‘Thalaimai Seyalagam’ Ending Explained: Did Kotravai Become The Chief Minister?

As the first season of Thalaimai Seyalagam comes to a close, it might’ve left you a lot of questions. CM Arunachalam’s life hangs by a thread as the final episode begins. The judgment day is near, and it’s up to Kotravai if the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is to dodge imprisonment. In this article, I am going to discuss all the events that unfolded in the finale, along with the speculations for the next season.


Spoilers Ahead

Does the verdict go against CM Arunachalam?

The Chief Minister and his party members all arrive at Andhra High Court, and he’s mentally ready to face the inevitable consequences of his going to prison. Kotravai has other plans for this day, as her phone starts ringing just when the judge is about to declare the final verdict. This was just the beginning, as all the phones belonging to the party members started to ring. The inconvenience they cause buys enough time for an emergency letter to be faxed to the court. Kotravai’s plan is successful, and after reading the document, even the judge scolds her a bit. The judge then reads the document out loud, and Rangarajan’s face tells you how important this was to prove Arunachalam’s innocence. Rangarajan presented an American businessman’s autobiography as one of his most valuable pieces of evidence to the court. Kotravai got to the bottom of it and made the man come down to the Supreme Court. He confessed that a lot of his autobiography is based on lies, and his own company’s accounts have enough irregularities to make it such that Rangarajan’s petition can’t be held in court. After 17 years of this case running on and on, the Supreme Court has ordered for the investigation to be restarted and Arunachalam walks out of the court with his head held high. 


Why does Maya betray Durga? 

After months of waiting, Durga finally sees her shipment being moved to where she wants. Hariharan shows his true colors when the deal is supposed to be concluded, and he tells Durga that 50 percent isn’t quite enough for him; he wants the whole shipment. Durga’s and Hariharan’s men take their guns out, and Nawaz and Sundari arrive just in time to spoil their clash. This quickly turns into a shootout, and Hariharan hides behind a car to save himself. Durga takes Maya and tries to run away, and Nawaz and the rest of the police force soon emerge triumphant over the goons. When Durga stands alone before Nawaz, a bullet goes through her heart. Maya shoots her from the side, and Durga falls to the ground in disbelief. She tells Maya that she didn’t just pretend to be like her mother; she indeed was. Nawaz is satisfied with how things turned out, and he applauds Maya for the clean shot. Sundari tells Manikandan that Maya had been informing her about everything from the time Kotravai got shot, and it’s to her credit that they managed to get to Durga. Hariharan successfully flees from the shootout, but he’s as good as dead now. Getting nothing out of this deal means he’s now in huge debt, and Dubey will come for him. 

Did Amudhavalli kill CM Arunachalam?

After Arunachalam’s unfortunate death in a helicopter crash, the party’s general secretary, Selva, calls an emergency meeting to announce the successor. After much anticipation, he opens the envelope that Arunachalam gave him before the verdict. Selva announces Amudhavalli to be the new leader of their party, as well as the new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Amongst the cheers from party members, Amudhavalli takes the stage to congratulate herself. Kotravai has had enough, and she understands that it’s Arunachalam’s own daughter who had him killed. Kotravai stands up and shouts at Amudhavalli, calling her a murderer. Kotravai declares that, out of her greed and lust for power, Amudhavalli plotted to murder her father. She points out that Amudhavalli always traveled with her father in the helicopter but chose not to do so on the day he got killed. Nagarajan slutshames Kotravai and Amudhavalli too for cussing at her for ruining her moment, but Kotravai tells everyone that Amudhavalli has transferred a huge sum of money to the pilot’s account. The meeting turns into a violent ruckus, and Selva slaps Nagarajan when he tries to attack Kotravai. Nagarajan does push her to the ground, but the truth has already come out. 


The injured pilot confesses that it was a murder plotted by the CM’s daughter and Nagarajan. He only did it to fund his daughter’s operation, and this confession leads to Amudhavalli and Nagarajan’s arrest the same night. 

Who Is The Real Durga?

In Kotravai’s oath-taking ceremony to be the new CM of Tamil Nadu, Nawaz asks Manikandan if he found Durga. Manikandan tells Nawaz that the village he went to looking for Durga is a place where everybody identifies as Durga. Nawaz knows he’s lying, and Manikandan admits that he is, and says Nawaz should be at peace knowing that the Durga he was searching for is dead. Nawaz disagrees and says the Durga he’s looking for still lives. Bengalis worship Goddess Durga as the destroyer of evil, and Manikandan saw the villagers worshipping a Durga who didn’t look like the traditional version of the Goddess. The idol looked exactly like Kotravai, and Nawaz knows that it’s Kotravai who killed Tiwari and his men and inspector Shahid in Bhubaneswar. Both men agree that there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding Kotravai, aka Durga, and they shake off solving the puzzle. 


How did Kotravai rise through the ranks to become the Chief Minister?

As Maya is leaving her house for good, she finds a letter from Kotravai, narrating how she ended up where she is. Asking for 5 rupees, the whole village of Tanjore was burned down by the landowners. Kotravai, aka Shakti, survived the massacre, and she was just three years old at the time. A Bengali comrade who went to seek justice for the villagers adopted Shakthi and raised her as his second daughter, alongside Durga. Shakthi and Durga grew up as sisters, and both went to DNU to study political science. Durga fell in love with a student leader of the university and soon found a girl who belonged to a tribal community. The government had chased out her community, killed the men, and raped the women of the tribe. The girl was Catherine, Kotravai’s closest friend. To avenge her agony, Shakthi turned to violence to fight back against the government. Shakthi herself was a product of a similar tragedy, so her motive was as clear as daylight. She murdered many landlords and officials with smooth planning and formed a new Naxal group. Durga and the student leader got blessed with Maya, but soon the government formed a committee to counter terrorism, especially the Naxals. Except Leela, Arunachalam, and Vipin Sharma, everyone in that committee wanted to arm the tribal kids with weapons to counter the rebels. The police started to hunt the Naxals down, and Maya’s father got killed in one of their missions to kill a committee member. After losing a lot of manpower, Shakthi realized that the only way she can fight the system is if she’s in a position of power herself. Durga still thought that violence was the best answer and got arrested with other Naxalites. Shakthi took Catherine and Maya and fled to Tamil Nadu, looking for an opportunity to rise through the ranks to be in a position of authority. Shakthi finally managed to reach where she wanted to, as she took the oath to be the new CM. 

What will happen in Season 2?

Except for Maya, nobody knows where Kotravai came from to reach the place she is now. Nawaz and Manikandan have joined forces to seek the truth about Kotravai, Shakthi, and Durga, and both of these men have proven to be successful in their mission. Now that Kotravai has become a CM, it’d be impossible for them to question Kotravai about anything, but they already know her origins. What Manikandan witnessed in Shyam Singh Village was surreal; a whole village worshipping a lady as Goddess Durga, it’s quite fitting, to be honest. Just like the goddess, Kotravai lived her life to fight against the evil in society and managed to influence people to turn to the light. Arunachalam’s family is now broken; as he’s dead, his daughter and father-in-law are in prison, and his son-in-law is a fugitive, it’s unlikely that the family will have much to contribute in the second season. 


The web-series is currently streaming on Zee5 Global.

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