‘Tripling’ Season 3: Recap And Ending, Explained- Did The Parents Actually Get Separated?

“Tripling” Season 2 ended with Chanchal conceiving Pranav’s child and Chandan becoming a successful writer of a book called “Tripling,” while Chitwan had turned into a father/caretaker of Sheetal’s son. From the above, it all seemed well settled and a perfect end; hence there wasn’t much room for a third season. But, anyway, the creators managed to bring “Tripling” Season 3, which started with a genuine concern about bringing the three again. However, this time, there wasn’t much of a road trip involved.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Tripling’ Season 3: Recap And Ending

So, season 3 starts with a disaster. All three siblings are facing some sort of problem. Take Chandan, for example. Chandan’s second book, “I Too Had A Wife,” turned out to be a disaster. However, he has become a professional stock advisor on the internet. Even his publishing house wants him as a stock advisor rather than a writer. On the other hand, Chanchal probably has lost her kid to a miscarriage, and Pranav is fighting with his cousins to stop them from turning their ‘Mahal’ into a hotel. Chitwan, however, is in the most tricky position. He wants to claim Sheetal’s son’s joint custody. Why so? Well, Sheetal and Chitwan had a fight, and now Chitwan was thrown out of Sheetal’s house. However, Chitwan has no love for Sheetal, but he has grown a great amount of affection for Cheeta, Sheetal’s son. He wanted to make an arrangement where Cheeta could stay with him for at least three days weekly. Since he had no claim over Cheeta legally, he could not file a case against Sheetal whatsoever. But, Chitwan’s affection for Chheta made him too blind to understand the law. He even hired a lawyer he knew from his life in prison to fight his case. Anyway, amidst all of this, Chandan received a call from his mother, where he learned that his parents were getting separated. Chandan tried to calm her but realized that they had already made progress with their decision. So, without wasting any time, Chandan called Chanchal and Chitwan and made plans to go to their parents’ house.


After arriving at “Amma’s Place,” the siblings had an understanding that their parents were no longer fighting; in fact, they were happier than ever. Their parents had realized that they had their own different aspirations. Their father dreamt of taking part in a bike tour to Bhutan. Their mother wished to open a cafe in Pondicherry. So, overall, the siblings were confused after knowing their parents’ wishes to live separate lives all of a sudden. They, however, thought that it was all okay until they learned that their parents had already sold “Amma’s Place” to a group of hotels. This triggered a fight between the children and the parents, and we see Pranav arriving to help them out in this situation. Anyway, when everything was almost settled, the siblings decided to go on a trek with their parents. In the middle of this, Chandan met with Paula, his ex-wife, in very tricky circumstances. Anyway, Chandan had asked Paula to bring Sudhir along with her on the trek so that he could help his parents with some counseling sessions. Chandan was a counselor, so Chandan thought it would be a great help. However, Sudhir himself was amazed later, knowing that Chandan’s parents had already filed for a divorce 33 years ago. But, since Chandan’s mother was pregnant with Chanchal, his father decided to give each other some time. It was Chandan’s mother who called an end to the relationship since both of them had now found different callings for themselves.

Later, Pranav found out that the group of hotels that had bought “Amma’s Place” was the same group that wanted to buy the “Mahal” to turn it into a hotel. Even Pranav’s cousin wanted to sell the “Mahal.” So, Pranav decided to sell the “Mahal” with the condition that, in exchange, the group of hotels had to leave “Amma’s Place” once and for all. The deal was agreed upon by all sides, and Pranav helped the siblings to gain possession of “Amma’s Place.” Soon, the siblings agreed with their parent’s decision, and the parents went in different directions. The only condition before farewell was that they would meet together, once in a while, at “Amma’s Place.”


‘Tripling’ Season 3 Explained – Why Did Pranav Decide To Sell The “Mahal”? Did The Parents Actually Get Separated?

In season 1, we learned that Pranav used to be a cool guy having a hobby of wildlife photography. You get the sense that, with time, he had suppressed his desires to be free and enjoy life without worrying much about anything. Pranav was, in reality, a very decent guy with a great temperament. He loved Chanchal deeply and fought against his family members to protect her dignity numerous times. This season, while he was trekking with the siblings and their families, he realized the beauty of the place where Amma’s Place was located. The inner desires sparkled once again that he had been trying to repress for so long. The personality that wished to be free and roams amidst nature. He might have wished to leave all the “Mahal” and “Hukum” stuff behind and live peacefully in the mountains with Chanchal. The following day, when he saw the workers come to measure the bungalow and also saw how the family reacted to seeing such things, he was in a dilemma. He knew if he tried, he could stop all this. But, his traditions and call of duty contrasted with his mind’s confusion. But later, he decided to settle in. He stopped thinking about tradition and values. He knew that it was the happiness of Chanchal that mattered to him the most. The thought of joy on Chanchal’s face, or perhaps seeing everyone sharing the moment of happiness together, removed the dilemma that he was facing. He knew that selling off the “Mahal” in exchange for keeping “Amma’s Place” was the right thing to do and that it would bring joy to everyone. Pranav, statistically being an outsider, at least not related to the bloodline, brought happiness to the lives of the siblings when there was almost no hope left to cheer up once again.

However, the parents were emotionally moved by the gesture of Pranav and the siblings; they had already made up their minds. The father of the siblings told their mother that if she ever felt bored or in need of someone to talk to, she could always call him, and together they would sort out something. They even planned to meet once in a while without letting the kids know about it. They were so much in love that they did not feel insecure about letting each other go and tasting the aspiration they sought. When the siblings questioned them why they wouldn’t let them know about their decisions, the parents gave a swift answer. It is true that our generation makes random decisions without letting their parents be a part of them. What if the parents do the same? What if they don’t include us in a plan and they leave the house one day saying that they are going out with their friends? How many of us can really admit that this is normal? These are the questions very well put by the makers. So, no, the parents were not separated. They were in love enough to let each other go and meet again when they felt like it.


Final Words

“Tripling” was not a perfect show; in fact, it had very poor writing compared to the rest of TVF’s productions. However, the third season of “Tripling” has raised some important questions about what it means to be a family. There would be a lot of sibling rivalry and misunderstandings between parents and children, but at the end of the day, the family is what matters. In  Season 1, the parents stated that they created “Amma’s Place” to give the siblings the feeling that they always had a safe place to crash and live peacefully. In “Season 3,” the parents sold “Amma’s Place” without even letting the siblings know about it. This was either bad writing or a failed attempt to make the audience understand that whatever the parents did was out of anger, as the siblings never actually took care of their parents. They were always busy with their lives, and they never bothered to ask whether their parents were doing okay or not. Anyway, whatever it was, they lived happily ever after.

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