‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained – Why Does Becka Join The Conspiracy And Planning?

The brand-new Apple TV Original “Bad Sisters” is doing the right thing by releasing each episode every Friday. It creates a sense of mystery about what’s going to happen next. “Bad Sisters” Episode 4, titled “Baby Becka,” was released on the 2nd of September and takes the story forward. Based on a hit Belgian TV show, “Bad Sisters” is a story of five sisters: Eva, Grace, Ursula, Bibi, and Becka, who are closely knit and constantly look out for each other. John Paul Williams, Grace’s husband and father of her child, is a control-freak narcissist who is hated by all four of Grace’s siblings.

What Happens In ‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 4?

“Baby Becka” begins with Thomas and Matt Claffin heading towards Becka’s home to question her about the death of John Paul Williams and her relationship with him until his death. It goes into a flashback and reveals why Becka joined the team of Eva, Bibi, and Ursula to hatch a plan to kill John Paul. Becka, a masseuse, is keen on starting her own business and owning a studio that’ll help her expand her business. Becka devises a strong business plan and pitches it to John Paul, and he agrees to invest in her business, making Becka and Grace very happy. At this point, Becka is unaware of the plan made by the trifecta to eliminate JP. Soon, Becka comes to know from Grace that John Paul suddenly backed out of her deal and won’t be investing any money in her venture. Post-John Paul’s death, in the current scenario, the insurance agents Thomas Claffin and Matt Claffin, are reaching nowhere in questioning the sisters, and Thomas finds a crooked way to get information out of Becka.

Spoilers Ahead!

Bad Sisters’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – How Does Becka Get Involved In All This?

Becka involuntarily gets into the Matt Claffin situation. She and Matt come to know of each other’s identity, putting their relationship in jeopardy, almost on the verge of breaking up. Thomas Claffin, on the other hand, is reaching a dead end in the pursuit of finding foul play in John Paul’s death and is receiving no help from the local police regarding exhuming JP’s body. Thomas takes it upon himself to sort out the issue. Matt confesses that Becka mentioned a family member who screwed her over under the pretext of financially helping her. Thomas, at this point, is sure the family member was JP and thus finds a motive. Matt, under instructions from his brother talks to Becka and rekindles their love. Becka soon suspects that he is acting on his brother’s orders.

In the flashback sequences, Becka is horrified to learn of the turn of events caused by JP’s sudden decision not to help her. She shares her situation with Ursula, who confesses to Becka about her affair and about JP blackmailing her. Becka soon agrees with Bibi’s insistence to eliminate JP and convinces her to form a concrete plan, which jolts Eva a little bit, but she is convinced to go ahead after two failed attempts. It is interesting to see how the show makers are taking the narrative forward; it is soon becoming an investigative comedy, along with being a dark comedy. The show is a great example of women telling women stories, stressing the fact that the turmoil women go through because of one toxic man in their family. John Paul is a classic example of a toxic man wanting everything around him under his control. He manages to tick off every woman in his family to gather, regroup, and formulate a foolproof plan to eliminate him.

The dark comic narrative of the show has now shifted towards investigative comedy, where the insurance agents are restless to find a loophole in the insurance claim and save themselves from bankruptcy, and the four sisters come together to secretly hatch a plan to kill JP discreetly without raising any suspicion.


As predicted last week, Bibi and Ursula convince Becka to join them in Eva’s resistance, though it is not shown what route they will take this time. Adding to the three theories, another theory behind John Paul’s death is their neighbor Roger Muldoon, towards whom John Paul behaves rudely. It is hinted in this episode that John Paul may be gay, even though he pretends to be homophobic. Another strong theory would be Grace murdering him for being rude to her sisters and her. At many points, Grace is visibly disturbed by John Paul’s decision-making abilities.

“Bad Sisters” is heading in the right direction in terms of storytelling, direction, performances of the actors, and casting.

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