‘Who Were We Running From?’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Can We Expect From Season 2?

Episode seven of “Who Were We Running From” had the police finally closing in on the mother and daughter duo in the city. The mother and Bambi, though, are broke, and they are living in a hostel surrounded by young people they cannot connect with. Bambi, on the other hand, is trying to understand what her mother wants, though she is not angry at any point; she wants to emulate her mother in every form. She wants to follow in her footsteps, be meticulous like her, and have a sense of when any danger is lurking around them. She wants all those qualities in her, and for that, she wants to be with her mother to understand how she picks up the senses to remain alert all the time.

Bambi wants to make sure they get the money and rescue themselves from an imminent arrest and go back to living like they did before. The mother takes it upon herself to find a solution to their one big problem, which is money. They roam around in markets hoping they can score some free stuff, but that does not happen. The police are again on the hunt to find out what the duo is up to and who or what would be their next target. They know the duo doesn’t have any money on them and are desperate to get out. 

The mother, though, forces her daughter to wear a wig to avoid suspicion. She gives her daughter a piece of advice about her beauty. Bambi is told that her beauty stands out and that she will have to make sure not to stand out to avoid any untoward attention. The attention she will receive will put her in trouble in the long run. Bambi listens intently but does not feel right about what her mother’s just conveyed to her.

Her mother plans one last heist to make sure she gets enough money out of it to live the life she was living before she lost all of her inheritance money. She robs a jewelry store, but, in the process, she ends up getting hurt and also hurting the man in the store. She and Bambi realize they will have to run away again, but the police are now once again close to arresting them. With her mother severely injured and profusely bleeding, Bambi tries her best to make her run with her to avoid being caught by the police. The mother, after a point, is unable to run any further and asks Bambi to just continue the journey without her, and the police, who had shoot-at-sight orders for the mother, end up killing her right in the middle of the street. Bambi, on the other hand, helplessly walks away from the scene of the crime. Bambi feels she cannot go back because her mother would not have wanted her to surrender to the police and let them draw her into their procedures. Bambi would not want to ruin the memory of her mother, and to keep her in mind, she runs away, fading into oblivion. 

What Can We Expect From Season 2?

With Bambi disappearing from the radar of the police and making sure never to let them even come close to her, she would try to make it big for herself but slowly and steadily. Her idol was her mother, and she would learn all the tricks of the trade from her mother’s book of how to be on the run; her main aim would be to survive and make money. Growing up, Bambi had seen nothing but luxurious hotels and money, so she would want all of that for her eventually, and she would make sure to get there sooner rather than later.

Bambi would find ways to understand what went wrong with her mother, and she would not want to repeat those missteps ever. But there is also a chance of her getting caught in the mess created by her mother in the past, which will haunt her. She would try to get out of it, but it would get murkier from there on. Her mother was accused of murder not just in Turkey but outside the jurisdiction of her home country as well, and since she was always with her mother, she would be questioned or probably pursued by the family of the people her mother had killed. In short, Bambi will have to grow up rather quickly and understand that her mother is not around to save her anymore, and she will have to do it on her own. Bambi will have to find ways to make sure she gets out of trouble rather seamlessly and without much noise, unlike her mother, who always made a dramatic exit. Hopefully, the mother’s name will also be revealed at some point. The name would help the audience to give an identity to the mother, who remained an enigma even with so much being revealed about her through the interrogation. 

Hopefully, with her grandfather, grandmother, and mother gone, Bambi might inherit all the money of the family if there was no written ironclad will and so she’ll probably make sure to stay in the country to safeguard the inheritance just meant for her. There is a relationship angle that can be explored for Bambi, where she might start having feelings for someone, but the question would be whether the said person will enter her life for her or the money she will be inheriting. Bambi has nothing to lose from here on, and she will make sure to get her life on track. Her mother worked and put herself in the line of fire to protect Bambi with the hope she wouldn’t have to struggle at all. But Bambi will have to go through the hustle to make sure she isn’t pursued by law and order, and hopefully, to get there, she will have to earn enough money for herself. Another possibility would be Bambi getting herself a partner in crime just like her mother had her. To make sure they stick together and formulate plans to save themselves from any trouble.

Bambi will surely have plenty of obstacles in season two if it is announced, and that would transform her from a young teenage girl under her mother’s shelter to a strong woman who knows what she wants, has her way around things, and knows how to get out of trouble—may be better than her mother.

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