Olga In ‘Detective Forst,’ Explained: Did Olga Save Iwo Elijah?

Detective Forst, a Netflix original Polish mystery thriller, offers a gripping narrative with a set of interesting characters. The titular character, Detective Wiktor Forst’s journey in the series began with a series of murders taking place in the town of Giewont, where he had been working for the Zakopane police. The day the first murder victim was found hanging from a tower, Forst came across another significant character in the story, Olga Szrebska, a journalist who arrived alone at the crime scene to take a look at the murders. Due to her wandering around the crime scene alone, the police didn’t believe that she was a journalist and thought she might be someone who could tamper with the crime scene. However, our lover boy protagonist Forst instantly believes Olga and includes her in his investigation.

Spoilers Ahead

How Did OlgaHelp Forst?

Olga first met with Forst when the detective came to investigate the murder scene at Giewont. Initially, Forst didn’t dare to speak to Olga alone under the pressure of his chief, but he later started sharing information with her. Olga’s character seemed to be very shady from the start, as she was neither only a love interest of Forst nor was she a villain. Since the very beginning, Olga was there for Forst and helped him with his investigation. She had always accompanied him to the riskiest places in Poland, like the historical foundation of the Goral people, or the orphanage directed by Halina. In both of these places, Olga cooperated with Forst, but it always seemed like she was somehow just using Forst as a tool to learn more about the history of the area. Olga was initially reluctant to initiate romantic relationship with Forst, but that is only for show because she just intends to show Forst how reliable and focused she was in her investigation, but certainly, she had something sinister hidden under her rug. Olga eventually established a physically intimate connection with Forst, who had already been dying for it.

What Was Olga’s Role In The Story?

Olga Szrebska was covertly investigating these murders even when she was not with Forst. Through her investigation, she came to find out the truth about Staszek’s secret hook-up with the minister’s son, Maks Rozwadowski, who got killed a few months after they spent a romantic night together. However, Olga decided to keep quiet about it, as she either really wished well for Staszek and didn’t want to get him in trouble or she might have already known who the killer was, which was why she didn’t pay much attention to Staszek.

Throughout the season, we saw Olga putting herself in a lot of troubling situations only for Forst. Initially, she got into a life-threatening situation when Forst went to confront the orphanage director, Halina, taking her along with him. In the orphanage, it was revealed that Halina’s son, Iwo, who was also Forst’s former best friend during their time at the orphanage, was the culprit behind these brutal killings. Iwo killed Halina as well and held Olga and Forst as his captives. He drugged Forst and gravely injured Olga, while also setting the entire building ablaze. But fortunately, Forst managed to rescue Olga and get her out of the building. Olga’s health condition was concerning but it raised suspicion why Iwo decided only to tie her up, instead of finishing her off completely.

However, Forst was content that Olga was alive, but seeing her in such a devastating state, Forst thought Olga had suffered a traumatic episode. Well, it seemed like she was probably traumatized, but given how the series concluded, it became difficult to decode exactly what she was feeling right at that moment. It raised several questions like if she was really in a devastating mental condition or if she had already been aware of this attack and was a part of the charade.

However, by the conclusion of the series, when Forst couldn’t sleep at night thinking that Olga’s life might be in danger in the hospital, he brought her back to a safe place, his colleague, Nina’s home. At Nina’s, Olga slowly recovered and mentally supported Forst in his pursuit to get a hold of Iwo. When Agata was kidnapped and tortured by Iwo, Olga tried to help Forst in decoding the messages Iwo had left for Forst. As Forst finally managed to decipher the signs and learned that Iwo had kept Agata in the destroyed building of the orphanage, he didn’t waste any time and hurried to the location. Even at the time of departing, Olga consoled him, saying that Forst should never blame himself for all the unfortunate events unfolding, and hoped that he’d surely capture the killer.

However, Forst couldn’t capture the killer, as after their fight, Iwo escaped the scene after surviving the fall, but Forst, as he regained his consciousness, could only think about Olga and Nina’s safety. Realizing that Iwo had fled the scene, he could imagine what the murderer could do next. Forst rushed back to Nina’s place but it was too late, as Nina had been brutally killed, while Olga was missing. Forst had already imagined that he might have lost Olga as well, but the ending climatic scene of Detective Forst season 1 startled us. In a plot twist, we saw Olga,  carrying Iwo’s viciously injured body in the back seat of the car, driving somewhere else. This scene suggests many things. Either Olga had managed to survive the attack by Iwo and knocked him down, or she was the one who had killed Nina and ran away with Iwo to take him somewhere safe. Perhaps, Olga was the accomplice of Iwo, the one who had been there for Forst only to closely observe the investigation and inform Iwo of everything about it. Or, it could be another case of Olga deciding to turn in the criminal and take the credit. Furthermore, we are not too aware of Forst’s past mistakes that led to his dismissal from his previous precinct and his subsequent transfer to Zakopane. Perhaps, Olga could be someone whom Forst wronged earlier, and now she has returned to seek her revenge. A lot can be speculated, but we’ll expect to get a clearer explanation from the upcoming season of Detective Forst if it hits Netflix screens again. 

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