‘A Small Light’ Episode 6 Recap And Review: Did Miep Get Caught By The Nazis?

In A Small Light Episode 5, Jan’s secret involvement in the resistance was no longer hidden from Miep. Miep’s brother, Cas, happened to be at a homosexual bar where the Resistance fighters gathered. He informed Miep that he had seen Jan there, talking to members of the resistance party. Miep was filled with fear upon learning that her husband would be participating in the upcoming bombing plan at the civil registry office, which would undoubtedly lead to the deaths of these fighters. However, Jan chose to back off from participating in the attack at the request of Willem Arondeus. This decision brought great relief to Miep, who eventually found her husband alive and well. Despite Jan’s absence, the attack on the civil registry office was successfully orchestrated. Unfortunately, Arondeus and the other attackers were apprehended and subsequently sentenced to death.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Kuno?

A Small Light Episode 6 begins at the Jewish Council, where a nurse is caring for a nursery. The plan was to transport a Jewish mother’s infant to a safe place before the Nazis could take him to the Westerbork transit camp. Jan stepped in to help transport the baby, successfully evading the Nazis’ snare. However, these nurses, who were working for the Nazi council, were also seeking a place to hide. After safely transporting the baby, the nurses, along with a member of the Council named Max, arrived at Miep and Jan’s house. Meanwhile, Miep was worried about her new neighbor, who happened to be an NSB officer. Now, in their house, various problematic individuals were present, posing a risk of attracting the attention of the Nazis. Miep’s landlady, Mrs. Stopplebam, also sought refuge, and the woman who provided her with a hiding place asked Jan to help her son, Kuno, hide at their house temporarily. Having Kuno, the nurses, and Max at their house created a potential problem for Miep. However, things took a turn for the worse when Kuno fell ill with a sinus infection. The nurses did their best to treat him, but Miep lived in constant fear of what would happen if he didn’t survive. Fortunately, Kuno pulled through when a significant amount of blood and mucus came gushing out of his nostrils, relieving his symptoms and providing much-needed reassurance to Miep.


How Did Jan Help Those Nurses?

Max had a hideout located outside the city, but given the strict Nazi surveillance, moving there posed a significant risk. However, in an unexpected turn of events, a Nazi constable stepped forward, possibly a member of the resistance or a follower of Bram Baker, Jan’s boss. This constable assisted Jan in transporting the two nurses, along with Max and his wife, to a secure hiding place. Miep and Jan continued to play their respective roles, but Miep was constantly concerned about how long the Frank family could remain protected from the Nazis. Lists of Jewish hideouts had already been sent to the Nazis, and they had intensified their surveillance and searches. Under these circumstances, Miep and Jan began to believe that the Franks were no longer safe in the annex. It became imperative to transfer them to a different location, but the transportation of the three families seemed almost impossible.

Meanwhile, Edith Frank’s mental state was deteriorating. The prolonged confinement in the annex had taken a toll on her, and she longed for sunlight and a glimpse of the outside world. She became aware of the darkness of depression lurking within her mind, which she did not want to burden her daughters with. At times, she would venture outside the annex, a highly risky move that deeply worried Miep. Despite the risks, Miep tried her best to bring moments of joy to the hidden families. One day, with the help of their potato seller, Gerrit, she managed to acquire a large quantity of strawberries. Gerrit had deduced that Miep must have been hiding people in the annex and gave her the strawberries as a gesture of support. Miep silently expressed her gratitude to Gerrit and presented the strawberries to the Franks, informing them that she would make jam out of them, hoping to bring a small taste of delight to their difficult situation.


Did Miep Get Caught By The Nazis?

Miep experienced severe distress whenever she couldn’t find the families in the annex and sensed their absence in their usually quiet place. She had repeatedly warned them to remain calm, keep the radio volume low, and try to exist without making noise. However, deep down, she knew it was nearly impossible for so many people, including children, to coexist without causing a commotion. One day, Miep entered the annex and discovered that the families had gathered to listen to a radio news broadcast. Otto Frank informed Miep that the French allies had landed on the shore, marking the significant D-Day event in the war. Van Pels expressed his elation, hoping that they would soon be liberated once the war was over. However, their fate did not unfold as they had wished.

On another day, as Miep arrived at the office building and began chatting with her colleagues, she suddenly found herself facing the barrel of a gun. A Nazi officer had pointed the gun at her, demanding that she stay put, leaving her in a state of shock and fear.


Final Words

In episode 6 of A Small Light, the show presents the beginning of the havoc that will unfold in the lives of the hidden families in the annex. However, the question of who informed the Nazis about the Jewish families’ hideout in the annex remains unanswered. One possible suspect is Tonny Ahlers, who frequently visited Otto’s office building and was aware that Miep was involved in hiding the Franks. Another theory suggests that Arnold Van den Bergh, a member of the Jewish Council, may have provided the Nazis with a list of all the Jewish families’ hiding places in an attempt to protect his own family. However, several theories surround this issue, including the possibility that the Nazis discovered the annex on their own, abruptly revealing its location without giving Miep and others a chance to devise a backup plan. To find out the truth and discover the future of the Frank and Van Pels families, we can only eagerly wait for the upcoming episodes.

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In episode 6 of A Small Light, the show presents the beginning of the havoc that will unfold in the lives of the hidden families in the annex. However, the question of who informed the Nazis about the Jewish families' hideout in the annex remains unanswered. 'A Small Light' Episode 6 Recap And Review: Did Miep Get Caught By The Nazis?