Olivia In ‘Sugar’ Explained: Who Is Olivia’s Real Father?

Alright, so the show creators finally decide to go bonkers in the penultimate episode of Apple TV’s Sugar. Finding Olivia Siegel has been the primary task of John Sugar, and it turns out it’s his own alien counterparts who helped the kidnappers make sure Sugar doesn’t get to her.


Spoilers Ahead 

Why does Sugar want to find Olivia?

When Jonathan Siegel asked Sugar to find his granddaughter, Sugar agreed to come on board without asking many questions. Olivia resembled his own sister, Djen, whom Sugar lost before he came to Earth.  Sugar never really processed his sister’s loss, and that’s why he took up his job as a private investigator. Sugar helped people find their lost kin, and in a way, this was his way to keep Djen alive. Olivia’s striking resemblance drove Sugar to go to extreme lengths and reveal the dirty secrets of the Siegels along the way. 


What did Olivia do before she went missing?

Melanie told Sugar how Olivia and Carmen bonded while Olivia was helping her at the women’s shelter she works for. When Olivia found Carmen’s dead body in her apartment, she panicked for obvious reasons. When Olivia found Clifford coming back to clean the place up, he wanted to double the body count. Olivia shot Clifford in self-defense, and Melanie found out about the whole situation soon after. Sugar wanted to know why Melanie didn’t call the cops to report the death of a lowlife like Clifford, as it wouldn’t have been much of a problem. But Melanie reveals that Olivia didn’t want to drag the Siegel family name through the mud since the family worked hard to stay off the news for a couple of years prior to this incident. Olivia wanted to take care of the mess on her own, and with Melanie’s help, they packed Clifford into the back of her car. Olivia’s been missing since that night, and Clifford’s body too got missing before Sugar could do the cleaning job. 

How does Sugar find out about David’s role in Olivia’s disappearance?

David Siegel is not a man who has anything to show for himself except the last name he carries. After his history of sexual exploitation got exposed in the media, he realized he didn’t have anything more to look forward to. We see him struggling to perform one scene in his new movie and how fickle he gets to even completing a pretty basic shot. When Sugar shows up at his residence to question him, his overprotective mother, Margit, obviously tries to convince Sugar of her son’s innocence. Sugar knows not to trust a single word that comes out of her mouth, and David too interrupts Margit when she tries to drive Sugar out of the house. David confesses how he got acquainted with Stallings when his sexual desires wouldn’t be fulfilled by sex workers. Stallings was just the right man for him, as he is a human trafficker who helps the rich perverts get their hands on innocent women. Stallings and David grew close during their time together, and David would mention his half-sister Olivia to him. Olivia knew about David’s lust and his unlawful means to satisfy his needs. David accepts that he vented to Stallings about how his own sister was threatening to expose him, and Stallings might’ve done more to her than scaring her off. 


How does Sugar find out about Olivia’s whereabouts?

Sugar shoots right through Stallings’ head when he denies to know anything about Olivia. “Not everything is like a movie,” he says before limping out of the place. We find our cinephile detective somehow not dying while Melanie calls up Henry to sew his wounds up. After getting back to his senses and healing within a night (thanks to alien juice), he remembers how Ruby warned Stallings of his visit. Sugar follows Miller back to Ruby’s house, where he sees all of his people have gathered up, and they are scheduled to leave within a couple of days. Sugar isn’t in the mood to hear about their escape routes, as he demands to know about Olivia and the location she’s being kept at. Henry agrees to give the address to Sugar, as Sugar is dumbstruck to see his very own involvement in a grave crime. 

How does Sugar find Olivia?

Sugar reaches the address Henry gave him and finds the door to the basement. He’s stopped by a security guard, but he’s just the owner of the house in disguise. He puts Sugar in cuffs and tries to figure out who told him that there’s a girl in the basement. When Sugar tries to pass it off as bad intel and tries to get out of the situation, he brings a hammer out. But we all know how it’s going to end, and Sugar takes him down with his cuffed hands. The guy identifies as Ryan, and before he could confess anything more, he shot himself in the middle of the brawl. Sugar makes his way down to the basement, where it looks like a torture chamber. Stallings supplied Ryan with women so he could satisfy his urge to torture them with all sorts of surgical and industrial tools. Sugar finds Olivia locked in a strange container, and reaches out to get her. Olivia is traumatized and thinks he’s just another predator trying to hurt her. He handles her anxiety and finally takes her back home, where she deserves to be. 


How does Olivia help Sugar?

When Sugar brings Olivia back home to safety, Jonathan Siegel is finally at peace. He offers Sugar a lucrative job, but Sugar respectfully denies it. Bernie Siegel had realized Olivia’s worth after losing his son, and he looks like a changed man. Olivia is finally getting his love and attention and she looks happy about it. Sugar goes to see her one last time, and asks her about what happened while she was abducted. Before this she hadn’t said a word about the basement, but Olivia couldn’t not talk to the person who saved her life. She reveals that there was another man in the basement who never talked, but she could hear him writing and making notes. This information proves to be vital for Sugar, as he realized the person was one of his best friends, Henry Thorpe. 

Who is Olivia’s actual father?

After turning down his job offer, Sugar gives Jonathan Siegel the pictures of Rachel Kaye which belonged to him. Sugar figured that Jonathan clicked these pictures, when he visited the Siegel house earlier he noticed Lorraine’s bedroom and her iconic dress. These pictures of Rachel were taken in the same place where the dress was kept, and with Bernie earlier denying clicking the pictures. Jonathan admits that he had an affair with Rachel because she was unhappy in her marriage with Bernie, and Jonathan found her too similar to Lorraine to control his instincts. His concern for Olivia is obviously a thousand times more than his other grandkid, Davie, and the bias is not circumstantial. Rachel conceived Olivia while she was having an affair with Jonathan, and even though Jonathan somewhat gets agitated himself while talking about it, he’s only trying to hide what’s obvious. 


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