The Villain In ‘Bandidos,’ Explained: How Does The Villain Know Miguel?

Martin Luther King Jr. once reflected on the corrupting nature of wealth and how it can bring out the worst in people. It is extremely debatable as to where this thirst for accumulating wealth actually comes from. But then, the rich people of this capitalist world seem oblivious to this aspect of their nature. The boss in Bandidos is one of those people who seem unhinged by his violent ways. 


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is The Villain?

Although his name is never revealed, the man with the scarred face is the chief antagonist in Bandidos. As an illegal artifact dealer, he is looking for the treasure of Franciso de Montejo; however, unlike the Bandidos, he will kill anyone to get his hands on the final prize. The left side of his face is completely mutilated because of an incident from years ago. However, he seems indifferent towards his appearance, as he is solely motivated by his hunt for the treasure. Introduced in the first episode, he is responsible for Luis’ gruesome death and skinning off the map on his stomach. Despite the nature of his ways, the Villain is quite an intelligent man, as he always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else. Even in Miguel’s journey to find the treasure, Miguel’s group always runs into The Villain, who is already present at the destination. He is quite a ruthless man and doesn’t hesitate to shoot even his own men if they question his authority. This can be seen when one of his men questions him about why he doesn’t slice up Miguel to extract the moon stone, to which he simply shoots the man in the face. The man did raise an interesting question, though. For a man who killed a man simply for asking questions, it is only revealed later why he didn’t just kill Miguel. However, one might just argue that the Villain’s intention to find the treasure is driven by his thirst for money. He does work for other men, apparently, but everything aside, he views himself as an archaeologist who values the journey of finding lost artifacts. 


Who Does The Villain Work For?

It is only revealed in the third episode that he is actually working for someone else. When Miguel has been abducted by the Villain, Lucas follows him to his secluded chateau. Being the tech geek that he is, Lucas deploys his drone to spy on the Villain and his men, and that is when he observes the boss speaking to someone else on the call. He seems to be assuring the other person that he has the moon stone before noticing Lucas’ drone and smashing it to bits. Expecting compliance from Miguel and the Bandidos, he abducts Juan from his old-age home. However, he doesn’t hurt the old man at all, seemingly on orders from his employer. It turns out he had been recruited by Octavio, Miguel’s rival. Juan was Octavio’s mentor, which is why he made it explicitly clear that no harm should come to Juan. The very reason why the Villain did not kill Miguel was because Octavio believed that he would eventually lead them to Montejo’s treasure, and until then, Miguel must be kept alive. 

Once the Bandidos find the rest of the keys required to open the treasure chest, they make the exchange of the keys with Octavio and the Villain in return for Miguel’s father. However, in a surprising turn of events, the Bandidos were already a step ahead of them, outsmarting the Villain and his men. Perhaps it was the humiliation of being outwitted by Miguel and Octavio’s restraints that made him betray Octavio in the end. Following the return from the temple, when the Bandidos once again outsmart Octavio using Lili’s deception, the Villain appears at Octavio’s Museum and shoots Octavio, revealing that he’s working for someone else now. The identity of his new employers is never revealed; however, it is possible that he works for the same person who is after Lili.


How Does The Villain Know Miguel?

During the face-off at Octavio’s Museum, he reveals to Miguel that he was responsible for the boss’ accident, which burned his face. Years ago, when Miguel was still a child, he was accompanying his father Juan to an archeological site looking for an artifact. Juan leaves his kid in the car and heads off to the site, but spots a group of illegal raiders. When Juan is caught by these men, Miguel appears behind the boss, pointing his gun at him. The boss overpowers the kid, but Juan distracts them by detonating a bomb that he planted nearby. Juan and Miguel run back to their car while the raiders open fire at them. As one of the bullets hits the tank of a motorcycle parked nearby, Miguel throws a lighter at it to set it ablaze to prevent the men from following them. 

It turns out that Burnt-Face is the same leader of the raiders whom Miguel and Juan had confronted back then. In an attempt to follow Juan, he mounted the bike, but because of the lighter, he was set on fire. Therefore, he blames Miguel for the incident. Miguel apologizes to him and explains that he was just a child back then and didn’t know any better, but the Villain seems indifferent. He further explains that the doctors had to operate on his brain, which is why he no longer feels any pain. 


How Does The Villain Die?

After the Bandidos manage to escape the museum alive, they embark on a journey to find Francisco de Montejo’s treasure, which was apparently sunk by Montejo himself somewhere between Yucatan and Cuba. After Miguel finally figures out the coordinates, the group makes it to the location where the treasure has been sunk. However, as soon as they open the chest, the Bandidos are ambushed yet again by the Villain and his men. He holds the group at gunpoint, claiming that he will be taking the treasure for himself; however, in yet another violent altercation, Lili stabs the Villain to avenge Wilson. But before he can shoot her, Octavio appears out of nowhere and shoots him. Seeing him standing despite being shot, Miguel deals the final blow, knocking him out. As the Villain takes his last breath, he finds validation in the fact that he has at least found the treasure. 

Shrey Ashley Philip
Shrey Ashley Philip
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