‘Wednesday’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did Gomez Get Out of Jail?

Previously in “Wednesday” Episode 4, we saw Eugene being viciously injured by the monster, and whether he was alive or not was left up in the air. In episode 5, we witness Principal Weems announce that Eugene was not dead but was on the mend and would recover soon. Wednesday was upset to see Weems lying to the parents because she knew that Eugene was in a coma and would take longer to recover. However, on Parents’ Day at school, Morticia and Gomez came to meet Wednesday, which gave her a chance to learn about her father’s horrifying secret regarding the murder of Garrett Gates.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Killed Garrett Gates?

When Morticia and Gomez arrived, they chatted with principal Weems about their old school days. Morticia reminded Weems about her impression of Judy Ringer in the Solstice Talent Show, which piqued Wednesday’s attention. Morticia was overjoyed to see the old yearbook, where the page with Morticia’s image was torn. Weems had previously torn that sheet and thrown it in the fire in episode 3. Perhaps Morticia was familiar with Weems’ jealousy, which is why she didn’t want to bring it up in their conversation. Weems suggested that the Addams family attend a therapy session together, which Gomez misunderstood as head shrinking, but Morticia informed him that it was not that kind of head shrinking, which disappointed Gomez. When the entire Addams family went to the therapy session, Wednesday pulled out her father’s criminal file and asked her parents what her father did and why he was accused of murder. Morticia was extremely disappointed with Wednesday’s behavior and left the therapy session. Previously in this episode, we saw a flashback to 1990 on a Rave’N prom night when young Gomez killed a person, Garrett Gates, and hurled him off the terrace, which was witnessed by Larissa Weems. Larissa then informed the sheriff that it was all Morticia’s fault. Though it appeared that Gomez was the murderer, at the end of the episode, we finally got to know who had actually killed Garrett.


Xavier’s father, on the other hand, was unable to attend Parent’s Day this year, but Bianca’s mother, Gabrielle, did. Gabrielle was pleading with her daughter to return home, but Bianca refused, so her mother, who looked like a dangerous siren, explained that a siren couldn’t be friends with other communities because they would quickly see through her and identify her true nature. We learned from their conversation that Bianca’s real name was Brandy Jane, which she refused to take and decided to stay at Nevermore. Meanwhile, Enid was under intense pressure from her mother because she still couldn’t get her wolf out. Her mother wanted her to attend a summer program where a wolf-transforming session would take place, which Enid flatly refused because she didn’t want to become a werewolf; instead, she wanted to take some time to know exactly what she wanted to be. In the meantime, the coroner we saw in the previous episode had committed suicide in the mortuary, leaving a suicide note confessing that he was guilty of making a fake report on Garrett Gates’ murder case. However, when Galpin began his inquiry, he discovered black bubblegum on the CCTV tape. He had doubts about the Addams family because he had always suspected Gomez of the murder, but now that he had strong evidence against him, he could easily arrest him. So he went to Nevermore in the middle of lunch to arrest Gomez Addams.

Wednesday couldn’t believe her father could kill someone, so she went to jail to confront him about what had happened. Gomez explained to his daughter that about 32 years ago, a man named Garrett Gates wanted to impress Morticia, which is why he was infuriated to find Morticia and Gomez together on prom night. While Morticia and Gomez are having their cozy moment, Garrett comes to kill Gomez. Therefore, to defend himself, Gomez accidentally stabbed Garrett and got arrested by the cops. But later, he was released from jail for lack of proper evidence. Wednesday wanted to trust the story, but after seeing her father smirk and touch his mustache, she understood it was a half-baked explanation. Wednesday approached Galpin and discovered that Xavier’s DNA did not match. However, hearing the news of the coroner’s death, she suspected that whoever attempted to murder Eugene had also killed the coroner. But Galpin believed nothing she said and added that Garrett’s family had been through a huge tragedy as a result of his death. Wednesday’s mind stopped functioning properly after hearing all of this, and she wanted to hear the truth. So she went to her mother, Morticia, who was inside the secret student club Nightshades and had been waiting for her daughter to contact her. When Wednesday arrived to confront her, Morticia revealed that it was she, not Gomez, who stabbed Garrett that night. She claimed that while Gomez and Garrett were fighting, she noticed Garrett was frothing at the mouth, and his eyes were not human-like, so when Garrett rushed towards her to kill Gomez, Morticia stabbed him. Gomez took the sword in his hands to save Morticia so that everyone could blame him instead of his beloved. Wednesday finally realized the truth and devised a plan to get her father out of jail. They dug Garrett’s grave and discovered the dead body, which was completely bluish. Wednesday severed the dead man’s finger and hid it in her pocket. Cops arrived and arrested two of them as they were excavating the grave. Except for Pugsley, the rest of the Addams family was in jail, where Wednesday pulled out the finger of the deceased Garrett and showed it to her parents. The finger was bluish, which was a sign of poison Nightshades, so Wednesday concluded that even before Morticia had stabbed him, Garrett was already dying. While holding that finger, Wednesday had a psychic vision in which she saw Garrett take an ampule of Nightshades poison from his father to destroy the entire Nevermore school at his command, but when he was fighting Gomez, the ampule shattered and the poison infiltrated his body.


‘Wednesday’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – How Did Gomez Get Out of Jail?

With all of the evidence, Morticia and Wednesday confronted the mayor, who was the investigating sheriff at the time when Garrett was killed. It turned out to be the mayor who had covered up Garrett’s murder to protect his family’s image. Actually, the mayor was a good friend of Ansel Gates, Garrett Gates’ father, who was the richest person in Jericho. The mayor knew that Gates was planning to kill the outcasts of Nevermore for an old grudge, which is why the mayor assisted him by covering up their case and faking the coroner’s report on Garrett’s death. Morticia and Wednesday warned him that they would tell the higher authority that the mayor was involved in covering up the case, which frightened the mayor, and he decided to drop the charges against Gomez. Therefore, with the utmost respect from the sheriff’s office, the mayor released Gomez from jail.

Morticia asked her daughter about her visions. Wednesday told her mother that whenever she came across something or someone, she could only see their violent past or future, to which Morticia replied that Wednesday was a “raven” who could only see the darker world, whereas Morticia’s visions were positive, making her a “dove.” Morticia urged her not to follow in the footsteps of her ancestor, Goody Addams because she had similar visions that drove her insane. Even Morticia told her that Goody was the one who murdered Joseph Crackstone, which astonished Wednesday and made her consider exploring that history.


Morticia bid her daughter farewell by handing her the old yearbook, in which Wednesday discovered that in that talent competition, Weems did not impersonate her but became her, which led her to believe that Weems was a shapeshifter who took the form of Rowan. When Wednesday confronted her, Weems said that Rowan had become insane in his final days, and for that reason, Rowan’s father had granted her permission to cover up the murder so that their family’s reputation would not be affected. Wednesday strongly opposed her reasoning, comparing her to the mayor, who had always wanted to cover up crimes to hide their terrible secrets. A noise started coming from outside when Weems and Wednesday were having a heated conversation. Weems looked outdoors and discovered a fire in the ground with the words “Fire Will Rain.”

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