‘Tripling’ Season 1 And 2: Recap And Ending – What To Expect From Season 3?

One of TVF’s most successful series, “Tripling,” deals with a wide range of issues while keeping its upbeat tone and layering in subtle comedy. The narrative includes several offbeat scenes and a primary road trip that keeps one entertained throughout. In this article, we’re going to recap the events of the first two seasons so you’ll be ready for the adventure that awaits in “Tripling” Season 3.

‘Tripling’ Season 1: Recap And Ending

Chandan (Sumeet Vyas), Chanchal (Maanvi Gagroo), and Chitwan (Amol Parashar) are siblings who stopped contacting each other due to their busy professional lives. Basically, life has scattered them in different places, and now they don’t even remember whether any of them is married or pregnant. When Chandan had his divorce and came back from the US to meet with his younger brother Chitwan, they ended up meeting in the washroom. Chitwan hadn’t had a clue that Chandan was married in the first place, so the news of the divorce never really came as a shock to him. Anyway, Chitwan did not like Chandan staying with him since he wanted to live his life carefree without taking anyone’s responsibility. But Chandan got heavily intoxicated after having a lot of drinks, so he was unable to move. Then, the manager of the hotel where Chitwan worked as a DJ told him to take care of his brother since, at such times, only families take care of each other. This forced Chitwan to take Chandan on a road trip to Chanchal’s place in Rajasthan.

When they arrived to meet with Chanchal, the royal vibe was distinctly prominent. Chitwan and Chandan failed to recognize Pranav (Kunaal Roy Kapoor), Chanchal’s husband, as he had changed a lot since his college days. He behaved in a way as if he was the king. Anyway, Chandan and Chitwan soon discovered that Pranav was planning a party to celebrate the news of Chanchal’s pregnancy. However, later, Chanchal told her brothers confidentially that she had faked the news of pregnancy owing to the pressures of the family. After that, Pranav turned down Chandan and Chitwan’s requests to allow Chanchal to join them on a road trip. Chanchal, however, managed to get away with them but was soon caught by Pranav. They fought in their home late at night, following which the two brothers left on a road trip taking Chanchal with them. Through numerous adventures, the trio started to bond with each other. They also got involved in a fight with some local thugs and ended up in jail. Since Pranav was an influential figure, he freed them with his influence. However, Chanchal left for her parent’s cottage in Manali. Chandan, Chitwan, and Pranav separately ended up there as well. The parents helped all of them to find peace from within and told them that most of the time, the solution to a huge problem is very simple. Later, Pranav and Chanchal too bonded with each other. Season 1 ends with a very happy vibe where the siblings find ways to tackle their personal problems.

‘Tripling’ Season 2: Recap And Ending

Season 2 started with a completely different tone. Here we see that Chandan had become a bestselling author for his book titled “Tripling.” The book portrays every event from Season 1 . Without wasting much time, we see Chandan meeting with Chitwan again in the washroom. Only this time, Chitwan was holding a baby. Later, Chandan learned that Chitwan was involved with a lawyer, Sheetal Gujral (Kubbra Sait), who had helped him with a case. Now, they were in love, and Sheetal’s kid from her ex-husband was Chitwan’s responsibility. Seeing Chitwan bond with a kid completely confused Chandan altogether. Later, Chandan asked Chitwan to accompany him to Jaipur for a press conference to celebrate his success as a writer. Chitwan agreed, but right in the middle of the conference, both of them were kidnapped. Later, they learned that it was Chanchal who got them abducted in the first place. They confronted her and realized that Chandan was responsible for all of this. How? Well, in season 1, on the night when the three siblings and Pranav were having a fight, Chanchal accidentally expressed how sexually frustrated she was with Pranav. Then, jokingly, Chitwan had remarked about Pranav’s impotency. This whole incident was written and published in the book and soon became a controversy. Since Pranav was a political figure, the party asked him to step down, and in his place, Chanchal was given the duty of carrying forward the party’s legacy. However, later, when the ‘impotent’ controversy got out of hand, Pranav suddenly disappeared one day. 

The siblings had a new objective now, so they went on the road trip again. This time they intended to look for Pranav. However, they again reached a new understanding through this trip. They gathered all the information they could, but Pranav was nowhere to be found. At last, they got a hint that Pranav might be in some monastery to find the inner peace he had always desired. Chanchal had finally found Pranav in the monastery. At first, Pranav declined to return with them, but when Chanchal told him that she was truly pregnant this time, Pranav came home. Back home, there was a film released based on Chandan’s book titled the same: “tripling.” The film was a hit, and the whole family went to the screening together.  

What To Expect From ‘Tripling’ Season 3?

There was not much to create a second season, and maybe that was the reason it did not live up to the expectations. As usual, after season 2, they did not leave much to carry on with season 3. But, since they are planning to include the divorce of the siblings’ parents, maybe this time, their bonding will be more sentimental than ever. There will definitely be a road trip, but this time it can be assumed that the parents will join the siblings. But whether Chandan will again meet with Chitwan in the washroom depends upon the creators.

“Tripling” is a comedy-drama mini-series streaming on Zee5.

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