‘Adamas’ Episode 7 And 8: Recap And Ending – Who Tries To Kill Su Hyeon?

Su Hyeon and Seo Hee fled from the SIH safe house and saved themselves from Team A. However, SIH has been keeping an eye on them to check whether Team A is using them as bait to get to SIH. “Adamas” Episode 4 unveiled a lot of mysteries inside Kwon’s mansion, and Woo Sin has been caught by Maid Oh for sneaking inside Kwon’s study room. Woo Sin, along with Guard Kim, has to face Oh and find a way to stop her from reporting the incident to Housemaid Kwon.

The Unusual Relationship Between Kwon And The Housemaid

The mysterious man at Su Hyeon’s door calls himself a plumber sent by the landlord. He even calls the landlord, and Su Hyeon lets him in after speaking to her. However, he is still suspicious and doesn’t leave the bathroom to keep on observing the plumber. The plumber looks novice and keeps on asking Su Hyeon to leave the bathroom. Instead, Su Hyeon drags him to the living room and starts kicking him. The plumber pleads innocence at first but starts evilly laughing after some time. A man bangs on Su Hyeon’s door, and Su Hyeon knows who that is. SIH had sent the fake plumber, and they finally confirmed that Team A had no idea about Su Hyeon’s location.

Maid Oh asks Woo Sin what he was doing in Kwon’s study room the other night, and he answers that he wanted to try rare and expensive alcohol but only took a sip. Oh believed it for the time being, but it will be difficult to deceive Housemaid Kwon once Oh reports it to her. Guard Kim requests her to not tell Kwon, but she has to follow her duty. Eun Hye Soo arrives home first, and Woo Sin immediately barges into her room and asks her about Kwon’s son. Kwon has no materialistic possessions, but she has a photo album of her dead son. Woo Sin thinks he can use it to manipulate Kwon. For that, he needs to take care of the maid Oh first. He offers her quite a huge bribe, and she accepts his offer. However, she still has her eyes on him.

Su Hyeon and Seo Hee are in the secret SIH office and understand that their goal is something much bigger than catching Kwon. Su Hyeon tries to escape the office but gets caught. The SIH chief takes him out for dinner and breaks the news to him. Su Hyeon thought that SIH was after Kwon for no reason, but he found out about Kwon’s plan to legalize weapons in Korea. The SIH wants Su Hyeon to believe in them and hence, informs him that his brother is safe for now because Adamas is not in the mansion, but the bad news is that it is going to be recrafted, which means the evidence of his father’s murder will vanish. Team A’s Lee has raised doubt on why Su Hyeon’s father had a picture of his twin sons with their names written on the back. He couldn’t distinguish between his own sons.

Woo Sin needs to know more about Housemaid Kwon, and now that he knows that Maid Oh can do anything for money, he gets her to speak all the secrets that very few people in the mansion know. It is evident that the relationship between Kwon and the housemaid is very strong, but the reason is not what Woo Sin expected. Kwon and the housemaid have known each other since childhood, and the housemaid’s loyalty to her master is unshakable. However, the real reason why they have such an affectionate relationship is that the housemaid’s son donated his heart to Kwon after dying by suicide, and that’s why she treats him like his son. Woo Sin knows that nothing happens in the mansion by co-incidence and finds the son’s death suspicious as well.

Woo Sin asked Hye Soo if she knew about the housemaid’s son, but she wasn’t married at that time. However, hearing about this incident makes one thing clear in her mind—why she had to marry Hyun Jo. She didn’t reveal anything to Woo Sin until he told her that Secretary Yoon was the one who recommended him to the chairman. Maid Oh warned him to stay beware of her. Hye Soo laughs hysterically as all the dots start connecting. Yoon must have seen her reading Woo Sin’s books a lot and thought she would fall in love with him as he also looks like Min Jo. Both Hye Soo and Hyun Jo were forced into the marriage, and Hyun Jo told her indirectly that Min Jo was murdered.

Min Jo used to volunteer in prison and knew that Chang Woo was innocent. He tried to help him and ended up dying. Kwon didn’t even spare his own child. That is why Hye Soo sent a letter to Su Hyeon, but Woo Sin found it. He got an invitation for ghostwriting at the same time, coincidentally, and accepted it.

