‘Sugar’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Did John Tell Melanie His Secret?

So it all comes to an end, as Apple TV’s Sugar wraps up with the finale named Farewell. The anticipations and reddit theories this show generated are second to none, as the finale begins with John Sugar finally taking Olivia home from the nightmare she was in. The signature classic Hollywood movie scenes blending into Sugar’s narrative have been one of the best experiments in recent memory, and the final episode gives the Hitchcock classic Vertigo a nod. Scotty and Judy’s flirtatious exchange over his actual name starts off the episode on an incredible note. Now we head to discuss the events that unfold in the concluding episode of Sugar.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Is Sugar Obsessing Over Tape Number 44?

Ryan Pavich notoriously kept recordings of him torturing his victims. After saving Olivia, the case is closed, but Sugar still isn’t completely content. Sugar plays the tape to listen to Ryan’s psychotic monologue about how he became fascinated with hammers and when the realization hit him. After finding his true liking, Ryan brutalized the women in his captivity with a hammer. Sugar is disturbed by the thoughts Ryan Pavich had inside of his filthy brain, but he soon finds out there’s something worse hiding in this tape. 


How does Sugar say goodbye to Melanie?

Sugar goes to see Melanie, and she gets custody of the loyal Wiley. Melanie has been staying sober now, but she’s replaced her addiction with lemonade. She jokes about how she’s an alcoholic who soon turns out to be a sober diabetic. Sugar is distant while they talk, and Melanie gets worried about him. Sugar, after thinking about it for a few moments, asks her to hold his hand. Melanie does so, and Sugar’s eyes turn blue, and he’s sharing his life’s story with her. Melanie gets to know the secret, and Sugar leaves her house happy. They’re never supposed to reveal their identity, as it’s strictly against the rules, but Sugar feels happy that he told someone whom he trusted this much. 

Was Jonathan Siegel In Love With Bernie’s Wife?

Sugar goes to visit the Siegels after Olivia returns to her family. He first encounters Margit, who’s still grieving David’s death, and she understandably gets sick of condolences. Margit wants to know if it is really out of the goodness of his heart that Sugar did all of this for a rich little girl. Sugar eloquently replies that it was her son who recklessly put his sister’s life in danger. He mentions watching Boy in the Corner and loving David’s performance, and he parts ways with Margit on a sweet note. Jonathan Siegel thanks Sugar and offers him a lucrative job at his company, which mostly involves driving celebrities to rehab, but money isn’t the thing that drives Sugar. After declining the offer, Sugar gives the intimate pictures of Rachel Kaye to Jonathan, and he’s figured that it’s Jonathan who clicked these pictures. He admits that Rachel had the same qualities as his dead wife Lorraine did, and Rachel’s unhappy marriage led to Jonathan starting an affair with his son’s wife. He asks Sugar if he thinks that Olivia is his daughter, but Sugar respectfully says that the fact that Olivia is loved is enough for him. Before leaving the house, Sugar sees Bernie and Olivia in the garden, and it reminds him of his own sister, Djen. 


Who was the other man in the basement?

Ruby calls Sugar to warn him about the humans who are trying to kill their kind and asks him to be careful, but Sugar is still listening to the tape. He stops and rewinds a bit when Ryan asks someone, “Don’t you agree?” He immediately rushes to the Siegel house to meet Olivia and ask her if there was someone else in the basement. Olivia confirms the presence of another person who never said a word, but she heard someone writing and noting down stuff. In the tape recording, Ryan describes how something pulls him, and he thinks he’s got to have it, and he remembers Henry saying the exact same words to him at the party. Sugar rushes to Ruby’s house, where Henry asks him to come and pick him up. He finds the telephone ringing, and it’s Henry on the other side, confirming that he was the other man in the basement. 

Who kidnapped Djen?

Henry admits that he anticipated that Sugar would find the truth once he started listening to the tape. Sugar asks Henry why he didn’t do anything to save the women Ryan killed, and he simply states that he was observing and reporting it for their cause. Sugar asks him to show up, but he refuses to say where he is. Henry tells Sugar that he won’t come, and it shouldn’t be a surprise by now. Henry left rose petals for Sugar as a reward for always doing the right thing, and both of them belong here on earth. Sugar follows the rose petals after Henry cuts the call, and he finds Djen’s clothes hanging in a wardrobe. He realizes that it was Henry Thorpe who took Djen away from him, and he doesn’t know what he’s done to her. 


Does Sugar return to his home planet?

Sugar meets Ruby and tells her about Henry, and even she didn’t have any idea that it was him who took Djen. Ruby tries to console Sugar by saying it might just be a dress, but Sugar has made up his mind. He asks Ruby to leave without him, as he’s decided to stay and find Henry. Ruby leaves on the last ride back home, and Sugar drives away in his beautiful Corvette into the sunset. This planet changed both him and Henry, but he knows these people and this planet deserve better than Henry thinks. Sugar was never someone who cared about the observe and report rule his friends lived by, and now he must stop the alien nerd who’s out there. 

What will happen in Season 2?

The ending of season one leaves many doors open for the makers to capitalize on. Sugar is most likely to spend the next season searching for Henry and finding out what he did. By now, it’s clear that Henry is unhinged and not in a good way. Sugar’s job as a private investigator is bound to be tested again. Now that Olivia is safe and Djen is not, there are chances that the next season just focuses on finding her and explaining how important she was to him. There’s also the Senator and his men lurking on them, as killing Miller was just the beginning. After losing his son, the Senator wouldn’t want any member of the society to expose his dirty truth that can end his political endeavors. Knowing Henry worked with his son, he would go to any lengths to make sure Henry is silent. Sugar, on the other hand, has solid evidence against the Pavich family, as Ryan’s tape is basically a monologue of the horrible things he did. To add to that, Ryan Pavich’s only surviving victim Olivia Siegel is also a major witness of the horrors how Ryan created in his basement.  Senator Pavich used aliens to commit horrendous crimes on behalf of him and his son, and Sugar might be the person who takes him down. Whatever happens, it’s guaranteed that we’ll get to see the thirst trap that is Mr. Farrell. 


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