‘Wednesday’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained – Who Was The Actual Hyde Or The Monster?

Previously in episode 6, Noble Walker, the mayor, passed away after having his ventilator removed by someone, and Wednesday is devoted to tracking down that murderer. In episode 7, we saw her attending Mr. Walker’s funeral. But she wasn’t grieving his death; instead, she was observing everyone there to identify the culprit because she knew he or she was one of them.


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What Was Hyde?

Wednesday noticed that someone was watching her, so she rushed after him to find out who it was. Fortunately, it turned out to be Uncle Fester, who we had all been eagerly waiting to meet. Fester said that he was in Boston for work, so he decided to see how Wednesday was doing. Wednesday knew that the job in Boston involved some sort of heist or other illegal activity; therefore, her uncle had to maintain a low profile. Though Fester didn’t study at Nevermore, he used to come here to meet his brother Gomez. He, therefore, had some knowledge of the place’s history. Wednesday took Fester to the apiary and showed him the painting of the monster, which Fester recognized as a “Hyde.” He cited Olga Malkova as an example of Hyde. Despite being gorgeous, intelligent, and a talented pianist, she unexpectedly morphed into a monster during an opera performance. Wednesday said that she had looked through all of the outcast books in Nevermore but didn’t see any mention of Hyde. As a result, Fester advised her to read Nathaniel Faulkner’s diary. Nathaniel Faulkner founded Nevermore, but before that, he traveled the world and documented everything in his diaries. Since the diary was in the Nightshades library, Wednesday wanted to go there at night with her uncle Fester.


Wednesday returned to her room alone and tried to concentrate on writing her manuscript. Enid kept coming to the room several times since she missed her ex-roommate. Wednesday went to the Nightshades library late at night, but instead of Fester, she found Xavier. Wednesday eventually revealed her doubts: she believed Xavier was the monster because every time there was a monster attack, she discovered him in the vicinity. Xavier tried to explain that it may all be a coincidence, but Wednesday was not convinced. As Xavier walked away, Fester approached her and showed her the safe behind the picture of Iggy Itt, Faulkner’s right hand. Thing cracked the code and opened the safe, which contained Faulkner’s diary. Wednesday took the diary to her room and researched Hyde. She discovered that these animals were generally humans who transitioned into beasts as a result of a traumatic incident or a chemical imbalance caused by hypnosis. The beast recognizes the individuals as their masters, who primarily liberate them. Meanwhile, Marilyn entered her room and inquired about Enid and their friendship. She wanted to rekindle their connection, but Wednesday was too stubborn to accept that she missed Enid.

Wednesday was convinced that Xavier was the monster, so she kept a close eye on him. She followed him and discovered that he was meeting Dr. Kinbott in private. So Wednesday concluded that Kinbott was the master who was hypnotizing Xavier into becoming Hyde. She had read in Faulkner’s diary that Hydes are usually artists by nature; therefore, she was suspicious of Xavier, who was an artist as well. She tried to confront Weems about Kinbott, but she couldn’t because Kinbott was already in Weems’ room. She accompanied her uncle to Weathervane, and Tyler approached her there. She informed Tyler about the monster, but their conversation was halted when Galpin appeared. Tyler eventually asked her out, and she couldn’t say no because she owed him for putting his life in jeopardy before. Wednesday agreed to go on a date with him, so Tyler took her to the Crackstone cemetery and arranged a movie date for her. He played a colorful movie, which was torturous for Wednesday, but she began to like his company. When the two of them finally got closer to each other, Sheriff Galpin caught them. Sheriff Galpin was searching for Fester, as he had recently pulled off a bank heist and was trying to keep a low profile to save his neck.


When Wednesday went back to her room, she discovered that her belongings were all over the place and that the Faulkner diary was missing. However, she got a major shock when she saw that Thing had been stabbed and was on the brink of death. She brought Thing to Fester right away, and after several efforts, Thing finally responded to Fester’s shock therapy. When Wednesday asked Thing who had done this to him, Thing said that he had been stabbed from behind. Uncle Fester had to flee the following morning, so Wednesday bade him farewell and promised to see him at the subsequent family gathering. In order to help Thing recover, Uncle Fester decided to nurse him through the night.

When Wednesday confronted Weems and brought up Hydes, Weems instructed Marilyn to wait outside before disclosing the sinister truth about Hydes. She had known the monster was a Hyde all this time, but she was unable to tell anyone since Nevermore Academy would be closed if she informed the police that the monster was both a Hyde and an outcast. She disclosed that Faulkner spent his entire life studying Hydes before ultimately succumbing to one and passing away. The Hydes were banned in Nevermore due to their unpredictable and vicious temperament, which was sufficient information for Wednesday. The following day, Wednesday was taken to the Nightshades library by Bianca, where Lucas told her that his father had been looking into Laurel Gates’ case before he was killed. From his father’s investigation, he learned that although Laurel Gates drowned, her body was never found. Therefore, it seemed conceivable that Laurel might not have passed away and that, using a different name, she returned to Jericho to exact revenge on her enemies and eliminated every outcast from town. When Wednesday realized who Laurel Gates really was, she approached Dr. Kinbott and accused her of being responsible for all the killings. She told her that she was the real Laurel Gates, who, under the guise of Kinbott, came to Jericho to take revenge and hypnotized Xavier to kill every outcast. Since it was easy for a psychiatrist to enter a hospital, she even seized the chance to kill the mayor. When Kinbott heard of all this, she lost her cool and phoned Weems to take action against Wednesday. But in the interim, she heard growling coming from her room, and when she opened the door, she discovered the monster inside it. The monster, aka Hyde, attacked her, and she eventually died. 


Who Was The Actual Hyde Or The Monster?

When Wednesday learned that Kinbott had passed away, she lost her cool and hurried to Xavier’s art studio. She accused him of being Hyde and murdering people. Even though Xavier strongly denied all the allegations, Wednesday discovered each victim’s possessions at his studio, proving that Xavier was the criminal. However, when Xavier discovered all of these items in his studio, he was completely astounded and claimed that he was being falsely accused of a crime that he had not committed. Right at that moment, Galpin and his force arrived and arrested Xavier. Wednesday was relieved to have found the truth and to be correct. When she entered her room again, she discovered that Enid had changed her mind and returned. While Enid heard that Wednesday’s previous date with Tyler was interrupted, she assured her that there was still a viable option for them to meet up and spend some quality time together. In order to speak with Tyler, Wednesday went to his café. She nonverbally expressed her feelings, and as they grew closer, they kissed. However, as soon as Wednesday kissed him, she had a psychic vision in which she saw that the monster was not Xavier but that it was Tyler who had killed Kinbott. When Wednesday regained consciousness and found herself in front of Tyler, she immediately began running as fast as she could. We are ultimately able to piece everything together and understand that it must be Tyler who killed Rowan to save Wednesday’s life because he already liked her. But he was under someone’s control because he took Wednesday out that night while his master had arrived at her room to steal Faulkner’s diary. Nevertheless, the question of who was assisting Tyler in releasing his inner beast was still left unanswered by this episode, so we are just one episode away from knowing the ultimate killer.

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