Lilí In ‘Bandidos,’ Explained: Does Lilí Die?

I remember watching heist movies as a kid and thinking to myself, Why would anyone risk their life for gold? Why can’t people just work? But then I grew up and began to understand how this capitalist world works. I’d rather that this does not become another one of my commentaries on human greed. However, I can’t help but wonder: if I had the resources to do so, would I go on a mind-boggling, life-threatening hunt for treasure through the ruins of the Mayan or Aztec civilizations? I have played the Tomb Raider and Uncharted games, but would I do it for a fortune? 


While the possibility is quite tempting to think about, I am quite lazy and will never move beyond the stage where I get off my couch and start planning. There are folks like us who like making money the way society wants us to, and then there’s Lilí. Lilí’s life seems like she is almost completely driven by the hunger for money, but as the series unfolds further, it seems her actions in Bandidos are motivated by something else. I like how most of the series and films out there show that people are often driven by the experiences of their lives, which is commendable. They make us recognize human nature and develop empathy for suffering, but then there’s Vanga’s Animal, which even now haunts me in my sleep. 

Spoilers Ahead


Who Is Lilí?

Lilí is a con artist in a resort town in Yucatan, Mexico. The intro sequence of the series describes her as a ruthless, intelligent, and unscrupulous scammer, the traits of an archetype absolutely necessary for a team of bandits. Lilí has had a relationship with Miguel in the past, but it seems they did not work out, after which they went separate ways. Before coming to Yucatan, Lilí was living in Barcelona. Her major source of income is swindling filthy rich men and women by seducing them and stealing their credit cards and other belongings. It seems she has been in this game for a really long time, which is why she can tell someone’s net worth just by looking at them. In fact, she reminds me a lot of Luci Miller from ‘The Tourist’, who was also a con artist, and like Luci, even Lilí’s real name is never disclosed. Even though her criminal ways cannot be justified, she’s had to resort to this life for a variety of reasons. 

What Is Lilí’s Role In The Group?

As already described by Miguel, Lilí is an extremely intelligent woman, which is why Miguel wants her to help him find Francisco De Montejo’s treasure. Lilí is an unbelievably attractive woman and knows how to carry herself, a trait she uses to charm men who would practically do anything for her. Lilí’s charm is often used as a tool in sticky situations when they need saving. An instance would be when Miguel gets trapped in the room while taking pictures of Montejo’s treasure map. Lilí uses her charm to seduce Octavio into letting her go and saving Miguel from choking to death. However, she’s not the kind of person who would rely solely on her looks. Instead, she often thinks ahead and seems to have a plan up her sleeve at all times. 


Miguel might be the brains of their operation, but Lilí’s problem-solving skills and wit are second to none. Lilí’s intellect plays a key role in finding Montejo’s treasure as well. 

Why Is Lilí Looking For The Treasure?

Like every member of the Bandidos, even Lilí has her own reasons for joining Miguel in his search for Montejo’s treasure. As a matter of fact, she arrived in Yucatan looking for Wilson. Wilson is a master at forgery, and Lilí needs him to make her another passport. Lilí has been running away from a group of powerful men who mean her harm. It is likely that her reason for abandoning her relationship with Miguel and moving to Barcelona also the same. However, she could only enjoy this freedom for a short while as the men ended up finding her. To assume a new identity, Lilí needs to find Wilson, who could forge her a new passport. Being a person who thinks ahead, Lilí realizes that she might even need a huge amount of money if things go sideways. Miguel’s proposition to offer her the choice to buy her freedom; however, after an attempt on her life at the hands of the men she’s running from, Lilí realizes even money won’t fix her problem, which is why she sets her eyes on the Golden Jaguar, hoping to offer it to the men who want her dead. 


Why Does Lilí Betray The Bandidos?

The series tries to portray her as someone with selfish intentions. It isn’t entirely wrong to assume so because she has been swindling millionaires and deceiving people for her personal gain. The revelation that she is being threatened by someone gives much insight into why she acts the way that she does. Even Miguel admits that he would not believe her if he didn’t actually know what she was going through because of her deceptive nature. 

On their way to the pyramids, their pilot jumps off the airplane, leaving the group in chaos. It turns out that their champagne had been spiked with sedatives, which makes them suspect that they have a mole in their midst. After escaping the airplane and finally finding the pyramid, they run into Burnt-Face, who discloses that Lilí had been the mole. It was indeed Lilí who spiked the champagne as well. Lilí believes that Ariel has the money and power to save her from the men who want her dead, which is why she presumably betrays the group. 

Joining forces with Ariel, who expects her to be her lover, Lilí complies, at least for the time being. With Octavio’s help, Lilí finds out that Montejo’s treasure is still out there at the bottom of the sea, somewhere between Yucatan and Cuba. To celebrate this finding, she offers to raise a toast, but to Octavio’s surprise, the alcohol is spiked with a sedative, which knocks him out. It is revealed that Lilí didn’t actually betray the Bandidos at all. Miguel and Lilí had hatched this plan to deceive Octavio and Burnt-Face. 

Does Lilí Die?

After a violent confrontation with the Villain, who fatally injures Wilson, the Bandidos embark on a journey to find Montejo’s treasure. Miguel figures out the coordinates of the shipwreck, and they finally head to the site. The Bandidos successfully find Montejo’s treasure, but before they can rejoice, they are ambushed by the Villain and his men. In another face-off, Villain is shot dead by Octavio, who makes a deal with the Bandidos that he will offer them the treasure if he gets to take the Panther to his museum. The Bandidos agree to the proposition, but before they can hand him the Jaguar, Lilí has already gotten hold of it and is preparing to sail away. Miguel tries to stop her, but Lilí threatens to shoot him, prompting Miguel to shoot her dead. 


In the aftermath, upon returning to Yucatan, the Bandidos equally split the money, including Lilí’s share. Miguel is rather disturbed, having lost both his uncle and his lover to this adventure. Meanwhile, Lilí’s decomposed body, along with her passport and the rest of her belongings, is found by the head of police and a man who works for the mysterious criminal who was after Lilí. However, in yet another twist, it is revealed that Lilí’s death had been faked by Miguel and her. Lilí knew that she would never be able to outrun the men after her, which is why they hatched this plan. She had even been left a fake passport forged by Wilson before he died, which helped her assume a new identity. As the series comes to an end, Lilí and Miguel, who are now lovers again, drive away happily. 

It is quite obvious that Lilí has had a difficult childhood and past. For a woman of her intellect, she could have been somewhere else had life been different for her. Perhaps her case is also a commentary on corrupt, crime-ridden Mexico, where a woman like her can only do so much to ensure a safe life. But then, despite her ruthless exterior, she actually cares for the people around her and gradually reforms her ways.


Shrey Ashley Philip
Shrey Ashley Philip
A teacher, photographer, linguist, and songwriter, Shrey started out as a Biotechnology graduate, but shifted to studying Japanese. Now he talks about movies, advocates for ADHD awareness, and embraces Albert Camus.

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