‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Is Otis Winthrop?

In Episode 2, Elena finds out that Jocelyn, the lady she spoke to a few nights ago, is Mrs. Ivey’s nanny who died many years ago. There are also mysterious portraits in the basement dining room and the lobby, as well as the key in the latter one. The third episode of “The Watchful Eye” takes things up a notch. As Elena gets closer to the ruby, or so she thinks, her nightmares begin taking a toll on her. Will she be able to cope and find out what mystery the Greybourne is hiding? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

The Prelude

Elena wakes up from a nightmare in the middle of the night, where Jocelyn again speaks to her, struggling to breathe. The next day, she tells Scott about it, who tells her that it is her subconscious mind playing tricks on her. However, he also reminds her to stay on target and find the ruby. Elena decides to look into Tory Ayres’s room because the last time she tried she’d been intercepted by Dick. She returns to the Greybourne and meets the new doorman, Roman. While they introduce themselves to each other, Tory comes out of the elevator, and Roman rushes to assist her with her luggage. After she leaves, Elena finds out from Roman that she and Dick are going on a short trip for the weekend. She goes upstairs and bumps into Ginny. Ginny is surprised to see her awake so early. Elena tells her that she can’t sleep properly. She ultimately opens up to Ginny about her experiences—those of a presence she feels in her room. Ginny tells Elena to come to her room whenever she feels like it. At the Wards’ apartment, she asks Matthew if she needs to water Tory’s plants since she is away. Matthew tells her that Candace is back and can take care of that. Elena, meanwhile, has to take young Jasper to the park and meets Darcy in the lobby, who tells her that she has to watch movies for her film studies course. The very next moment, Elliot walks out of the elevator, and Elena, reminding herself how Elliot mentioned Darcy to her, pulls him into the plan to watch the movies together. Elliot is overjoyed. At the park, while Jasper is playing with his remote-controlled car, Elena gets a call from Plainview State Correctional Facility. It is her mother, Ronnie, who wants her to write a letter to the parole board supporting her release. However, Elena knows better, and keeping in mind how Ronnie stole from her family, she tells her that she is in no way helping her. Ronnie tries to threaten her, but she hangs up on her.


The Party

Elena calls Scott at night and tells him about Ronnie’s call, and Scott assures her that he’ll look into it. He then asks her to join him for dinner, but Elena has to search for whatever she can find in Tory’s office while Darcy and Elliot are engrossed in the movies. However, before she could go to Tory’s apartment, her friends Ginny, Kim, and Alex came to her room with the intention of cleansing it of the evil presence. Meanwhile, Elliot, after getting no reply from Elena, heads to Tory’s apartment (where they planned to watch the movies). When he reaches there and Darcy opens the door, he finds that Bennet is throwing a party there. Both decide to smoke some pot away from all the din. They go to a separate room, where Darcy shows Elliot a pocket watch that belonged to Alistair Greybourne. According to engraving, it was gifted to Alistair by his wife, Iris. While talking, they finally end up kissing. Back at Elena’s room, James too arrives sometime later. He apologizes to Elena for leaving without telling her about the previous night at the club. While talking to him, Elena sees Jocelyn yet again for a few seconds. With Ginny, Kim, Alex, and James busy in their conversation, Elena decides to visit Elliot but bumps into him in the corridor. Elliot tells her that Tory and Dick are returning, and they need to clear the house. Seeing how high Elliot is, Elena sends him home because it is time to call in the cavalry. Bennett goes rushing to Roman and asks him to help her get rid of her friends. Roman decides to use the freight elevator to help her friends escape through the back door without anyone seeing. Upstairs, Elena, Ginny, Kim, Alex, and James barge into Tory’s apartment and make their words known. The party is over. With Roman’s assistance, they start sending all the people to the freight elevator. With everyone busy and so many people around, Elena finds the time to walk into Tory’s office and look for any clues that might lead her to the ruby. Inside, she unlocks Tory’s table drawer and finds a brochure for the Greybourne. The front has the picture of two people, Alistair Greybourne and a guy named Otis Winthrop. Upon close inspection, she finds familiar symbols on the suits of the two men. She takes the brochure with her and comes out. Roman brings a drink for Bennet to help her sober up. After some time, Elena, Ginny, and Kim leave. Alex and James have their personal time somewhere else. That’s when Tory returns. Thankfully, everything is in its place, and no one can tell that not more than an hour ago, there was a party going on there.

The Portrait

In the lobby, Elena and Ginny see off Kim, after which Ginny too returns to her home. Elena then decides to check out the portrait to see if it has something hidden behind it. She goes up to it and finds the same symbol engraved on a separate round piece attached to the top of the portrait. On pressing it, a key comes out from behind the frame. Elena realizes that it must be the key to the locker in the basement dining room. She takes the key and goes to the vault and unlocks it. Inside, there isn’t any ruby but a bunch of envelopes with the initials A.G. on top. Once back in her room, she opens the envelopes and finds letters seemingly written by Jocelyn to Alistair. There is also the mention of Otis, and it seems Jocelyn didn’t like him. Elena then pulled out some documents that she had with her. Among these are the bankruptcy papers of a guy named Salazar, along with a property purchase offer letter from Otis Winthrop III (CEO of Greybourne Corporation) to Salazar regarding the purchase of the Greybourne hotel. After assessing these letters and documents, she goes to sleep. And again, she is woken up in the middle of the night, this time to a woman’s cries followed by a bang on her door. She goes outside to the corridor but, as usual, finds no one. Then she sees a shadow at the other end of the corridor, and before she can react, it rushes towards her. Elena runs in fear to her room and closes the door behind her just in time before the shadow can reach her. The next day, she shares this incident with Scott. Elena thinks that the Otis guy mentioned in Jocelyn’s letters must be the father or grandfather of Otis Winthrop III, who perhaps killed Jocelyn. The letters also mention the ruby that Alice had with her. This means that the ruby is with Otis Winthrop III. However, Scott takes it casually and instead mocks her. Irritated and angry, Elena leaves.


‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Who Is Otis Winthrop?

Tory enters her office and finds her table drawer unlocked with the key still hanging. Elena is on her way back to the Greybourne when she receives a text from Morgan (Jasper’s nanny before Elena, who disappeared out of nowhere). She agrees to meet Elena. Elena then arrives at the Greybourne and heads to the basement, where, from the looks of it, she leaves the letters and the documents. As she goes through them in front of Alistair Greybourne’s portrait, we see Jocelyn standing behind her. Elena comes up to the lobby and finds Roman. It seems that they knew each other before and were just pretending that they didn’t. In fact, it was Elena who got Roman the job. While they are having a conversation, an old man comes out of the elevator. Roman pauses to wish the guy well, and after he leaves, he tells Elena that it is Mr. Winthrop. As soon as Elena hears the name, something strikes her. Roman tells her that old Winthrop’s daughter and her family now live in his apartment in the Greybourne. They are the Chans. And thankfully, Elena knows someone who works at the Chans, Ginny.

We have to wait to find out what the connection is between Winthrop, Alistair, and Jocelyn. And what has Alice Greybourne’s death got to do with it, if at all? As for Elena, she knows that there is a high chance that the ruby is at the Chans. All she has to do is find out about them from Ginny. But she isn’t alone in this endeavor. Someone is following her, and that certain someone seems to not like intruders.


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