‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Elena Find The Key To The Greybourne Locker?

With secrets abound, Elena has to figure out a way to find the truth behind the Greybourne without letting anyone know her intentions. She has already begun having inexplicable experiences that only add to the mystery surrounding the building and its past. Will she find a key for the locker she has discovered in the basement, or is there something else waiting for her down there? Let’s find out in this episode of “The Watchful Eye.”


Spoilers Ahead

Sneaky Search

Scott and Elena are having a conversation in a park about the ruby. She tells him about her vivid dream, where she met a lady named Jocelyn. She is freaked out after coming across Hector’s dead body but assures Scott that she will find what she is looking for. Once back at Greybourne, she heads back to the basement and tries to pick the lock on the locker she found in the old dining room, but it doesn’t work. However, this time, she hears voices. She encounters Cecil after coming up, and when asked why she had been to the basement, she lies about having lost an earring. She then arrives at Ward’s apartment and hears Matthew and Tory arguing seemingly about Greybourne property, of which little Jasper is a rightful stakeholder. Elena sneaks in without the two people knowing and, after Tory leaves, reveals herself to Matthew. He gives her Jasper’s schedule for the week, and she takes it down on her phone. He also mentions to her how much he misses Alice. Elena reassures Matthew that he has Jasper and herself for support.


Morgan Mystery

At the Arts Center, when Elena brings Jasper, who is now more than comfortable with her, she meets the two babysitters from the park she met a couple of days ago, Kim and Alex. From them, Elena finds out about Jasper’s previous nanny (babysitter), Morgan, almost the same age as Elena, who was very close to the Ward family. Then one day, Morgan disappeared without a trace. The word around was that Alice fired Morgan, and then a few weeks later, Alice died. The girls also mention how they believe that Matthew is involved in Alice’s death because she had fired Morgan, something that Matthew didn’t like as he had an affair with her.

Pristine Pee

After returning to her quarters, she finds an iPad gift wrapped along with a note from Matthew. As she checks it out, Tory arrives and gives her a pisspot for her drug test, which is a part of her employment contract as a nanny. She needs it by the end of the day. After she leaves, Elena meets Ginny and asks her about Morgan. Ginny didn’t know her too well, although her friend James was a lot closer to Morgan. She tells Elena that she’ll ask James about it and let her know. Elena then heads to Ward’s apartment after having a brief encounter with her new covert employer, Mrs Ivey, in the elevator. She wanted to return the iPad, but Matthew managed to talk Elena into keeping it, saying that she needed one to keep better track of Jasper’s schedule. She tells him how she has realized that Tory doesn’t like her. Mathew reassures her that as long as he and Jasper like her, she has nothing to worry about.


Later, Jasper skips his Taekwondo class, and Elena and he decide to play hide and seek at the Greybourne. Elena decides to resume her search for the ruby now that she has the perfect chance. While looking for Jasper, she gets a glimpse of Jocelyn in a mirror in the corridor for a split second. She is visibly shaken and has barely come out of the shock when she comes across Tory, who reminds her of her pisspot. After Tory leaves, Elena heads to Ginny’s room and asks her to help out with the pisspot, as she isn’t ready for it, thanks to the blunt she smoked a night ago. Ginny agrees, and Elena promises to buy her drinks the same night. She also tells Ginny to invite James. She then resumes looking for Jasper but is unable to find him. Finally, it is Jasper who reveals himself. Their game is finally over, and they head back to their apartment.

Tory Ties

At the apartment, Matthew, Tory, and Ivey are having a discussion regarding an upcoming meeting that night on the Greybourne trust (the same thing Mathew and Tory were arguing about earlier). While Ivey and Tory believe that Matthew need not get involved as he isn’t a Greybourne heir, he claims that he is the father of Jasper, who is an heir, and thus he needs to be at the meeting with his son. That’s when Elena enters, along with Candace, and hands over the pisspot to Tory. Matthew is infuriated at the way Tory is behaving with Elena and snaps at her. This whole incident happens in front of Bennet and Darcy, both of whom tell Elena how much they loved it after coming out of the room. They also tell her that Tory is someone who doesn’t like to lose. So by disrespecting Tory like that in front of everyone, be it with or without any intention of doing so, Elena has certainly taken on the position of Tory’s new opponent after Alice.


James Judged

That night, Elena takes Ginny out for drinks at the bar nearby, where they again bump into Kim and Alex. James joins a little later, and Elena finds an opportunity to ask him about Morgan. However, James, too, doesn’t know what happened to her and acts rather weird after Elena mentions the name. Before she could ask any more questions, she received a text from Scott. He is apparently around inside the bar. She excuses herself and goes and finds Scott. She tells him to let her do her job, and she doesn’t want him to compromise her plan in any way. After a kiss, she tells him to leave. Elena returns to the table and finds that James has left. She and Ginny finally return to Greybourne, where Elena notices a portrait on the wall at the lobby while Ginny gets her keys filed by Cecil. It is a portrait of the tray that she also saw in Alistair Greybourne’s portrait in the basement dining room. However, the tray in Greybourne’s portrait was missing an item that this one has, and that is a key. As she observes it, Elliot comes out of the elevator. She thanks him for the blunt he provided her with a couple of nights ago, but Elliot tells her that he didn’t leave her anything at all. As confused as she gets, she decides to head back to the basement to check on the key. As expected, the tray in Alistair’s portrait is the same as the one at the lobby, along with every item on it except the key. On her way back, she finds Cecil and Candace making out but tells them that she will keep it to herself. For anyone else, they were never there.

‘The Watchful Eye’ Season 1 Episode 2: Ending Explained – Who Is Jocelyn?

Later that night, Elena meets Scott and asks him if he has more intel on where the ruby is, and if his informant told him anything more. Scott answers that there isn’t more intel, just that the ruby is somewhere in the Greybourne building. From the way he speaks, he seems quite sure about his informant, although he seems to be hiding something from Elena. Before she can ask more, Scott reveals to her that her mother is out of the prison as she was granted parole. So, Elena’s mother isn’t dead, as she told the Wards, but was in prison for some non-violent offense. However, Scott tells her that they will escape with the ruby before her mother or anyone else finds out about them.


The next day, Elena meets Mrs. Ivey to ask her about Morgan, about whom no one seems to know much. While talking to her, Elena observes a picture on the wall. In the black-and-white picture, there is baby Ivey in her pram, her parents, and another lady standing right behind the pram. It is this very familiar-looking lady that compels Elena to go near the picture. Upon asking Ivey who the lady is, Elena finds out that it is Ivey’s nanny. A shiver runs down Elena’s spine when Mrs. Ivey reveals her name: Jocelyn.

Are Jocelyn, Morgan, and Alice somehow connected? Is it really Jocelyn’s ghost that Elena spoke to? Why doesn’t anyone know about Morgan? Or are they all hiding something? What does James know about Morgan? What’s up with Cecil and Candace? A lot of questions need answering.


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