‘Wednesday’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Happened To The Mayor, Noble Walker?

Previously in Episode 5, we saw Morticia warn her daughter Wednesday to control her psychic ability, which classified her as a Raven. She told her that Goody had been similar to her and that her overwhelming psychic visions drove her insane, which piqued Wednesday’s interest to explore her ancestors’ mysteries. In episode 6, we see Wednesday perform a séance to summon her ancestor, Goody, to learn how to regulate her psychic vision. But Goody did not answer her planchette; instead, Wednesday received a mundane invitation letter to Crackstone’s crypt. She arrived at the crypt with Enid and soon discovered that it was her classmates who were there to surprise her on her birthday. Wednesday didn’t seem to enjoy birthdays, so she preferred to let them have their own celebration while she found some Latin phrase that said, “Fire will rain.” Touching it, the letters gave her a psychic vision, and there she encountered Goody Addams again. She asked Goody to teach her how to control her visions, but Goody answered that being a raven meant there was no such thing as controlling visions. They are destined to be alone and glimpse the darker reality that others cannot see. She spoke in riddles and asked Wednesday to accompany her to a haunted location to stop Crackstone. Wednesday returned to reality, and she was brought to her room. There she discovered a gift from her parents: dead squirrels and chemicals to preserve them, which made Enid feel nauseous. While Wednesday was opening gifts, Enid gave her a black scarf, which she didn’t like that much, so she told her that she would wear it to a funeral.


Meanwhile, principal Weems talked to the mayor and said she suspected his son of being the culprit behind setting fire to the school grounds. The mayor assured her that his son had been locked up in his room for the past week. He tried to imply that suspicion should be placed on one of the Nevermore students who might have attacked Eugene. Weems found this disrespectful, so she threatened him that her generosity would be halted if he cast such doubts. However, while doing community service at Nevermore School, the mayor’s son, Lucas, began to enjoy Bianca’s company. They went on a date at Weathervane, where Bianca stated that her mother had told her that because she was a siren, she would never be able to make friends in other communities, and Bianca wanted to prove her mother wrong.

Wednesday arrived to meet Eugene and claimed that she used to be overjoyed when her parents would bring her deathly gifts and crazy gothic cake, but now all of these birthdays and presents seem unimportant to her. Meanwhile, Dr. Kinbott arrived to check on Eugene. She overheard Wednesday’s words and inquired about Goody, to which Wednesday replied that she would prefer not to answer her questions outside of therapy. Meanwhile, the mayor began investigating Laurel Gates’ death certificate. Garrett Gates’ sister, Laurel Gates, was known to be deceased, like her entire family, who perished following Garrett’s death.


Wednesday came to Weathervane to ask Tyler about the place she kept seeing in her visions. Tyler just asked if she was trying to ghost him, but Wednesday refused to answer. Later, Galpin arrived, and Wednesday informed him that the burning words “Fire Will Rain” written on the Nevermore school grounds were also written in Crackstone’s crypt. However, Galpin did not appear to be interested in the topic. Thereafter, Wednesday approached Xavier to talk to him about the location, which was the old Gates mansion. Xavier told her that he, too, had painted this picture because he had seen this place in his nightmares. Thing noted that Xavier had also painted a portrait of Wednesday, in which she was playing her cello. He praised her musical skills, but she still had her doubts that Xavier might be the actual monster. Wednesday finally located the place and went there alone. There she encountered the mayor, who was also looking into something inside the house. Wednesday overheard the mayor indicating that he had sent a voicemail to Galpin indicating that he had discovered information that might lead him to figure out who was behind all the murders.

Wednesday snuck into the mayor’s SUV and followed him to Weathervane as the mayor proceeded to tell Galpin about it. However, a car struck the mayor as he crossed the street to speak to Galpin. The mayor, Mr. Noble Walker, was severely wounded and fainted on the street. Wednesday witnessed everything in front of her, and she informed Galpin that the car that struck Noble had no number plate. She questioned Galpin about their private gathering, to which he responded that Noble and he used to get together at an adjacent booth to talk about some unresolved cases. Wednesday informed Galpin that Noble was killed on his way to tell the sheriff about something he had found, so it was safe to assume that the car had intentionally struck him to hide the evidence, so it was unlikely to be an accident. She informed him that the Gates family was somehow involved in all the murders, but Galpin disregarded her claim because the family members were all already deceased.


As Wednesday came back, Weems informed her that the school had gone into lockdown and Wednesday was prohibited from leaving the school premises. Even though she wasn’t ready to comply with Weems’ orders, she had to be careful because if she made a mistake, she would be unable to do her investigation. Wednesday contacted Tyler to let him know she was prepared to go on a date later that night so he could pick her up. She, however, also requested that Enid accompany her on a night out so that Weems wouldn’t be suspicious. Tyler came to pick her up Wednesday and found Enid with her. Tyler was startled to know that it was not a date but just another quest of Wednesday. She took them to the Gates mansion.

While the three of them split out to explore the different rooms, Wednesday discovered the car that had hit Noble Walker. In another room, she discovered a neatly made bed and a music box with Laurel Gates’ initials on it. As a result, she began to suspect that one of the Gates was still alive and had done something terrible in secret. While the three of them were splitting out to find the separate rooms, the monster arrived and attempted to attack Wednesday and Enid. They managed to escape its grip, but Tyler was injured by the beast. When Wednesday tried to nurse him, Xavier appeared, which piqued her doubts once again. The news swiftly reached Weems, who threatened Wednesday with expulsion, So Wednesday showed her the painting made by Rowan’s mother. The artwork stunned Weems, and Wednesday told her that Rowan wanted to kill her because his mother had predicted that she was destined to destroy the school. But she assured Weems that she wanted to rescue it. Given her statement, Weems decided to give her another chance to stay at school and agreed not to punish Enid and Xavier. When Wednesday returned to her room, she noticed Enid packing her belongings to leave. When Wednesday asked why she was leaving, Enid said she didn’t want to be with someone who willingly puts others in jeopardy for their own interests.


She was irritated since Wednesday didn’t even celebrate her birthday with Enid; instead, she took them somewhere she could have been killed. So Enid urged her to be alone and walked away. Wednesday recognized as Goody had predicted in her visions that she was doomed to be alone. She had always cherished her isolation, but it was hurting her this time since, no matter how different Enid was, she was still a good friend of hers. Wednesday tried to focus on the investigation. She lifted up Laurel’s music box and found some photographs inside. These photographs implied that she was constantly being watched by someone, but whoever he or she was, Wednesday vowed to herself that she would find them. On the other hand, we observe that the mayor was in a coma when someone wearing black gloves unplugged the ventilator, killing him. As Noble Walker learned about the actual truth, he was being silenced.

We have seen in this series numerous times that Tyler has always wanted to talk to her father about her mother’s death, but Galpin has always ignored the topic. Tyler’s mother, in my opinion, had some link with Nevermore Academy, or perhaps she was an outcast herself who fell in love with a normie, Galpin, and eventually drifted apart. Let’s find that out in the next episode.


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