‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: What Does Colin Learn From His Mother?

Season Three episode two ended with Penelope and Colin kissing each other after the former begged him to do so. Even if she had died, she would die knowing a man kissed her, and her soul would be happy. Colin obliged, and they shared a memorable moment with each other. Meanwhile, Francesca had caught the attention of Queen Charlotte, who branded her as the sparkle of the season, the diamond she found for the season to be courted.


Spoilers Ahead

Was Colin in love?

Colin had a dream about him and Penelope getting intimate, and he woke up knowing there were some feelings stirred up in him for her. He had not planned on falling for her, but the kiss between the two changed the game for him. Overnight, he went from being only her friend to slowly falling in love with Penelope. He was hoping Penelope would not find a husband for herself and that he would find a way into her heart. Before that, he needed to process the feelings he had for her and act accordingly.


Who was Lady Danbury expecting?

Lady Danbury was aware of two new people who had moved to London after staying away from the ton for a long while. Lord Debling, a nature-loving traveler, was back in London preparing for his next voyage to a country far away. He was also looking for a suitable bride who would get adjusted to him and his lifestyle which includes his long voyages. The wife would be in charge of his estates in the ton, which would make the woman one of the most powerful persons in society. Apart from Lord Debling, Lord Marcus Anderson, Lady Danbury’s brother, would be joining her in the ton. He had been away from London for many years and was planning to visit his sister after a long gap. 

Why did Eloise apologize? 

Eloise apologized to Penelope for the mistake she made in divulging the friendship her ex-best friend was sharing with her brother Colin. Eloise could see how her action had severely affected Penelope, who had now come out in public after a long time. This was probably the restart of their old friendship while Eloise was still friends with Cressida. She also clarified her stance regarding her role in letting people know about Penelope and Colin. It was obvious that Cressida was jealous of Penelope. 


Who were Cressida and Penelope interested in?

As all the families met for another formal ball in the ton, all eyes were on Lord Debling. Both Cressida and Penelope were subtly fighting for the main spot and falsely created a fake image of themselves in the hope either of them would be chosen. This was Penelope’s last chance; while Cressida was threatened that she would be married off to her father’s older friends to secure the money and the property. Both claimed to find Lord Debling and his life fascinating, but they were trying hard to find common ground with him.

Who did Queen Charlotte introduce Francesca to?

Queen Charlotte had found her diamond in the lot, and it was Francesca Bridgerton. The Queen made sure she got the best match out of everyone. Since she had become a crown favorite, she had begun to receive invitations to meet many men from rich noble families. The Queen made sure she met Lord Samdani, who was a marquess as well. The Queen and Marquess Samadani’s family went a long way back, and she found no reason not to introduce the eligible young bachelor to the very talented and beautiful Francesca. 


Francesca very quickly understood that both are different people, and he will probably never get along with her idea of remaining aloof and quiet at times. Francesca was an introverted person, and she needed peace in this chaotic world of hers. 

Who had thrown the soirée to explain how the hot air balloon works?

Lord and Lady Hawkins had an affinity for science and had hosted a soiree for a hot balloon which was put on display for everyone. The hot air balloon was a sight to behold and all the noble families from the city were at the event. Colin was trying to have a conversation with Penelope about not considering Lord Debling, but she had made up her mind about him despite both having different personalities. Cressida was also not leaving any stone unturned and making sure she threw herself at him, much to Penelope’s horror. Eloise was the only witness to the hilarity unfolding, while Lord Debling was unsure who to court.


Who saves the balloon from crashing?

The mooring rope that was tied to keep the balloon grounded had snapped, and it had almost hit people on its way to crash into a river nearby. The closest person to the balloon was Penelope, who was frozen at the sight of a crashing balloon coming her way. Colin, along with his brothers and Will Mondrich, stopped the balloon from crashing. Meanwhile, Lord Debling shielded Penelope from being run over by the object. This scene was added to prove both men would do anything for Penelope’s attention, while Cressida was still jealous and hoped she still had chances. 

Who does Benedict Bridgerton meet?

At the soiree, Benedict meets with Lady Tilly Arnold, who was a widow of a rich nobleman. Benedict, who was the most eligible bachelor all this while at the formal balls who was hiding away from the prospective bride’s mothers to avoid being thrust upon a young woman who could potentially be his wife. Benedict was hardly interested until he met Lady Tilly Arnold at the same soiree hosted by Lord and Lady Hawkins. Both began to flirt, and they instantly hit it off.


Who was Marcus Anderson?

As mentioned above, Lord Marcus Anderson had been away from the ton for a very long time and he was back living with his sister, Lady Danbury. Lady Danbury was not very keen on him, but Marcus had slowly begun to find Lady Viola Bridgerton attractive, as they had run into each other several times and seemed to like the brief conversations they had with each other. 

Who did Lord Debling choose?

The fight for Lord Debling’s attention was still on. Cressida and Penelope were being mean to each other in the hope of being selected as his next wife. Penelope noticed Lord Debling was showing more interest in Cressida, and to end their match once and for all, she was honest with him about her likes and dislikes. She also confessed that she came up with lies to make her seem attractive to him. Lord Debling was impressed by her honesty and decided to ask her mother for Penelope’s hand in marriage. Penelope’s dream had come true; she had some love harbored in her for Colin and wondered if she should say yes to the proposal. Since this was the biggest news for her in all this time, she was skeptical about the entire charade she had carried out just to make sure Lord Debliing chose her. 


What does Colin learn from his mother?

Colin, who was witness to Lord Debling and Penelope getting closer, saw there was a possibility of them getting married. He now knew he was in love with her and wanted to have her and possibly marry her as well. Colin was sure Penelope was agreeing with this match because she felt obligated too. He could not stop the engagement as he felt she was supposed to be the one to realize her love for Colin and not accept the proposal from Lord Debling. Colin was aware this was a marriage of convenience under pressure from society and her family. 

Colin wanted to know from his mother the kind of love she had shared with his father. Her mother was always happy to admit that she and her husband were friends before, and their friendship turned into affection. Lady Violet also claimed she wanted the same for all her children, and so far, two of them were lucky. He was sure he was in love with Penelope because they had shared a friendship first. He knew Penelope had grown to love him and it was his time to reciprocate. Colin had a plan in mind to speak to her, and he was ready to confess his feelings. 


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