‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Bibi Hit The Bull’s Eye?

“Bad Sisters,” the Apple TV Original based on the Belgian series, is now picking up pace, transitioning from a black comedy to a whodunnit as slowly, steadily, and weekly as possible. “Eye for an Eye” is another step towards knowing how John Paul died. Eye for an Eye, the fifth episode of the series, was released on the 10th of September and takes the story forward. “Bad Sisters” is a story of five sisters: Eva, Grace, Ursula, Bibi, and Becka, who are close to each other, and the thorn in the bush is John Paul Williams, Grace’s husband, who goes out of the way to annoy every sister of Grace.


Episode 5: Recap

“Eye for an Eye ” begins again with Thomas and Matt Claffin of Claffin Insurance meeting Bibi to question her about John Paul Williams’s death and her relationship with him until his death. Bibi and her wife, Nora,  discuss why they are glad about John Paul’s death. This episode again goes to the flashback and reveals how John Paul was also responsible for Bibi losing her right eye. All four sisters frequently meet at Eva’s place to discuss how they can eliminate him at a paintball game planned for his birthday. It is also revealed in this episode that John Paul has an injury from the accident with Bibi, which is a soft spot. Hitting it with a hard object would instantly kill him. Eva is awaiting a promotion, which John Paul is eyeing. John Paul makes a backhanded case against her to get the promotion. Eva, on the other hand, finally goes on a date with her co-worker. At present, the Claffin brothers collect trash from Bibi’s place as well, and Matt comes to know of a big family secret that his elder brother did not share.

Spoilers Ahead


‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 5: Ending Explained- Does Bibi Hit The Bull’s Eye? 

Bibi is uninterested in sharing with the insurance agents the information about the relationship she used to share with John Paul. Her wife enters the room and unknowingly goes on a rant about how awful John Paul was as a person. Thomas Claffin, though, is hell-bent on finding a loophole in the claim, and Matt Claffin comes to know how their father is the reason their insurance company is bankrupt, and he committed suicide without leaving any solution for the massive heap of debt he left. Matt is horrified by the information that he hears from his brother and runs to Becka. Becka, though, is not interested in ending their relationship but is forced to do so.

As the episode goes into flashback, Grace thinks of joining a dance class for her daughter Blanaid’s sake but feels rigid and uncomfortable quickly. John Paul Williams, on the other hand, is a sadistic man who is trying to build a case against their neighbor Roger to showcase him as a pedophile. He also accidentally ends up killing his daughter’s cat, given by Eva. Bibi, Eva, Becka, and Ursula work on the plan to hit John Paul during a game of paintball on his birthday. Bibi practices by freezing the pellet ball, and on the day of his birthday, John Paul makes certain changes in the game, but Bibi herself improvises and is at it to hit her target. Unfortunately, she ends up injuring the paintball instructor in the eye, blinding him. Bibi is horrified at the turn of events. The show makers have beautifully blended dark comedy with the whodunit genre, and the audience is eager to know what had exactly happened to John Paul Williams. The screenplay is coming to fruition rather beautifully, keeping the audience on their toes. Again, “Bad Sisters” does a good job of talking about a toxic man who would go miles to hurt people around him.



This week’s attempt on John Paul’s life was slightly far-fetched but still believable. Some scenes focus only on Grace’s emotions, which makes the audience wonder if she was the one who managed to eliminate her husband, the father of her child, from this world. It is a possibility. Another possibility is the neighbor, Roger Muldoon, who is being catfished by John Paul. John Paul hurt Roger at some point, and Roger might have taken revenge by killing him.


Though a lot of loopholes can be found in the story and screenplay so far, it is hard to deny how the show grows on you as a dark comedy/whodunnit investigative thriller. The writers are doing a phenomenal job with the screenplay, going back and forth, and creating a mystery. The fact that each episode is released once a week adds to the drama. “Bad Sisters” is slowly becoming a show that needs to be watched. It surely excels in storytelling, direction, performances of the actors, and casting departments.


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