Cosmopolitan Polyglot Society In ‘Sugar’ Explained: Why Did Aliens Leave Earth?

The massive revelation of Sugar being an extraterrestrial being at the closing sequence of Episode 6 in the Colin Farrell starrer Sugar just keeps getting better. What we all thought to be a show about a charming private investigator’s heroics turned out to be much bigger than that. Sugar almost died during his duel with Stallings, and just when he’s about to stand on his feet again, bigger problems knock at his door. Throughout the series, the Cosmopolitan Polyglot Society has been under a gray cloud, with nobody being able to figure out what their origins are. Many conspiracy theories took place alongside David and Kenny’s lame guesses. In Episode 7, we finally get to know how this society came to be. 


Spoilers Ahead

Why does Miller come to hunt Sugar?

Ruby seems to be typing with urgency on a typewriter that looks nowhere near a regular one. The mysterious Miller is seen alongside Ruby, wanting to “talk” with Sugar. For those of you who need context, Miller is the guy Ruby and Dr. Vickens talk about when Sugar leaves Ruby’s party. Miller reaches the motel Sugar and Melanie are hiding at, and Sugar tries to make an escape through the next room and interrupt a semi-naked couple. Miller bashes the front door and lifts Sugar into the air by grabbing his throat. The man claims to be innocent, as he just wants to talk. Melanie hits Miller with a towel bar, and they flee the scene. When Melanie asks Sugar about what Miller wanted from him, Sugar defends him. It’s clear that Sugar is no stranger to Miller, and he might well have had a good relationship with him prior to this day. He tells Melanie that Miller and him work for a secret organization together, and their job is to “observe.” Melanie connects the dots and thinks Sugar is a spy. 


Why did Ruby give a diary to everyone at her party?

After Sugar tells Melanie about the observation part of his job, Ruby giving a diary to Sugar’s colleagues makes sense. It’s no secret that the Society is a group of aliens who came to Earth to observe and learn about humanity. Each year, Ruby hosts the party to collect the old diaries from the agents to conduct the research and give them a new one for the upcoming year. It seems like corporate life is not much different for people from other planets. Ruby shows disappointment in Sugar’s progress when his diary only consists of his random thoughts and not much solid information. 

Why does the Cosmopolitan Polyglot Society help Stallings?

When Sugar realizes that Ruby warned Stallings of his arrival, he’s heartbroken. I mean, it’s understandable how he feels considering he thought Ruby to be his closest companion. Sugar follows Miller to Ruby’s house; he sees the whole gang has gathered there, preparing to leave the planet. Ruby tells Sugar that their secret is out, and it’s no longer safe for them to stay on earth. Sugar is not ready to let go, and he asks why a criminal like Stallings got help from them. Sugar refuses to leave the planet, despite Ruby claiming that they’re being called back by home. Sugar wants to know where Olivia is, and he refuses to go back without ensuring she’s back with her family. He knows that each person in that room knew about Olivia, and they willingly tried to stop him. Henry, whom Sugar tried to find earlier, stands up to the group and takes him to a different room to tell him the address. 


What does Henry tell Sugar?

Henry explains that their identities got revealed somehow, and a US Senator and his son blackmailed them into helping. Sugar is not content with such vague answers, and he furiously demands to know Olivia’s whereabouts. Henry writes down an address for him and wishes him luck. Sugar can’t believe that he went through this much trouble and pain while his own people played him. This case changed Sugar for the worse, and Henry asks him about the people he killed at Stallings’ house. Sugar claims he killed two people in self-defense, but when he pulled the trigger on Stallings, he wasn’t so sure about the morals, and he felt nothing. Sugar felt killing Stallings was justified, or justice, or maybe both. 

How did the society fail to fulfill its purpose?

Through Sugar’s internal monologue, we understand what the goal of the society was when they arrived on Earth. Each individual had a different day job, but their primary task was to help maintain peace amongst humans. When Ruby and the others faced adversity, they helped humans to kidnap and murder people, which contradicts the primary ethics these people are supposed to have. We can imagine that these people come from a planet where people aren’t out for blood. The society was supposed to observe and learn the good qualities human beings possess and to help them grow further. To save their own kind, these very people chose to turn on their primal instincts and become just like humans. On one side, you can’t really blame them for saving their own people, but weren’t they supposed to be better than us? As Sugar says, this planet has changed all of them, including himself. Sugar’s thoughts and common sense on earth are primarily based on old Hollywood movies, and we all know movies aren’t the best medium to learn about rights and wrongs. In his quest to find Olivia, Sugar got involved with wicked people he shouldn’t have met to begin with. During the course of the investigation, Sugar gradually imbibed the worst qualities of humans, and that eventually led him to kill Stallings even when he didn’t need to. Just like Sugar, his companions too couldn’t protect the innocence they had, and they let themselves succumb to the same pit of sins. 


Why Did Aliens Leave Earth?

The society let Senator Pavich and his son Ryan conduct the monstrosity on immigrant women in exchange for their silence. Once their secret was out, it was impossible for the members of the society to exist on Earth if an individual as influential as the Senator revealed their identity to the world. They do have a fair argument that they only helped the monsters to protect their own, but when you think of the women who suffered because of this, the price seems too much to justify. 

The members of the society say their final goodbye to earth as their time here has ended. After his son’s death Senator Pavich feared that the society might expose what his son did. Both the parties here are fearful that one would reveal the other’s secret. The Senator ordered to kill Miller, who was in charge of the evacuation process of the society. On his way to the evacuation spot, a police vehicle makes him stop. As Miller is trying to get out of the situation and show his IDs, the officer shoots him and completes the task she was supposed to do. The rest of them successfully make it to the spaceship and board the spacecraft off camera. We’re down to Ruby and Sugar, as the last spacecraft hovers in the clouds. Ruby asks Sugar to tag along, but he’s already made up his mind. Sugar decides to stay on Earth with his nemesis Henry, and he bids goodbye to Ruby. This planet has changed both Sugar and Henry, for the better or worse. The two extraterrestrial beings staying back means the makers leaving room for the next season, and they won’t have anyone else separating them if the duel takes place.  There’s also the Senator involved, who is going to try and track Henry down. It’s not hard to assume that he knew the person his son worked with, and he would want to make sure that Henry never opens his mouth. The key player here is obviously Sugar, who can very easily sink the boat of the Senator, as he has Ryan’s commentary on a tape just before he killed a woman. 


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