‘The Night Agent’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: Are Dale And Cisco Dead?

Previously, in the fifth episode of “The Night Agent,” Peter and Rose came to the conclusion that Zadar was not at all responsible for the metro bombing from last year; rather, the Vice President orchestrated it with the aid of Gordon Wick, the CEO of Turn Lake Industries, who also happened to be Dale and Ellen’s employer. Peter alerted Diane Farr, the Chief of Staff, of all the facts without hesitation, and she directed them to come and report to the White House right away. Meanwhile, Maddie Redfield made a move to start a relationship with her teacher. But it turned out that the metro bomber from the previous year had planned everything from the beginning to lure Maddie into his trap. The bomber, who was also the roommate of the art teacher, showed up and killed the teacher, and carried Maddie away to take her hostage at a more covert location.


Spoilers Ahead

Was Peter Finally Able To Locate The Traitor?

As shown in “The Night Agent” Episode 6, Peter moved in the direction of the White House to inform Diane Farr of all of his discoveries. Yet he didn’t believe that bringing Rose there would be safe. While the Vice President was complicit in the treachery, he was unable to breach the secret security service, so Peter had a strong conviction that someone in the White House was assisting him in obtaining all the information. Peter brought Rose to the apartment of one of his closest friends, Cisco. Cisco, a trooper, who was waiting for his date to arrive, had to call off the date after seeing Peter and Rose at his doorstep.


For the sake of their relationship and his obligations as a police officer, Cisco had to grant Peter’s request to allow Rose to stay there. Dale and Ellen, who knew Rose was with the trooper, were following them the entire time. When Peter arrived at the White House, he attempted to explain everything to Farr. However, in the interim, Maddie Redfield’s kidnapping had caused them great concern, and Farr was now having difficulty connecting the dots between the various events to determine the motive of the assassin or kidnapper. But it quickly became evident. Peter said that the information recovered from the Campbells’ hard drive showed that a greater explosion had been planned instead of a metro bombing. If he hadn’t been there on the train to stop it, the explosion would have caused a significant loss.

At the time, Maddie Redfield’s security personnel were guarding a person, probably Maddie Redfield, aboveground. So, it’s possible that Turn Lake Industries planned the blast to kill someone above ground. Ashley Redfield, the vice president, also provided help to CEO Gordon Wick in orchestrating the attack, so we might conclude that the target of their attack wasn’t Maddie but rather someone else more important than her. Diane urged Peter to be cautious about who he pointed his finger at, but Peter reassured her that he was confident enough that it was the Vice President who was involved in this mess. Without naming his trooper buddy, Peter also said that he had kept Rose in a secure location, but Farr slipped her tongue and said she preferred that his trooper friend looks after Rose. Peter realized right away that Diane Farr was the White House insider spy and had been lying to him the entire time.


As Diane Farr was the one providing information to the Vice President and Gordon Wick, she was the one with all the knowledge on Rose and Peter’s locations. She, therefore, turned out to be a part of the broader explosion that the Vice President and Turn Lake had envisioned. Yet Farr probably had no idea who the explosion’s intended target was.

How Did Dale And Cisco Die?

Peter quickly alerted Rose and urged her to leave the area. Aware that Peter had pieced together the entire scenario, Diane, on the other hand, called Gordon Wick and planned to have Peter arrested on false charges and have Rose Larkin killed, but in the meanwhile, Peter managed to escape the White House. Wick gave the go-ahead for Dale and Ellen to kill Rose. But before they could intrude into Cisco’s apartment, Cisco had fled, taking Rose with him. Dale and Ellen chased him and launched an attack on their vehicle. Dale, who tragically killed Cisco, immediately tried to kill Rose afterward, but Peter intervened and killed Dale by strangling him. Peter didn’t intend to kill Dale, but after finding that his close buddy, Cisco, had passed away, he lost control of his rage and gave Dale the punishment he may have deserved.


Who Became The Prime Suspect In Maddie’s Kidnapping?

Peter was immediately framed by Diane Farr as the main suspect in Maddie Redfield’s abduction. Arrington and Monks were searching through the art professor’s possessions for a hint when Agent Badger from the White House contacted them and informed them that Peter Sutherland was the prime suspect. The Vice President, who had no idea who had taken his daughter, was persuaded by Diane Farr that Maddie’s kidnapping could have been a cover for their scheme. The Vice President strongly opposed the idea, but he had little choice but to stick with his accomplices; otherwise, his involvement in the metro attack would be revealed.

As Peter had learned too much about their nefarious plan, Diane exploited him as a scapegoat so that no one would believe him. Since Peter was already the son of an alleged traitor, it was easy for Farr to frame him for the abduction. In the interim, Peter and Rose moved to a deck on his godfather’s boat where they could temporarily hide. During Peter’s battle with Dale, he’d suffered a wound, and Rose was there to tend to him. Nevertheless, at the moment, the radio news was abuzz, and Peter learned through the Vice President’s public speech that he had been accused of abducting Maddie Redfield.


Peter, who had once started his job at the White House with high expectations of himself as a perfect agent and a loyal patriot, eventually realized that the department’s entire foundation was built on lies. Everyone was complicit in treason, from the Vice President to the Chief of Staff, whom he would never have thought of as the mole. Since Peter was already covered in the mud of unfounded allegations, would he ever be able to defend the nation from these traitors? We’ll find out in the upcoming episodes.

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