‘The Night Agent’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happened To Maddie Redfield?

In the previous episode of “The Night Agent,” Peter and Rose visited an engineer who had previously worked with the Campbells. It turned out to be an old woman who was a Night Agent and was now attempting to flee her enemies by going into hiding. She ultimately ran into Rose and Peter, but Dale and Ellen then murdered her. The Vice President paid a visit to his daughter’s dorm, but it was clear that Maddie wasn’t really pleased to see her father. Rose hacked into all the CC cameras in the cafeteria above the metro line and determined from the previous year’s footage that Arrington was sitting there and speaking into her mic. Perhaps she was there to defend the vice president or Maddie Redfield from the bombing.

Spoilers Ahead

Was Ashley Redfield Responsible For The Bombing?

As seen in “The Night Agent” Episode 5, Peter Sutherland expresses his conviction that Maddie Redfield was the intended victim of the metro explosion the year before, so he contacts Arrington at Georgetown to confirm this. He approached Arrington and inquired about the previous year’s metro bombing, as well as who she was protecting at the time. Arrington vehemently denied giving any private information to an FBI agent and a civilian like Rose Larkin. She reported Peter Sutherland to the White House in addition to denying her and Maddie’s involvement in the case. When the President and Vice President heard about all of this, they began to have their doubts about Peter Sutherland.

Diane Farr attempted to stand up for Peter, but she was forced to come up with alternative means to contact them at the White House. Peter and Rose attempted to go further, and as a result, they ended up at a library. Peter spoke of the Yugoslavian ring that was discovered in the footage. As Rose looked for the Family Crest etched on the ring, she discovered that it belonged to Andrej Pavelic, who had gone missing, with Dale being the prime suspect in his disappearance. Even though only the sketch of Dale’s face was available online, Rose was able to identify him. She even received an indication that The Turn Lake Industries, a firm that was essentially feeding Dale and Ellen, was involved in this missing person case.

As Peter got to Jamie Hawkins’ home, his distraught wife welcomed him and lamented the fact that her husband had been misunderstood. She was in mourning over all the unfounded allegations, and Peter, who had also suffered from the same trauma, could relate to her. But Jamie’s wife later revealed something that allowed him to put everything together. Jamie’s wife revealed that while Jamie had already been looking into the metro bombing from the previous year and had determined that there was no connection between Zadar and PIF, his inquiry had still led him to discover something dangerous. Gordon Wick, the CEO of Turn Lake Industries, finally phoned him during a conference Jamie had left to attend but never returned from. Peter went back to the library and briefed Rose, who was also aware of the Turn Lake Industries. However, after some additional investigation, it was discovered that Turn Lake Industries had ties to Vice President Redfield, with whom they had developed a transnational relationship, suggesting that the Vice President was responsible for the metro bombing from the previous year rather than Zadar.

What Happened To Maddie Redfield?

Maddie Redfield tried to act in line with her father’s phony display of fatherly devotion. The egotistical, greedy, and treacherous Vice President, Ashley Redfield, was more concerned with protecting his own reputation than with his daughter’s genuine needs. But despite all of these warning signs, Maddie persisted in living in the lie that her father was a nice guy. She did, however, move forward with the art teacher. She left him a note saying that she would be stopping by his house that evening.

While Maddie was attempting to elude the guards, she also needed permission to go out. She informed Arrington about her friend’s art exhibit to get permission to go out. Arrington was with her, but only for a short while, as Maddie eventually managed to escape the art show and go to the art teacher’s house. While Maddie was making out with the teacher at his house, Arrington noticed she was missing and started the emergency procedures. But the man with the rattlesnake tattoo we had earlier seen was that teacher’s roommate. The tattooed man showed up at the teacher’s apartment and killed the teacher with a single shot. He injured Maddie, who was not even fully dressed, and dragged her out of the room to take her somewhere else.

The tattooed man who carried out the Metro Bombing the year before was undoubtedly planning something. When it was revealed that the vice president and the CEO of Turn Lake Industries were involved in the metro bombing last year, it became clear this tattooed man must have been their minion. But now, as he had abducted the Vice President’s daughter, he might have been planning something bigger, and we may thus presume that he would turn against the vice president, but why? Let’s find that out in the next episode.

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