Wiktor In ‘Detective Forst,’ Explained: What Had Happened In Wiktor’s Childhood?

Based on Remigiusz Mróz’s novel series of the same name, the Netflix thriller Detective Forst centers around a murder investigator, Wiktor Forst, who sets out on his journey to unravel the mystery surrounding the interconnected murders taking place in the Tatra Mountain region of Poland. Previously, Forst used to work in a different location, but following an incident, he was suspended from his previous precinct and was transferred to Zakopane. Not only that, but the man had to serve his six-month prison sentence due to the offense, which was never explicitly mentioned in the series. Perhaps Forst had acted violently while interrogating a minor, which was the reason he was charged with criminal offenses. However, at Zakopane, upon his arrival, he had to look into a string of perplexing murders, which also reminded him of his most troubled childhood memories. Let’s discuss Wiktor Forst’s character journey and the childhood trauma he was put through.


Wiktor Forst was the kind of person who masked his emotional pain and presented himself with a tough exterior, but in fact, Forst had a very tortured personality. His childhood memories were not as pleasant as those of a normal person. From a very tender age, he never received proper guidance from his own parents, which led him to seek validation from other people in his life, even in adulthood. Hooking up with random women was Forst’s defense mechanism to fight his demons, which wasn’t a very healthy decision at all, but he was not completely a playboy. He might have had a fear of attachment, but he did care about Agata, Frana, and even Olga as well. Despite lacking humility in his personality, he wasn’t an evil person; rather, he became a victim of difficult circumstances, which made him afraid of taking responsibility for someone. The disturbing childhood memories haunted Forst in such a way that he could not even think of taking care of others, as he was unable to take care of himself.

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What Happened To Wiktor Forst In His Childhood?

Wiktor Forst never knew the identity of his real parents. He grew up in an orphanage, supervised by Halina Krol, who was supposed to be a mother figure in the kids’ lives, but instead of guiding them properly, she was extremely harsh on all the orphan kids, including Forst. During that time, Forst became a very close friend of Iwo Elijah, who became his partner in all the childish mischief. The two kids were fascinated by religious artifacts, and when they saw Halina’s coin necklace, it instantly caught their attention. The two boys planned to steal the Aureus coin from Halina’s office, but the woman caught the boys red-handed. Iwo, taking all the blame, saved Forst from further punishment, but it gravely affected Iwo when Forst didn’t stand up for his friend and hid when Iwo had to suffer tremendous physical pain as a punishment for his mistake. To take his revenge, Iwo also slit Forst’s throat out of rage. This marked the beginning of the animosity between these two friends, which further escalated when Forst was adopted by a decent family, leaving Iwo alone in the orphanage. Iwo’s anger and vengeful thoughts made him a homicidal maniac who decided to take revenge on Forst by hurting his loved ones.

Even though Forst initially had no idea about Iwo’s involvement in the murders, he was surprised to find those coins around each murder scene. It reminded him of all the unpleasant memories of his childhood. Little Iwo’s voices began to torment his soul after finding out about the coins, which made him develop a schizophrenic personality with constant paranoia and intrusive thoughts. Forst sought medical help, but he realized he would never get relief until he discovered the murderer and the real motive behind these killings.


Did Wiktor Bring Iwo To Justice?

Wiktor finally confronted Iwo and learned that, in order to take revenge on him, Iwo was committing those murders and leaving those coins at the murder scenes. All Iwo wanted was to catch Forst’s attention to make him realize how much he had suffered because of his old friend. But Forst, who was a sensible person, couldn’t comprehend that a petty misunderstanding of childhood could make a person a violent and psychopathic killer. Therefore, despite empathizing with Iwo’s pain and suffering, Forst decided to bring him to justice, but Dominika, the prosecutor, who turned out to be Iwo’s wife, stood in his way. Dominika dug deep into Forst’s history only to frame him for these killings and save her husband’s image. Dominika made sure of the fact that Forst couldn’t get away from the authorities, so she made Halina’s son give a false statement about Forst’s dangerous and murderous nature. This helped the authorities gather enough proof against Forst, so they were all set to apprehend the detective.

However, Forst could have saved himself if he had managed to get a hold of Iwo, but unfortunately, Iwo slipped out of his hand. Even after a fierce fight between the two, Iwo managed to survive and escape the scene, leaving Forst for the authorities. As Forst survived the injury and regained his consciousness, the first thought that came to his mind was Olga and Nina’s safety. He had already lost some of the valuable people in his life, such as Frana and Agata, both of whom he had loved and cared for, but he couldn’t offer the sense of loyalty that each of them deserved. Agata’s death shook him to the core, as he couldn’t be there for her when she needed him the most. Therefore, without wasting any time, Forst rushed back to check on Nina and Olga, but unfortunately, he had to face Nina’s death and Olga’s departure. Forst had already imagined that he had lost Olga as well, while Olga, carrying Iwo in her car, headed somewhere else. Judging by the concluding scene of the first season, we’re certain that Forst was arrested by the police, and he would have to serve a prison sentence until he was proven innocent.


What Will Be Wiktor’s Future?

In season 2, we expect Forst to be in jail, fighting a legal battle to prove his innocence, while Olga might turn out to be the villain of the story. Now, we don’t have any idea if Olga is actually a villain or not, so speculatively, in the upcoming season, Forst would have to confront a new antagonist, someone he’d never doubted that way. In the upcoming season, we might see Forst’s mental state going downhill as he will probably end up in jail, but let’s see what fate awaits him in the next installment of Detective Forst.

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