The Unwavering Loyalty Of The Housemaid

Now that Woo Sin knows the housemaid’s weakness, he has a plan to make use of it for his benefit. He bribes the maid, Oh, to get him his personal bag from security even though he doesn’t need anything from it. His purpose is revealed when Oh takes his bag to the housemaid. The housemaid starts checking his bag and finds a manuscript inside it. The manuscript is named “To Mom’s Name,” and, intrigued by it, she starts reading it, only to find out her son’s story written in it. The story questions if the son’s suicide was a murder or not, and if the mother sacrificed her son for her loyalty towards her master. It breaks the housemaid, and she refuses to believe any such accusation.

While the housemaid is wailing in her room, Woo Sin is out exposing himself and Choi in front of Hye Soo. They were careless for a moment, and Hye Soo noticed that Choi and Woo Sin had something going on. If Woo Sin is hiding things from Hye Soo, then so is Hye Soo. Woo Sin doesn’t know that Hye Soo had met their mother in the hospital right before she died, and she had brought up the topic of Lee Chang Woo. Team A’s Lee performed a DNA test and confirmed his doubt that Lee Chang Woo is Su Hyeon and Woo Sin’s real father. Lee is quite impressed and amused by the result, and the reason behind it is quite interesting as well.

Team A has a special person to handle extreme cases like killing someone in cold blood—a woman called “Sun,” who is clearly a psychopath. She has stolen all the record files about Lee Chang Woo, Woo Sin, and Su Hyeon as well. However, she needs to find Su Hyeon now. She heads to Su Hyeon’s colleague’s home and beats him to death in a cruel way. She has already figured out where Su Hyeon is but needs to give him a message by murdering his colleague first. Hyun Jo is preparing for his inauguration as the next chairman of Haesong, and the first person he wants to get rid of is Team A’s Lee. Hyun Jo subtly indicates to Lee’s junior Jeong that he will lead Team A after he becomes the chairman.

Woo Sin tried to provoke the housemaid again, but she was strong and loyal to the core of her master. However, he noticed that she did feel guilty about it. She refuses to hear or believe any single word against her master but gives out important information to Woo Sin while lashing out at him. She tells him that Kwon has given her the responsibility of Haesong’s 80th-anniversary party, which means the party will be at the mansion, and Adamas will come back to the mansion anyway. Woo Sin was thinking of leaving the mansion somehow to get Adamas before it gets redesigned, but he has a change of plan now.

‘Adamas’ Episode 8: Ending

SIH has also been searching for Adamas, but they have lost track of Pattie Jang, who has strong security from Team A around her. Adamas is important to be retained in its original shape if it has to be used as evidence, and Woo Sin has found a way. He tells Choi that they should spread the rumors about Adamas being with Pattie Jang. This will increase the chances of theft as many people have been waiting to steal the precious artifact. This will leave Kwon with no option but to bring it back to the mansion as it is because it is difficult to find a new artist to redesign it before the anniversary program.

Another important factor in deciding Chang Woo’s innocence is the dead body of the victim. Su Hyeon needs to protect his father’s grave from Team A before they tamper with it and close down all of their chances for a fair autopsy. Su Hyeon and SIH’s Baek reach the grave and find it already messed up, but there is a catch. For some reason, Woo Sin had changed the nameplates, and hence, the real grave is unscathed. As Su Hyeon and Baek sit inside the car to head back, they hear a ringtone from the trunk, and it is Su Hyeon’s colleague inside, dead and drenched in blood. Su Hyeon cannot believe what he is seeing but picks up the phone call, and Sun tells him that she wants to let him know who killed him.

Su Hyeon’s car explodes, Baek dies on the spot, and Su Hyeon fights for his life at the hospital. However, the hospital has already generated a report that Su Hyeon is dead. Lee Chang Woo had refused to meet Su Hyeon before he went to see his father’s grave. Chang Woo is being forced to do things he doesn’t want to, but when a guard threatens him using Team A’s name, he gets angry and tells the guard to give Lee a message that his senior wants to meet him. “Adamas” is about to get an interesting twist with Lee Chang Woo-Su Hyeon and Woo Sin’s biological father being revealed as an ex-Team A member. We will likely see his background story and how he ended up miserably in prison.

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