‘A Small Light’ Episode 7 Recap & Review: What Was Miep And Jan’s Plan To Release The Jews?

Previously in A Small Light, Jan’s secret involvement with the resistance was exposed to Miep by her brother, Cas. Miep’s fears grew when she learned that Jan was supposed to participate in a dangerous bombing mission. However, Jan decided not to go through with it, to Miep’s relief. Meanwhile, the attack was successfully carried out, but Willem Arondeus along with the attackers were captured and given a death sentence. However, Miep and Jan started to feel that the Franks and the other families in the annex were no longer safe there. With lists of Jewish hideouts in the hands of the Nazis and increased surveillance, they realized it was necessary to move them. As news of the Allies’ landing reached the annex, bringing hope for liberation, Miep faced a terrifying encounter. A Nazi officer held her at gunpoint, creating a sense of impending danger. 


Spoilers Ahead

How Was The Frank Family Caught By The Nazis?

On August 4, 1944, Mr. Kuglar, the manager of Opekta, set off for work, carrying a packet of cookies that his wife had prepared for him. Mr. Kleiman and Bep, two other employees, arrived early, and Kuglar joined them, proudly displaying the cookies his wife had prepared. Soon after, Miep Gies arrived, and everyone seemed relaxed and ready to start their work for the day. However, their tranquil environment was immediately disturbed when armed Gestapo agents barged into the office without warning. They held Miep and the others at gunpoint. The Gestapo officers pressured Kuglar to guide them through all the rooms in the building while Miep, Bep, and Kleiman remained in the office, trembling and terrified about what would happen next. Kleiman urged Bep to escape with some valuable documents, managing to evade the Nazis’ watchful eyes. Meanwhile, inside the building, one of the Gestapo officers noticed door marks on the floor, leading them to suspect that the bookshelf was a hidden door to the secret annex. Threatening Kuglar with his life, they demanded that he open the door. Kuglar whistled in front of the door, and the Franks promptly opened it, unaware that they were opening the door to their doom. After nearly two years in hiding, the Franks, Van Pels family, and Fritz Pfeffer were all captured by the Nazis.


Both Kuglar and Kleiman were arrested, but they pleaded with the Nazis not to arrest Miep, insisting that she had no knowledge of the secret annex. Miep, however, refused to shy away from taking responsibility. She engaged in a conversation with one of the Gestapo officers, who happened to be from Vienna, attempting to bribe him. Unfortunately, her efforts were fruitless. The Viennese Gestapo officer showed some leniency towards Miep but didn’t grant her exactly what she wanted. While Miep’s intention was to secure the release of her Jewish friends, the Gestapo officer merely spared her from arrest. Despite her efforts, she couldn’t prevent the capture of the Franks and others. Jan anxiously watched as the arrested Frank and Pels families, along with Fritz, Kuglar, and Kleiman, were loaded onto a police truck. He grew worried upon not spotting Miep among them. In the evening, Jan returned to the office and found some relief after discovering Miep was still there. Later, Bep also returned to the office building, only to find that the Franks and the other hidden people had already been taken away by the Nazis.

What Was Miep And Jan’s Plan To Release The Jews?

Miep and Jan desperately plotted to find a way to free the captured Frank, Pels, and Pfeffer families from the clutches of the Nazis, but they realized that their options were limited. Miep came up with the idea of offering a large sum of money as a bribe to the Nazis in the hope that they would release the prisoners. However, they knew that their actions could draw attention from the Nazis, putting their own lives at risk as well as Kuno, who was living with them. Fearing for his safety, Kuno made the difficult decision to leave Miep’s house and pack his belongings. Jan and Miep worked tirelessly to gather a significant amount of money and discussed who should approach the Nazis to deliver the bribe. Initially, Jan insisted on going alone, as he wanted to protect his wife from danger. However, Miep insisted that she should be the one to go. Having successfully negotiated with the Viennese Gestapo officer before, she believed that her previous encounter with the Gestapo would work in her favor this time as well. 


Final Words

Every week, I eagerly anticipate the A Small Light episodes, and I am consistently enthralled by the cinematic experience it provides. The series goes beyond depicting the war, Nazis, and the plight of the Jews; it delves into deeper themes. As Episode 7 began, I felt a rush of nervous excitement during the entire sequence of the Franks’ capture. Although we are aware of the eventual fate of the Franks, the series manages to maintain a gripping and suspenseful atmosphere that captivates the audience.

The heartbreaking and terrifying scene of the Jews being arrested by the Nazis leaves us with a heavy heart. Anne Frank, emerging from the building after two years in hiding, gazes at the sky with tear-filled eyes. She regains a glimpse of the outside world but is unable to truly savor the feeling. To her, the entire world seems treacherous, and she can’t stomach the fact that they are destined for the horrors of concentration camps. The freedom once cherished by the Franks and the Pels has come to an end, yet a glimmer of hope remains within their hearts. Miep and Bep walked inside the annex afterward and discovered the items the families had left behind. Miep discovered Ann’s diary, which she stored in the drawer with the intention of giving them back to Anne after the war. Miep was, in the meantime, plagued by worries about who could have betrayed the Franks to the Gestapo. She suspected Tony Ahlers, but he proved not to be the informant. Several theories suggest that someone from the Jewish council, threatened by the Nazis, might have divulged the whereabouts of the hidden Jews. In reality, Miep Gies faced significant difficulties following the capture of the Franks. The Nazis confiscated her ID passport and ordered her to return to Vienna within 90 days. However, similar to the portrayal in the series, a Viennese Gestapo officer did not arrest her. Consequently, Miep and Jan were able to live together in Amsterdam for the rest of their lives, overcoming the challenges they faced.


Poulami Nanda
Poulami Nanda
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As Episode 7 began, I felt a rush of nervous excitement during the entire sequence of the Franks' capture. Although we are aware of the eventual fate of the Franks, the series manages to maintain a gripping and suspenseful atmosphere that captivates the audience.'A Small Light' Episode 7 Recap & Review: What Was Miep And Jan's Plan To Release The Jews?