‘Adamas’ Episode 9 And 10: Recap and Ending – Why Does Seo Hee Become A Suicide Bomber?

“Adamas” is important evidence to prove Chang Woo’s innocence, and Woo Sin has another plan in mind to bring it back to the mansion. His brother has been trying to retrieve their deceased father’s body to perform an autopsy again. However, he had a danger lingering behind him. The psycho killer of Team A, Sun, murdered Su Hyeon’s colleague and blew up Su Hyeon’s car. Mr. Baek died while trying to protect Su Hyeon. Su Hyeon is still alive, but he has been declared dead for his own security.


Why Does Lee Kill Artist Jang?

Sun believes Su Hyeon is dead, and she is after Kim Seo Hee now, but she cannot locate where she is hiding. Seo Hee is still in SIH’s safe house and is threatening them to let her out. She wants to know whether Su Hyeon is alive and isn’t afraid to get what she wants. She has an email ready about this entire case that she can send to all the reporters in one go. SIH allows her to meet with Su Hyeon, who has been resting in the safe house itself. Su Hyeon doesn’t want to waste any more time, and this time, they manage to sneak out. Su Hyeon plans to enter the Haesong building, and Seo Hee helps him easily. She tips off the prosecutor on the controversial mass murder case about Haesong’s involvement in it.

Su Hyeon follows the fellow prosecutor, telling security that he is his junior. He sees a suspicious group of people running and follows them. Lee is escaping after knowing that a prosecutor is looking for him, but he has a more important task to do. A fake Lee meets the prosecutor, and the real Lee is going to meet Artist Jang as he has heard the rumors. Su Hyeon has seen Lee’s vehicle and follows him to reach the artist’s hideout. He doesn’t know what’s inside the house and barges in, despite the tight security. He sees Lee taking something with him and finds the artist hanging in a room. He tries to save her, but she is already dead.


The artist had noticed something she shouldn’t have about the Adamas, and she had to lose her life because of it. The security guards hear a noise and find Su Hyeon running away. Su Hyeon is already injured, but he and Seo Hee escape with Hye Soo, who appears all of a sudden. Thankfully, the security team hasn’t seen Su Hyeon’s face because, to them, he is dead. Hye Soo hears Su Hyeon talking about the secret house and understands who Woo Sin is working with and doesn’t like that he hid it from her. Inside the mansion, the housemaid finally gives into the doubt that Woo Sin instilled in her.

Instead of using her son’s name, the housemaid uses Min Jo to provoke the chairman against Woo Sin. The chairman lashes out at the housemaid, and his affection for Woo Sin doesn’t lessen a bit. It is evident when Woo Sin presents the idea of publishing the memoir on Kwon’s retirement day. Kwon likes Woo Sin’s idea and invites him to his retirement ceremony. This was Woo Sin’s intention all along: to get invited to the ceremony. Choi says to him that it is not easy to steal Adamas on that day, but Woo Sin already knows that SIH has a Plan B, and even if he gets caught, the police can still get Adamas.


Hye Soo doesn’t trust Woo Sin anymore, but she doesn’t know her real enemy yet. Kwon got infuriated at the housemaid because he could kill anyone but not his most beloved son. It was Hyun Jo who killed Min Jo. Everyone is a liar and is hiding a secret from someone. Team A Lee killed Artist Jang because she found out that the ‘Adamas’ was fake. Lee meets Chang Woo in prison and asks him where the real Adamas is, but he denies knowing anything about it. Sun has found Seo Hee and has already killed Ms. Lee. She is only a step away from reaching Su Hyeon.

Is There Another Undercover Agent Inside The Mansion?

Lee Chang Woo is a notorious thief known for not only stealing expensive things from the rich but also documents that can put them in trouble. Chang Woo tells Lee that he is a fool to believe that Kwon has forgotten him and that he shouldn’t have come to visit him. Lee realizes that he is in trouble and changes his plan. He orders Sun to keep Seo Hee alive and visits Hyun Jo with his new plan. He plans to blow up the SIH on the day of Haesong’s 80th anniversary and call it a terrorist attack. This will give them leverage in the upcoming election and will also help legalize personal weapons. Lee can no longer trust Kwon and has to come to Hyun Jo to save himself.


After Ms. Lee dies and Seo Hee gets kidnapped, Su Hyeon urges Kang to attack back instead of sacrificing people meaninglessly. Kang agrees with Su Hyeon for the first time as he loses his most trusted Ms. Lee and sends his team to attack Team A. However, he soon realizes that he let his emotions take over and ignores that it was a trap. He called his subordinate, but it was too late. The bomb explodes, and many of his subordinates get injured, including Su Hyeon. Su Hyeon wakes up after three days and finds an invitation letter for Haesong’s 80th anniversary. His cover is already blown, and everyone knows that he is alive.

Choi has lost his satellite phone and cannot contact SIH. He checks the security drone and sees Guard Kim going to Sector Seven right after him. He is angry, and Woo Sin tries to calm him, which works initially, but he loses his cool when he finds out that Kim didn’t report an incoming guest from the head office to him. Woo Sin starts searching for Kim but finds him with Choi in a cabinet in the woods. Kim pleaded with Choi that he only saw the bag and didn’t take it, but Choi didn’t believe him. Another guard, Park, enters the cabinet and shows them the stolen bag. Woo Sin lies that they have opium in it, and Choi plays along. Park is also a SIH agent and was only checking their identities. Despite Woo Sin and Choi’s opposition, Park kills Kim because he knows their real identities.

‘Adamas’ Episode 10: Ending

The housemaid has invited Jang Eui Don from the head office to personally send out the invitations. Su Hyeon’s name wasn’t on the list, but he still received an invitation. Hyun Jo doesn’t like it that Woo Sin has been invited by his father personally, because he knows that he is affectionate toward Woo Sin. Hye Soo has been working secretly with Jeong, and he has covered her for helping Su Hyeon and Seo Hee.

Situations are complicated everywhere, and anything can happen unexpectedly. Woo Sin is surprised to find that Hye Soo knows about SIH’s helping him, and yet she offers her help. Su Hyeon knows the plan of SIH to arrest Woo Sin, but they don’t know that he has received an invitation as well. Seo Hee has been sent inside the SIH building as a human bomb, but she has a detonator in her hand, meaning she will be solely held responsible for the destruction. The next episode of “Adamas” will be thrilling to watch as Su Hyeon might enter the mansion while Woo Sin tries to steal the Adamas, or he might go and stop Seo Hee from detonating the bomb.


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