Sid brings up old matters, Meredith acknowledges her mistakes and requests Sid to move on because she is serious about her relationship with Jessie. Sid is ready to acknowledge her apology, but Sid leaves the part in which Meredith was completely lying, one incident in particular just for the sake of Jessie. 


Meanwhile, Ellen ends up hosting an impromptu party for all her neighbors when all she wants is for Rachel to come by for a conversation. When Rachel does not show up for the party, Ellen heads to her place to ask her why she’s not been responding to her texts. Ellen musters up all the courage she must ask Rachel about her inhibitions. Rachel reveals she meant to text Ellen but got hung up on what to text her, which led to her not replying to Ellen for days. Now that Rachel has approached her, she doesn’t mind going out with her. Rachel and Ellen head out on a date on the night of the impromptu party, while Charlie is happy to see Ellen taking the first step towards maximizing her dating and love life.

Sophie’s client Ramona, heavily pregnant, comes by Sophie’s apartment to let her know that her water broke. Turns out Sophie was hired to photograph Ramona’s home birth, and in the pursuit of not wanting to lose a client, Sophie lies that she has tons of experience in home birth photography and, as an extension, she knows how home birth works. Ramona’s doula is stuck on the other side of the city, so she requests Sophie to help her with birth, which Sophie claims she can handle. Valentina is again livid at Sophie for not being truthful about her work, but Sophie begs her to help Ramona. Reluctantly, Valentina helps with the home birth, and Ramona is under the opinion that Sophie is well-versed with home birth procedures. Sophie and Valentina are on the verge of completely ruining the process, and Sophie wants to save her job, but she ends up doing all the wrong things for Ramona. She finally reveals that she is not well-versed in-home birth photography or assisting in home birth. Ramona, having no choice, goes ahead with whatever Sophie and Valentina plan for her. Sophie and Valentina have no idea what to do when it comes to home birth, but somehow navigate Ramona through the process of giving birth. Ramona gives birth to a healthy child despite all the obstacles. Sophie and Valentina do not want to abandon Ramona and hope that somehow, she will be able to deliver her baby. This was the only motivation that led Sophie and Valentina to go ahead helping Ramona. Her boy is healthy and alive; meanwhile, Sophie and Valentina can’t stop gushing over the fact that they helped a woman give birth, and that it somehow did not gross them out. Sophie, in the spirit of giving up her habit of lying, reveals to Meredith and Jessie that her photograph never made any sale, but at the same time, she receives a call that her photograph has finally found a buyer. Sophie, though, did not stop using lying as her defense mechanism, for the older Sophie reveals that she eventually stops lying, as per a promise she made to herself on her 40th birthday. Sophie knows she is flawed, but she is ready to take it in stride, learn a lesson, and move on.


What To Expect From Episode 3 Of ‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2?

Episode three hopefully will be about more adventures Sophie and Valentina go through as two single women in the most exciting city on Earth. Jessie and Meredith, on the other hand, might go through some rough times, and Sid’s prediction that Meredith will break Jessie’s heart will eventually come true. “How I Met Your Father” is just episode after episode about the adventures these characters go through. It will be interesting to know in which episode Barney Stinson will show up and what he has in store for us.

Final Thoughts

This episode of the show was all about humor. Relying on the fact that Sophie is still a mess and Jessie has found his calling, the humor in this episode fared better than the entire first season. Hopefully, the creators and writers will bring more humor to the table this season. It shows in this episode the amount of effort being put into making sure there are laughs from the audience and not just from the laughter track in the backdrop of the show. A good second episode


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